All about brows

You guys know how much I LOVE doing my brows. Since the past three years I believe, there has not been a single day when I have left the house without drawing in the brows.

I can allow mascara and lipstick, shocker I know but brows are essential for me even when it comes to a 'no-make-up' look. I just feel naked without them. Plus sparse, undefined brows make any one look older. 

I usually use drug store brow pencils, usually chocolate brown in colour to quickly create a shape. I use pencils purely due to convenience. However the HD Brow palette in Vamp is a match made in heaven for my brows. 

It comes with three brow shades namely a deep coffee brown, a cool taupe-grey and a warm chocolate brown to mix and match and create the perfect colour. We also get a skin toned colour for the brow bone, so that the brows pop up more and to even out edges. 

It also comes with a mini applicator which I thought would be useless but is in fact of very soft and of good quality. I in fact only use this to apply the powders as its quick and easy instead of using a make-up brush. 

The deep coffee brown is too intense for me and I would reserve it for occasions or when I am trying out a particular look which requires an intense brow. Think Selena Gomez.

My two favourite colours from the quad for everyday use are the cool taupe-grey and the warm chocolate brown. 

I am wearing the taupe-grey colour below and it matches my brow hairs exactly hence looks uber natural. You can't even tell I am wearing any powder and it makes the brow look naturally fuller. 

The chocolate brown colour that I am wearing below however matches my hair colour exactly and makes my brow look intense and texturised. 

You can however tell that I have probably done my brows with this colour. 

I usually wear glasses and I can't stress how important brows are in framing the face. I adore the palette as these are the only powders I can use on my brows and anything else look too fake or does not do justice. 

If you are a brunette or have black hair and want something that looks natural, does not smudge and lasts long, then the HD Brow Palette in Vamp would be perfect for you. 

For £19.95, it is quite a good deal as its likely to last for a couple of months for sure. 

Available from hd-brows.co.uk.


Pearls for girls

Isn't that such a cute name? It immediately diverts my mind to jewellery.

We have 6 shades of lip glosses which are supposedly a modern take on Audrey Hepburn. All of them contain some amount of shimmer in them and I am pleased to inform not the chunky kind.

The Stila inspired packaging is definitely going to be loved. Surprisingly the brush applicator is pretty smooth and usable.

What do you think about the range of colours eh? I would say very Spring/Summer inspired. Love how there are three deep colours and three pastels to cater for different skin tones. 

Being an Asian skin gal, my favourites are the three deeper colours without doubt. These are definitely more pigmented and contain more pigment as opposed to shimmer. 

There is a gorgeous cheery red, a magenta and a copper. 

Regarding the lighter pastels, they are definitely too frosty for me to wear without any lip colour beneath. I can see them working well paired with a nude or a baby pink though.

Fair skinned girls and blondes would surely enjoy these shades more in my opinion. I believe these are slightly less pigmented than the deeper shades and contain more shimmer/sheen instead, that does not allow the real colour to show through. 

And a collage of my four favourite shades. I actually do like one of the lighter colours namely 'Pearly Girly'.

The consistency of these is pretty liquidy and thin hence not sticky at all. However due to their slight stain like consistency,  they do tend to seep in through those lines in the lips.

Quite cheap and cheerful for £3.49 I would say. Pearly Kiss and Crushed Pearl are the two I would surely recommend you to try if you're into hot pinks and orange.


Night Creams - Yay or Nay?

Don't we just love those bargainlicious Supermarket buys? Plus the comfort of finding your grocery and skin care all under one roof. Some may find it annoying but I particularly enjoy my Tesco visits as I hop around aisles like a happy bunny.

The ability of splurging and leaving without a hole in your wallet is simply amazing. I get my regular L'oreal and Barbary Daly from Tesco's quite a few times. I wish I had more of those larger Tesco's in proximity.

Anyhow, here's another gem from their skincare aisle. Skin Wisdom's Ultimate Lift Night Cream (£7.50). If I am correct, I have only seen this line retailing at Tesco's and no where else. I reckon UK skincare expect Bharti Vyas only makes it for them.

It is targeted towards those between 35 and 50 but prevention is definitely better then cure hence I do not see the problem in using this in my 20's, especially after knowing that skin starts losing it's elasticity after 25. Freaky I know! 

A night cream is not a must-have in my opinion as I myself do seem to get lazy and forget applying one quite often. However I would seriously like to get into a habit of applying one before going to sleep.

I especially have combination-dry skin which needs every bit of moisture available and the feeling of going to sleep with a 'tight face' just makes me cringe. 

Night creams in my opinion should be rich in texture and ingredients as opposed to a day cream. Cleansing and Toning strips off moisture which then should be replenished and I feel this cream works just right. It's rich and leaves skin dewy and supple, however not in a way that it may clog pores. 

The consistency of this is light and fluffy, think L'oreal creams? I think they have the best texture ever!

I have been using this at night for a while now and my skin definitely feels more firmer, hydrated and supple as compared to its confused, dull self. I feel my skin's loving this extra pampering at night and the extra hydration is really showing results.

I feel this is definitely more suitable for those with Dry/combination skin types as compared to those with Oily skin. 

I've heard a lot of raving about a certain Beauty Balm from the Skin Wisdom range which is supposedly meant to be a dupe for a pricey Clarins product. I might just pop that in to mum's gift bag for her Birthday!

Just to remind you that Tesco's Beauty Awards are still running and need your votes especially if you're a frequent shopper there and know about the products nominated. Voters have a chance to win  a set of 55 products each week for 16 weeks and are entered into a prize draw to win a 7 day trip to Antigua for two.

What is your take on Night Creams ladies?  


Hopeless at Up-do's?

*Both hands up*

I can boast of having a good hand at styling hair but when it comes to anything even close to a simple bun, I give up. I simply cannot tie up my hair to save my life!

So I can quite safely call this innovation a life saviour then.

It's been around in Boots for a while now and you may have passed by it numerous times. It's called the Spin Pins by Goody Simple Styles.

What you're meant to do is basically once you have created an up-do you desire, simply 'screw-in' these pins, one from the top and one from below and voila!

This is what we came up with. Hair model: the sister's courtesy.

A casual low bun.

A sleek and super stylish high bun.

And what ever you may want to call this.

I know you can see the pins in the buns above but does it matter? It's super cute and I've seen Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl pull this off so many times. 

I was surprised how secure these were compared to when you simply tuck in the ends of an up-do or secure it with bobby pins or a hair tie. I never wear my hair up but I wore it out for the first time in the form of a low bun and some wispy, curled front bangs and it looks so pretty. 

There is not tangling, pulling or screaming involved whilst using them which is also a plus. I cannot believe I hadn't discovered them earlier.

I heard they keep going out of stock in Boots now and then as they retail for a fiver, so keep an eye for it and grab it whilst you can. 



Loving this week - Revlon, Garnier, Batiste...

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in 310 Warm Golden

I always like to have two types of foundations in my collection. One with a lighter coverage and one with full coverage and MAC Face & Body and Revlon ColorStay do exactly that for me.

Why particularly this shade? Coz it's finally an exact match to my NC30 skin tone. I love this foundation and have previously tried it in a gazillion shades and although it has made me look grey or pink or blue, I've still finished every drop of it!

I don't think this shade is available in the U.K though for some odd reason hence I always have to ebay it.

In short, you get full coverage, that lasts for a day or two or until you're finally bothered to remove it. It does not transfer, sets immediately, does not need powder and does not look cakey.

Still smells like paint and does not come with a pump. Life can't be perfect eh?

Garnier Intensive 7 days Body Lotion

They have a lot of variety available however I have the shea butter one coz I love the smell. Smells like almonds and butter to me. Delicious!

Of course it does not hydrate my body for 7 days as I tend to shower like other human beings, however it does hydrate pretty well for a day or two, sinks in immediately, is very light hence perfect for the summer.

£1.99 for a 250ml bottle in Boots, it's crazy cheap. Get it!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in XXL Volume and Boho

Batiste, just like Sleek does not fail to impress its fans and has two new offerings which are bigger and better.

If you haven't been a fan of their previous dry shampoo fragrances, then you have to try Boho as its so light, fresh and sweet. It's not floral at all. An overdose of this will not choke you. It's almost like a day fragrance.

However the XXLVolume has won my heart. Not only due to its pink packaging but because it's a hybrid of a dry shampoo, hairspray and texturising salt, all packed into one humongous bottle

It gave my hair so much hold that it did not move from its place for an entire day. Plus, it does not make the hair look or feel crisp or made up. It just naturally gives volume and texture and keeps the hair looking matte. You can however feel the texture and hold if you run your fingers through.

Love it for that beach hair effect. Lazy hair days can actually be fun now!

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