A 'pop' of color

When I saw the No 7 Stay Perfect Eyeliners and how divinely bright they were, it's as if the term 'a pop of color' must have been invented for them.

Presenting to you Gilt and Sapphire. 

Gilt is a bronzey gold which would be perfect to wear on the lower lash line. Whereas Sapphire is an electric blue, which I have never come across before.

Gilt can be duped but you NEED Sapphire in your collection life.

Well my natural eye color is dark brown/black, however I can see how this will totally lift and brighten hazel brown eyes so well.

Can you see how electric the blue is? It just shines right through and totally compliments a neutral look.

I had to 'warmify' the picture are little as I looked too pale! I need a tanning bed in my backyard you know. Can't stand tanning in a park.

These retail for around £8 in Boots. Do keep these in mind when those heavenly £5 vouchers come out.


Barbara Daly Face Lift

You need a lot of guts to name a product something as controversial as 'face lift' taking into considerations the repercussions it may carry if it does not perform but the Queen B of Tesco namely Barbara Daly does so and I have to admit, she comes out victorious.

It's an anti-ageing cream with an SPF of 10 and contains Apricot, Wheatgerm and Primrose Oil as main ingredients. Apricot naturally contains Vitamin A and helps control breakouts. Primrose Oil is meant to replenish skins hydration level.

Wheatgerm as we all know is godsend! Full of vitamin E and D, it not only promotes skin cell renewal but also shields skin from sun damage, protecting from premature ageing and wrinkles.

Just by having a look at the ingredients it contains, I feel it is obvious that the product is more suitable for those with Combination Skin.

The packaging is pretty cute and simple really. I like how all Barbara Daly products come in extremely dinky, compact containers. That way we get more product and a cheaper price tag! A good product never needs to rely on fancy packaging.

I have used a concealer from her range and it's an amazing dupe for MAC's Studio Fix Concealer. 

The cream itself is extremely thin, lotion like. Some may call it of a gel-like consistency. What struck me most was its apricot like colour which is pretty unusual these days in moisturisers. It almost looks a tinted moisturiser and the minuscule particles of shimmer inside made me think if this was actually a moisturizer?

The shimmer particles almost disappear when applied on to the skin, simply leaving a radiant 'lifted', brighter complexion. The cream sinks in well but still has a primer like tacky consistency leading me to conclude that you can indeed use it prior to foundation. I know quite a few people who already use this a primer.

Obviously you don't expect a miracle from any skin care products out there but constant use of this will definitely protect your skin from ageing, prevent breakouts and give you a fresh face every morning. I think the price tag, the deliciously fruity smell and the tinted moisturizer like texture is why this product is a cult-favorite and almost always out of stock.

You can purchase it at Tesco for £7. If you cannot find it in store, their website stocks it too.

Did you know Tesco will be running their first ever Beauty Awards this year with over 55 products shortlisted from the range of Skin care, Body care, Hair care and Make-up that they stock by their panelist of experts. I love such awards as I love knowing people's favourites and it makes shopping so much easier!

Plus Tesco will be giving away a massive treat of 50 shortlisted products to a voter, each week, for 16 weeks! Also, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a holiday to Antigua for two. Now is that an incentive you can ignore? Get voting! Plus its so much fun.


*Sponsored post. Rant and raving are my own.


Fleur d'Osmanthus

Inspired by the Chinese Garden of Eden, Fleur d'Osmanthus is a fragrant body lotion by Roger & Gallet

Now I absolutely adore such products as they double up as a fragrance as well, which is always a plus. This to me smells clearly citrusy and slightly floral on application and and has an intriguingly elegant woody note to it after it dries down.

Think Liz Earle Botanical Essence No 1 but less citrusy. 

You can smell this baby from a distance and it surely cannot be missed. I personally do not like applying a lot of fragrance in the summer as for some reason it feels a bit 'heavy' and made up. Hence I have been using this as a saviour as I apply this on the hands and legs and also massage it onto pulse points where I would usually apply a fragrance.


It is pretty moisturising and is perfect for the summer or winter. I like how its effects last on for hours.

A 200ml tube available at Escentual.com for £11.50 is a freaking bargain I would say, for a massive tube as such that's likely to last ages.

Colorblock your flag!

I used the Palette from Sleek's Caribbean Collection to recreate the colours/flag of my country of origin (India, if you did not guess). My inspiration for this are the Pixiwoo sister's who recently created a Union Jack eyeshadow look.

Keeping in mind the countless colorblocking looks I've seen on the runway, this would totally be on trend wouldn't it?

I could recreate the exact flag but I did not want it to be that literal. Instead I brought the orange colour right up to the brow and then down to the nose bridge as a contour. A thick, rounded brow would work well with the look I thought.

I used Barry M's White Kohl Pencil to line the waterline heavily and topped up the orange shadow with Sleek's Pout Polish in Bonaire. I love a glossy eye!

Try colorblocking or recreating your country's flag girls. There can be SO many ways of interpreting it.


Sleek Caribbean Collection - Not for the faint hearted!

And when you think Sleek has been there done that, they finally come up with ANOTHER collection eh? It's a few months of treat for the Sleek fans out there.

After the 'oh so special' tour of the 'Mediterranean', we have covered here another island namely the Caribbean this time. Bright orange, greens, blues and corals is the color scheme of this collection and as the title says, it is purely for the brave hearted. 

The Pout Polish in Bonaire is a sheer orange tint for the lips. It is overtly moisturizing and smells like Ben & Jerry's ice cream which I adore! Contrary to what I said before, this is absolutely wearable if you want to mimic that 'orange-lip' catwalk trend minus the uber pigmentation. 

I secretly wish this was just as pigmented as Sleek's regular Pout Polishes, as I would love to have an in-your-face Orange from a drugstore brand. 

The Blush in Aruba however is the orange blusher of your dreams. Think Nars Taj Mahal but a gazillion pounds cheaper.

In the pan, it looks oranger than a freaking Orange. It might even blind you if you're not careful. However on application, it just melts into the skin giving that warm, peachy, sunset glow. It is an amplified version of 'Life's a peach' that Sleek bought out with its Avoir La Peche Collection. 

If you have a stippling brush and a light hand, then this baby shall be your BFF. Versatile on almost all skin tones, it is a complete must-have for the price!

The eye shadow palette in Curacao is not everyone's cup of tea. As a wannabe Make-up Artist and lover of all things make-up, I absolutely adore such a color scheme. It allows me to go wild and explore the possibilities which I may otherwise hadn't and what better than £6.49 to aid creativity.

Being themed around a tropical island, I am sure you can get away with some bright color blocking on a holiday. If you want to play safe however, just add a dash of color on the upper or lower lash line paired with a neutral colour and it works just as well. 

I have no complaints with the colors themselves really. They are all quite pigmented besides the matte purple and the matte baby blue. The shimmery green and orange are TO DIE FOR. 

But you know what I mean by them being not practical for the everyday working population eh? 

There's this gorgeous shimmery blue in here which not only resembles the clear blue sea but also more vainly MAC's eye shadow in Shimmer Moss.

Can you see how bright and divinely pigmented it is? I paired it with a purple in the palette. 

Officially hitting stores and Sleek MakeUp's website from the 6th of July but as you all know how unorganized Superdrug is, these goodies are already there in a few stores since a while really.