Weekly Favorites...

Due to the humid weather lately, I have been enjoying using Darphin's Hydraskin Serum on an everyday basis and it has slowly but surely become my favorite skin care product. 

It seems like a match made in heaven for people with dry-combination skin type like mine. I use it every morning after cleansing and it restores moisture and gets rid of that 'tight-skin' effect immediately. It also sinks into the skin quite quickly and within a minute you cannot see a trace of the product on the face. 

The consistency of this is just like water and I initially doubted that it would perform at hydrating the skin but it's ingenious in the sense that it vanishes all the dryness from the face, without leaving a tacky layer of product on the skin. 

I guess that's why serums work well as they can penetrate the skin better compared to thick creams. Ideal for the summer! 

I have been suffering from very dry hands recently. I have no idea why but summer always does that too me. Allergies anyone? 

All my body creams are either too thick in consistency for the summer or too light and airy to stop me from scratching my arms away. The only product that came to rescue was Liz Earle's Super Skin Body Cream. It contains Shea butter and Roseship oil which I feel work wonders for the skin. Plus I am a fan of its divine Neroli scent which is a fragrance in its own.

Although the cream itself is quite intense and rich for the summer, I feel it's a must have for a dry-skin spell. The effects last long enough so I don't have to reapply. 

Somehow I managed to lose two of my trusty eye brow pencils and you guys know how I CANNOT live without sketching my eyebrows. I also dislike using a powder for this purpose as it's time consuming and never gives me the effect I want.

I had a lot of Miner's Dream Eye Pencils lying in my train case from a while, which I had totally forgot about and the Brown shade from them is the perfect match for my brows. It's a deep chocolate brown but isn't reddish like the other pencils out there.

Also, because it's termed as an eye pencil and is not meant to be used on the brows, it has a sturdy, hard texture to it which works quite well at feathering it in and delivering natural results. Plus it retails for £2.49 which is why I am going to stock up on it in case I lose any more.

If you have dark brown-black hair and have been wanting to try out a reasonably priced brow pencil, definitely give this a go!

Anyways, that's it for my weekly favorites. I assure you there will be more make-up items next time! Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend :) 


Make-up brushes - by Lauren Luke

I know. I've hauled again. And on none other then more.makeup.brushes.

I am going through this phase of make-up brush crisis, where I feel all my brushes are SO old and that I need to expand my collection. Just imagine, all these gazillion brushes solely to paint my face pretty!

Anyhoo, you know who Lauren Luke aka Panacea81 is right? The queen of all Make-up Gurus and one of the first few authentic Beauty Guru's on YouTube. I simply love her accent!

Well, after the Pixiwoo sisters, we see a line of brushes launched by Lauren. Even better for the YouTube fans out there eh? Bring it on!

I got only two brushes after much of a mental debate, namely a Foundation brush and a Tapered blending brush. Superficially, I really like how simple and elegant they look. The metallic pink handle looks very beautiful in real! They are quite sturdy and definitely of premium quality.

The Foundation brush(£12) is domed shaped and that was the only reason I purchased it. It is made up of synthetic brush hairs, which I feel absorb a lot of product when used with liquid foundation and I end up with a sloppy, heavy feeling brush. 

Also, I found out that this works well only with heavy duty, hard to blend foundations. If you have a foundation like Estee Lauder's Double Wear or Revlon Colorstay then this might work well. 

I agree that unlike the traditional flat foundation brush, this gets into the curves and crevices of facial contours in a better manner but that's about it really. The brush is really small and it takes me ages to cover my entire face. Although it blends foundation decently, I still prefer my £3.50 flat top powder brush from ELF for this purpose. 

It is however quite efficient at applying cheek tints, cream blushers and concealer. 

The Tapered blending brush(£9) however is TO DIE FOR. It is a hybrid of MAC 224 and 222. In fact pretty close to being a dupe for the 222. I mean there is NO dupe in the market for a 222 now is there?  I have been wanting to purchase it since ages but the £19 price tag has been deterring me.

Damn you MAC, I found one just like you! *blows a raspberry*

You get foolproof blending results with this baby. Especially if you've been struggling with getting that perfect outer crease right, then this brush is made for you. Regardless of the eye shadow, it makes blending look flawless due to its longer bristles and greater control. 

Although the brushes are of great quality, I do not think they are unique enough to make me want more.   I still recommend and prefer Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman. Having said that, some of her white-bristle brushes can be compared to MAC and are a great alternative to it. 

Skip these if you already have a well built brush collection. However if you've been wanting to start up a collection or don't already have a brush like that, then check out laurenluke.com for affordable options. 


Comvita Protective Day Lotion

Comvita is a range of anti aging skincare from New Zealand that uses sustainable ingredients extracted from nature. In it's Protective Day Lotion(£25) that I tried out and it relies on Manuka Honey, one of the brands most used ingredients, to maintain the elasticity of the skin and the right level of moisture balance.

Macadamia Seed Oil, Sesame Seed Extract, Argan kernal and other fruit extracts are some of its other interesting ingredients. The lotion is especially targeted at Normal to Oily skin types. Sesame seed and Argan Oil is what keeps the excess sebum in the t-zone area in control, whereas Macadamia Oil restores the skins hydration level.

It is quite intriguing to read what brands use as ingredients in anti-ageing products. If easily available, one might be able to incorporate them in our daily lives in other natural, homemade ways to further protect the skin, in line with a regular skin care regime of course.

The lotion itself has a strong honey-like smell to it. It's not the typical sweet smell in my opinion. in fact a bit herbal. The thin lotion absorbs into the skin in a few minutes, however you still have that slightly moist feeling going on. The finish is not offensively sticky or tacky at all, in fact I quite like it as a make-up base for foundation to glide on smoothly.

I have been using this lotion since a while now and whereas I did not notice any dramatic anti-ageing results, I have started preferring it as my daily moisturizer instead of the usual ones I normally prefer. It does help in keeping my skin clear and blemish free.

My mum gave this a try too after sneakily using it up from my dresser and felt it gave her skin a temporary tightening effect and subtly filled in her expression lines and fine lines and made them look less obvious. I believe if she would use this on a longer basis, it would surely hold on the effect on the skin for longer.

Overall it seems like a good everyday lotion for those between 25 and above and have concerns regarding combination skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It is not tested on animals and is Paraben and Sulphate free.



Sleek 'Oh So Special' EOTD's

As promised, here are a few looks that I came up with whilst playing with the Oh So Special palette from Sleek MakeUp.

I fell in love at first light with a shade named 'Celebrate' from the palette and decided to use it all over the lids with some brown in the crease to blend it.

It's a unique blackened purple with a reddish duo chrome effect to it. Of course it is not any close to how intense Beauty Marked by MAC is, however it is the best dupe I could find for it for the price.

I would not disturb the color's uniqueness and would wear it on its own. It makes a great alternative to the typical black smokey eye.

A day time look had to be done considering the palette is full of wearable neutrals. I used 'Gateau' which is a pearlacent pinky-lilac all over the lids, with 'Gift Basket'(a bronze) and 'Wrapped Up'(a purple-taupe) in the outer corner.

I still cannot get enough of the palette and the looks that can be achieved using it are endless! Although the colors are neutral, I like how they are not boring and typical. Instead there are pretty unusual neutrals in here.

Two thumbs up! 


Define & Line

I am absolutely loving these dinky Define & Line Liquid Eye Liners by Miners Cosmetics lately. It is one of their latest additions to their range of cute and quirky make-up and is available for £2.99. 

A fair price to suit any wallet eh? 

It comes packaged in a matte black handbag size tube. Now I am not a fan of its liner brush, however it works well to accomplish the purpose especially if you're on the go. 

They are available in three essential shades namely Black, Brown and Blue, all of which dry to a matte finish. I know many people despise a glossy liner, so this would be the product for you!

Personally, I like the Black and the Blue. Not too fond of the Brown to be honest, as it's just a less pigmented black when it dries on the lid. 

Once it dries, the formula is pretty smudge proof and long lasting hence don't start judging it by its price and packaging. The product is really nice and I personally like using it with a separate liner brush. 

It has quickly become a handbag staple for me, as I really do not like carrying my expensive or bulky liners when I travel and this can be a great alternative. 


Cha Cha with Benefit!

Have you heard of the new lip and cheek tint that Benefit has added to its cult-favorite range of stains?

It's a mango colored tint this time called Cha Cha tint, to compliment the current season. The texture looks quite similar to Posietint in my opinion. I just hope they have improved its blendability this time.

and from the very entertaining commercial, it looks like kiss and water proof as well! I am in love with  Benetint and Posietint already, so am guessing I'd like this too.

Will you be splurging £24.50 on this 12.5ml bottle? I think I need to test it out first.