Oh So Special

Is the newest addition to the fleet of Sleek Eye shadow palettes. Yes it will be a permanent addition if I am correct, so rest assured you shall not be disappointed with the out-of-stock drama.

To me, this has the best of all the shades from Sleek's most popular collections, of course with a few new shades. It is more or less a neutral-daytime palette, so I won't stay away from saying that it can be a potential dupe for Urban Decay's Naked. 

You can definitely travel with solely this palette and you shall not need to look any further for your eye shadow needs. 

What I particularly like about it is how you can mix and match some shades or layer them to create some gorgeous colours. Meaning you are not stuck merely with the shades in the palette if you utilize some of your creativity. 

Besides that, what makes this palette 'Oh So Special' in my opinion is the number of potential MAC dupes that I could spot in this namely All that Glitters, Bamboo, Knight Divine, Beauty Marked, Soft Brown et al.

The quality of the eye shadows is pretty good actually, besides a few exceptions like the white and baby pink. I see a lot of Veluxe Pearl and Satin Finishes in here my MAC geeks.

On the whole, I think there is something for everyone in the palette and you cannot really go wrong for £6.50.

This is a press sample but you know I would have bought it anyways seeing my obsession for Sleek on the blog! According to the Press Release, the palette should be available immediately in Superdrug, so keep your eyes peeled if your interested.

EOTD is on its way ;)



Beachy locks...

Yep. This is exactly what this product helps you achieve. 

Beachy, airy, natural looking waves with added volume on the crown. 

It works amazingly well at separation and texturising the hair so that it looks fuller. Now my hair is naturally wavy, plus I curl and scrunch them a tiny bit with my GHD's.

But if you have naturally wavy hair and want to tame them and make them look presentable without any added heat, then this will work wonders. 

It's the Guarana Berry Volumising Mousse by The Body Shop. I wasn't really into hair mousse before I tried this product really, due to the mess and stickiness involved. However this changed my perception about hair mousse. It is quick, convenient and effective and I need merely one-two squirts for my entire hair. 

It holds up the effect for a day or two, which I am pretty impressed with. Besides, you get a huge 200ml bottle for reasonable £7. 

This, along with Lee Stafford's Super Spray and Osis Dust it Mattifying Powder are my HG products for ultimate texture and volume. Give them a go!


Superdrug's take on Hot Cloth Cleanser

We have seen an era of Hot Cloth cleansers with brands such as Liz Earle, Boots, Soap & Glory and Eve Lom taking the plunge on to the bang wagon and presenting a 'unique' adaption of the product.

As far as I know, it was Liz Earle originally who introduced the concept of a hot cloth being used with a cleanser quite a few years back. It's a classic and remains my favourite till date. However I have to admit that Superdrug's Hot Cloth Cleanser is a tough competitor!
Firstly because it comes in a humongous 200ml tube, with a muslin cloth for a mere £3.99. Now this is a bargain none of its counterparts can beat.

Secondly, its easily accessible on the aisles of any local Superdrug which is a massive bonus point, considering that tonnes of consumers do not have access to fancy skincare boutiques in their area.

and last but not the least due to its superbly thick, lotion like texture and a pleasant almond oil smell. I have been using it since the past few weeks and it has improved the texture of my skin to a great extent. It feels blemish free and smoother than before.

The consistency of the cleanser being thick means that you do not get that 'tight face' effect after use at all. Skin feels moisturised instead! It works quite well at removing every last speck of make-up from the skin and does not irritate when its near the eye area.

It is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and is suitable for normal to dry skin. It would be a bit too rich for oily skin types I suppose, but for the price you may want to try it out for yourself.

I am hooked to this product and it is hands down, the best hot-cloth cleanser in the market in my opinion. Oh, and I know one can be lazy but always try and use it with a hot cloth, as that way it works wonders for the skin.



Dupes et al

MAC Dollymix is a 'pure candy pink' as described by MAC and is one of their most popular shades. Almost all MAC fanatics own it. 

Surprisingly enough, it is one of those godsend shades that suits almost all skin tones too. It has a sheertone shimmer finish to it.

But if you're not willing to spend £17 after just another shade of pink, then Sleek MakeUp's Blusher in Flamingo is your pocket friendly option for £4.30. Coincidentally, not only does it mimic the shade to a great extent but is also of a similar 'sheertone shimmer' finish.

On my last trip to Illamasqua's Flagship store, the MA used a blusher named 'Excite' on me and I just loved how it looked. It is a matte burnt orange shade. However much I loved it there, I did not take the plunge to purchase it as it reminded me of a dupe I already had at home.

and this too is none other than Sleek MakeUp's Blusher in Coral. Again the shade is pretty much the same when applied and has a matte finish too.

Would dupes be dupes without a cheaper price tag? Illamasqua's Excite retails for £16.50 as opposed to Sleek where you'll get some change if you hand over a fiver.

Teddy is a deep bronze Eye Kohl by MAC and I actually can justify spending £13 on this baby as it looks absolutely stunning on the eyes. Its buttery soft as it's a kohl and works wonders on blue and green eyes.

However, if you cannot justify spending over £10 on an eye pencil that you'll sharpen away in a month, then MeMeMe's Eye Pencil in Clay for £4.99 is the closest dupe you can find for Teddy. 

It is an intense brown with a tiny bit of shimmer and has that soft texture as well. It might not be as glamorous though as Teddy but you can definitely get away with it if you want to mimic a similar effect.

I loved the process of rummaging through my train case discovering potential dupes. Would you want to see more in the future? Let me know. 


Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation - FOTD & Review

I recently previewed Illamasqua's much awaited BB cream inspired 'Skin Base Foundation' at their Flagship store in London.

Just to remind you how they are different from the BB creams in the Asian market,

- Illamasqua has 18 shades to suit Olive/Deeper skin tones as well
- No SPF to avoid the whitening element

Besides that, their formula remains pretty much the same as Blemish Balms or Beauty Balms.

I love the fact that they have made the numbering of shades a hell lot easier by categorising them numerically, starting from the palest shade to the darkest. 

The palest shade i.e. number one is literally white, hence I am guessing it can be used as a shade adjuster instead of a foundation, as I doubt anyone is that pale. 

Plus, they tell you what underdone e.g. Neutral, Olive, Pink, Yellow or Red the foundation is catered for, taking away all that NC-NW confusion out there. 

I tried on a number of shades and was finally matched to a SB 10 - a shade that has pure yellow undertones and is a medium NC35-like shade. The shades run a bit lighter than what they look like in the swatches on their website, therefore I recommend you try out the shades in store before making a purchase. 

I like how the shade adjusted to my skin tone and its quite warm if you know what I mean. It made my MAC Face & Body in C3 look so ashy and pale! 

The consistency of the foundation is ingenious as expected. It gives full coverage from the very first application and delivers a pixel perfect, undetectable finish. It mimics the HD element that foundations boast of these days, however still manages to look like skin

It feels extremely light on the skin leading me to believe that it's unlikely to clog pores and cause a breakout. Also, I adore it for its versatility in the sense that one can get away simply with one layer of it during the day and then build it on in the evening for a flawless finish. 

I know, you can actually touch-up this foundation after a few hours without it looking cakey! It also lasted on my face, untouched, for almost half a day as well. 

I avoided using a concealer with this one as it works pretty well at concealing too. My only gripe is the £25 price tag for 30ml of this heavenly potion. 

The consistency of this is like MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation and it's finish is quite similar to Face Atelier's Ultra foundation in case you're wondering.  

I am currently using up a sample size of this to test it out but I am pretty sure I will be taking the plunge and buying a full size of this when it's released. I shall keep you posted!