Oh My Pink!

and Atomic stand for two bang-on nail paint shades for the season, which Nails Inc. are giving away with Fabulous Magazine for the next four Sundays, starting from tomorrow.

I am sure most of you have done this with their previous Models Own offer, hence you know the drill. Collect 3 vouchers from Fabulous Magazine and present them at a participating Tesco's and redeem this chic little set worth £22.

Plus there's an added perk of treating yourself to a half-price manicure for £14 at at a Nails Inc Salon.

The shades itself are utterly gorgeous and are very true to colour. They transfer onto the nails exactly like how they look in the bottle.

I like my orange and yellows but the watermelon pink here named OMP(oh my pink!) has stolen my heart. Both of them are uber glossy - say hello to the conservatory reflection! And it is merely one coat of both the nail paints that I am wearing below, unbelievable right?

The consistency of these is slightly thick hence you get an opaque coverage in the first go. It dries pretty quickly too. I can warn you of some chipping though, hence always finish with a top coat.

and how can I end this post without showing you the commercial for this offer. They always make me laugh! 

Last time the Models Own offer ran out pretty quick in Tesco's, hence if you're interested get your hands on them soon this time. I think I am going to get another set for friends or family.


Bobbi Brown's Tortoiseshell Collection

I am generally not much impressed with the uniqueness of their collections hence I do not splurge impulsively, however I may not be able to resist my self if I see these babies in store.

The collection consists of two eyeshadow palettes, a mini brush set and a few other bits and bobs, however the palettes and the brush set is what I have my eyes glued on.

The shades are very Urban Decay Naked yet more glamorous and grown up. Who wouldn't prefer a classic container as such as opposed to velvet and cardboard packaging eh?

The promo image is very chic and wearable just like their previous ones. I have always been a fan of their girl-next-door models. They look so 'real' and modern unlike the ones say NARS or other Beauty brands use.

The fall collection will be available nationwide from July 2011 onwards. I cannot wait to make that pretty little thing sit on my dressing table!

What do you guys think -Yay or Nay? Can't or Can live without it?

Image credit: beaut.ie

Loving this week - Benefit, MAC, Batiste, GOSH...

The tiny bottles of Benefit happiness that came along with Glamour...

Yup, just like ya'all, I got all three! Don't give me that stare. I got three travel sized Benefit products for £6, which otherwise I would have paid over £20 quid for. I know my math well. 

Also, I highly recommend you guys to get full sized versions of Posie Tint if you haven't yet. I tried it before and did not like it but funnily enough, I love it now. Skip High Beam, it ain't worth paying the full amount for.

The combination of MAC Face & Body Foundation and Select Cover Concealer. They blend and merge so well with one another, it's like a match made in heaven. 

I also get the 'You've got great skin' compliment as opposed to 'I like your make-up' when I wear them together. Puuurfect for the summer I say. 

Plus, look at how yellow they are, it makes me tear up with joy. And you're right, this is a brand new bottle of Face & Body. The 120ml did last me half a year though. 

The super huge 'hairspray' inspired bottle by Batiste. I liked it before and you know I am a die-hard fan but with this size I love it even more! The one I have has a lovely exotic coconut-like fragrance to it. 

I am not sure if they have changed their formula or not but I feel it gave me some volume around the crown area too. Now I never get that with Batiste, so kudos to the brand if they have actually made changes.

Quick cleanse + Volume = Cherry on the cake! 
Intense Hydrator by Joico from their K-Pak range of products. The range is especially formulated for dry and damaged hair and those adjectives are perfect to define my hair.

I only like to concentrate this on the lower ends of my hair, namely the split-ends and this works so well at mending them, if not totally vanishing them. It's a great quick fix to faking healthy hair if you're trying to avoid a trim.

Fierce colours on the eyes. This is GOSH's Eyeshadow Trio in Sunset and although the pink and purple here are mediocre and dupable, the coral is extraordinary! It is so intense yet goes on smoothly and gives an even finish.

Moreover, the colour is so 'in' as I've seen it on innumerable models on the runway. If you find it difficult to wear pinks or reds on the lids, then coral is your way to go.

Phew, I've been loving quite a bit recently haven't I? 

What did you enjoy using this week? 


RMK Skincare - Basics

I have been using RMK Skincare since a couple of months now and thought I'll update you guys about it. Now I only have travel sized items that I got at the NBBE earlier this year that I have formed my opinion on. But I am sure you can easily get these for full size at Selfridges. 

I always pop by their counter to swatch their breathtaking eye shadows but for some reason overlook their skincare.  

I have a Creamy Soap, Cleansing Oil and Skintuner from their range. 

The Creamy Soap is meant to be used as a face wash and contains Avocado Oil, Sunflower Oil and Corn based extracts to moisturize and cleanse the skin. To be pretty honest, I did not find it to be creamy at all! I mean it is creamy in consistency but that's it. It does not foam up at all and leaves my skin very dry.

It did not work for me unfortunately, however I have to admit it did give me squeaky clean skin. My only gripe with this product is that it left me with that tight skin effect after use, which I did not expect from a product termed as 'creamy'. My sister however swears by it and it works well with her combination/problem/blemish prone skin.

The Skintuner Moist is a pretty decent everyday moisturiser on the other hand. It contains Kiwi Extract, Soy Milk Extract and Milk derivative to soften and hydrate skin. I have to say it does feel pretty refreshing to use this light and airy lotion compared to other thick creams which I use generally.

In my opinion, this again would suit those with combination-oily skin, as it works well at hydrating and calming down sensitive or problem skin. On application, I like to massage it lightly until it totally disappears into the skin leaving absolutely no residue. I feel it is perfect for me in the summer, however it would be a little too dry for the colder months.

RMK also make a Skintuner Extra Moist which I have my eye on. I feel it would suit me much better!

RMK's Cleansing Oil is my favourite product of the lot. It does not matter if you have removed your make-up or not, this baby will get off whatever else is there on your skin, that is not supposed to be there. Be it mascara or layers of foundation, this gets it off in just one swipe. It is ingenious!

I am sure it is suitable for sensitive skin as it does not sting at all, even if it enters the eye area by accident. Shouldn't all cleansers be like this? It contains a mix of Orange, Almond, Apricot and Carrot Oil due to which it leaves the skin well moisturized even after use. Plus Orange and Carrot oil make it smell amazing.

I use it with a cotton wool or on its own by working it into the skin for a deep cleanse, depending on my mood and it works just as well both ways. It has an unusual water-like texture, due to which there is no oily residue after use. Sounds amazing eh? I need a full sized bottle now.

RMK is a Japanese brand designed by founder and Make-up Artist Rumiko. I have always had a 'thing' for Asian skin care brands and this hasn't disappointed me at all. I feel the products have a 'clean' feel to them and are more suited towards keeping skin clear and blemish free, hence inclined more towards combination/oily skin types. 

Have a peek next time you spot a counter.  

Have you tried something from this brand? 


Introduce your Dad to a fresh start!

and what better then Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, for men! Especially when it looks so 'manly' in its sleek taupe bottle. 

What's different about it? Nothing really, besides the packaging. It's the same good old classic product inside that almost everyone can vouch for, just made more appropriate for a guy's bathroom or wash bag.

It also comes along with a muslin cloth, that comes with a chocolate brown lining.   

I also noticed the simple and easy to follow instructions on the back of the bottle. Now men really do not care what vitamins and natural ingredients their face wash contains in my opinion. All they want to know is what the product does and how it can be used and the bottle does exactly that, avoiding any unnecessary jargon. 

Even if your dad isn't into skincare, a face wash is usually considered as a basic necessity and not something that anyone will dislike. If they are quite fussy, this can just be the luxurious option they can indulge in now and then.

My dad uses this face wash and simply adores it! He isn't really into facial care to be honest and just got away with using the generic drugstore ones previously. However, he likes to reserve this as a 'treatment' rather than an everyday product.

It's a foolproof choice if you're really struggling for a last minute present for Father's Day (Its on 19th June!) and even better, if you're on a budget. You get a 100ml bottle of Cleanse  Polish, a muslin cloth and a sleek chocolate brown wash bag to store it in, for a mere £13.25. 


Pivoine Flora

Did you know L'occitane made make-up? I did not know until now to be honest. I have a gorgeous eyeshadow quartet from their Peony Collection. The products contain peony extract and the eye shadow shades are inspired from the flower itself.

The quartet comes in a pale pink cardboard packaging and has these gorgeous ballerinas in pretty dresses in the front. So elegant right? I am just worried that the eye shadow shades might stain the cardboard packaging.

The palette contains a gorgeous baby pink shade, a pink beige shade, a bright pink and a gorgeous aubergine colour.

I love how versatile the palette is, in the sense that you can wear it during daytime and it's completely office-appropriate too, plus you can easily mix and match the shades to transform the look for the evening.

Coming to the shadows itself, they have a unique satiny feel to them and the colour transfers onto the lids in an air bush like manner. If you're someone looking for an au naturale look, then this quartet is a must! Powder on the lids is truly undetectable.

I can only compare these to Chanel and Dior shadows when it comes to consistency and quality. Hence £22 for the quad is totally justified especially if you are into such soft and romantic colours. Don't be put off by the pinks in the palette as they are totally wearable.

I used all the four colours to create the look below and I absolutely love how it turned out. I opted for a frayed out softer look compared to an obvious blend of two colours.

All the colours have a luminescent finish to them besides the aubergine shade. They are however not frosty or shimmery in any offensive manner. Instead the finish is rather aimed at lightening and brightening the eye area rather than adding shimmer. 

I have been digging into the palette continuously since a week now and I can clearly say that I am in love. There are a few other face products I have my eye on from this range.

Have you tried L'occitane Make-up?