A Mineralize Skinfinish dupe?

I think so!

I am talking about the Famous by Sue Moxley Baked Bronzers. Now these are baked, just like the cult favourite MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes. They come in four shades if I remember correctly and can be used in a number of ways depending on your skin colour.

I currently have the one in Miami shade 1, which I assume is the lightest of the four. The product comes in an unusual yet intriguing screw top jar. It reminds me a bit of vintage make-up. 

The shade I have can only be used as a highlighter or all over face glow on my skin tone and on any skin tone to be honest. It is a gorgeous warm champagne colour and it brightens the face immediately in a subtle and natural manner.

Unlike the Mineralize Skinfinishes, these are not frosty and keep clear of any chunky glitter, making it much more wearable on a daily basis. They have a rather satin-like smooth finish to them, which works just well at overlooking those pores. 

They have a very subtle veining-like effect going through them if you see closely. 

This particular shade may resemble 'By Candlelight' and 'Soft and Gentle' by MAC a little bit in case you want to make a comparison. 

You get 9 grams of product for £6, compared to MAC where you get 10 grams for £20.50. I agree these are not as metallic or overpowering as the Mineralize Skinfinishes, but if you have been looking for a dupe since long, this has to be the ultimate answer. 

I have my eyes on the shades Bali and Tahiti now. You can get these at Superdrug.


Loving this week...

I have two gorgeous products to show you today. First we have a Lovea Bio Moisturising Hair Mask (£7.99) which I have be obsessively using since the past few weeks. It is an intense hydrating hair mask which contains Burkina Shea Butter which is known to be quickly absorbed into the hair and maintain moisture levels. 

This product looks and smells so delicious. It looks like custard and smells like cocoa. It is a huge 300ml pot and although you are meant to use this after conditioning the hair as a mask, I like to use this as an intense conditioner only for the lower ends of my hair. As I have recently cut and coloured my hair, this has been helping a lot in maintaining the ends of hair from splitting.

I have received so many compliments on how healthy my hair looks. Now I have normal to dry hair and it works perfectly with it. Plus it is not greasy at all and does not weigh my hair down or cause an obstruction in styling. For the price, I will surely repurchase. 

If you may have known, I am a fan of A'kin's skin care products but this is the first time I tried a face wash from their range namely Sandalwood and Neroli Pure Facial Cleansing Gel (£17.99) and this one does not disappoint either. First of all, isn't the size humongous? It's 225ml of product you get, almost the size of a body wash! 

It contains Vitamin B5 and Witch Hazel which are both known to work wonders for the skin. I did not expect it to remove a full face of make-up but it surprisingly does and I prefer to use it on my lazy days when I do not want to indulge in a full cleansing routine. 

It is however a morning product, as it helps me get rid of that cushion face and leaves me with fresh, vibrant skin. I like how it is non-drying and is particularly targeted towards combination skin. 

I do like it a lot compared to other face washes I have, but I cannot see my self purchasing this due to two reasons. First of all, its a bit pricey, although you get a lot of product. Secondly because it does not do something extraordinary for my skin. 

If you however are looking for a good quality face wash/cleanser to recover from a breakout or something like that, I would highly recommend this. 

What have you been loving this week?

*Products provided by mypure.co.uk. Rant and ravings are my own*


A British BB cream?

It's UK's chance finally to have their own unique take on the cult favourite BB creams that originated in the Asian cosmetic market and who better than the edgy British brand Illamasqua to take the leap.

It will be called the 'Skin Base Foundation' and is supposed to keep the formula of the Beauty Balm/Blemish Balm creams intact, just by removing SPF from it so avoid the whitening effect.

Also, it will be a more commercial version of the BB creams in the sense that it will come in 18 shades to suit almost every skin tone from the lightest to the darkest. The darkest colour I had a look at seems to resemble MAC's NC/NW 50. I see a lot of yellow toned shades too which is making want to squeal out of joy!

Here's a promotional image using the foundation. I can see no photoshopping to be honest yet flawless results.

What does the foundation promise? To be as light as a tinted moisturiser yet give flawless HD results, which won't feel heavy on the skin and almost undetectable. Just like the original BB creams, this 'water in silicone' formula promises skin care benefits as well. 

Illamasqua claim the formula will be one of a kind in the UK and can be used as a primer, concealer or foundation due to its consistency and texture. 

The 30ml bottle seems rather generous to me. 

I have tried something similar in the past namely Face Atelier's Ultra Foundation. To say I am extremely tempted to try this will be an understatement. 

This will be available from 23rd June onwards nationwide for £25. Does it tickle your fancy?


Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation & FOTD

I heard quite a few people raving out about Rimmels Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation and thought I would give it a try as I had ran out of my trusted Revlon Colourstay and had a wedding to attend.

Now I usually would opt for MAC Face and Body in such situations, however I ordered this and it came right in time so I thought I'd give it a test run.

Now I am on the fence with this one to be honest. I mean, I cannot figure out what is substantially wrong with it but cannot get myself to love it either. I bought this in the shade 'Soft Beige', which is the closest I could find to match my NC30-35 skin tone.

One major fault with this foundation is the lack of shades available for,

- Asian women 
- those with yellow/golden undertones
- women of colour

For some reason, make-up companies like Rimmel and Revlon only introduce shades with yellow/golden undertones in the US and not in the UK. Who on earth told them us Britons only have pink undertones? Even with Revlon Colourstay, I always have to order my exact shade from US.

Back to the foundation, it has a medium coverage which is buildable but it can look a bit cakey if overdone, so one layer is enough to give a good base. Don't try to conceal with your foundation, that's why concealers were invented eh?

Besides that, it has a lovely inoffensive dewy finish to it, which surprisingly enough does not leave a white/grey cast in pictures, hence I would term it as camera friendly which is always a plus. The shine can be toned down with powder though and the foundation absorbs the powder well without further caking.

It does however exaggerate my pores a tiny bit more and I guess this is because I have dry to normal skin for now, on which the foundation seems to catch onto pores. If you have combination/oily skin, I think this would work better.

Basically, I am unhappy with the shade itself, as it does not have any yellow undertones in it to complement my complexion. It just makes me feel a little out of my comfort zone to sport a colour that is not exactly of my skin tone and that is the only problem with this in my opinion.

Besides that, it's quite a decent foundation really considering you can purchase it for under £6. It also lasts a good 6 hours which is not bad at all.  It looks pretty okay doesn't it? Have a look..

(with flash)

(In natural light)

I thought I should include what I wore to the wedding that day as well. I opted for a green and soft brown eye, with full of lashes and a thin smokey liner.

For the cheeks, I am wearing The Body Shop's Bronzer in shade 2 from their Honey Bronze Collection with some Chanel Blusher in Rose Petale. I also opted for hot pink lips which I forgot to take a picture of.

Here's a picture of products I used in case you're interested.

Have you tried Rimmel's Lasting Finish Foundation? 


A classic smokey eye

It never goes out of fashion really? Just like red lips and a winged out liner. I am a huge fan of the look to be honest but don't really opt for it whilst going out as I am always confused what to use to achieve that 'perfect' look. You'll usually find me torn apart between products, to which I finally decide to ditch the look and go for something else.

A palette specifically made for the purpose, where an array of colours are chosen for you and you have absolutely no choice but to wear them together is the kick I really need.

Now I have a few palettes for this purpose but the latest addition is the 'With Love' Eye shadow palette from Accessorize. It comes in a beautiful cardboard packaging with a summery print consisting of butterflies and flowers all over it.

It contains four eye shadows, all of which have a shimmery, metallic finish to them. Now there are no rules to creating a smoky eye, however if you're a beginner or are prone to making a mess whilst creating a look as such, a pearlacent finish is what you should opt for. 

That way, it will be easier to blend and the finish will be forgiving of your blending mistakes. If you do not like how 'dark' and drag a smoky eye can look on you, a metallic finish will be more appropriate and will avoid the look from looking extremely made-up or drag. 

Back to the palette, it comes with four necessary colours for a typical smoky eye, namely champagne, silver, grey and charcoal. 

Now that, everyone in the blogosphere is in the quest of discovering dupes for Armani Eyes To Kill eye shadow, dare I say the colours and textures in here are pretty much the same. They have a wet, almost a foiled finish to them. The consistency of these make sure they cause no fallout at all and deliver superb pigmentation. 

Surprisingly, they surpass my favourite Sleek Eye shadow Palette's in texture and pigmentation. 

I used all the colours in the palette to create a Lisa Eldridge inspired smokey eye. She always keeps it simple and luminescent with no dramatic cut-crease as such but still providing some dimension to the eye. 

Can you tell that it's much easier to pull off, even in the day and still manages to resemble the classic smokey eye.

The With Love palette is available for £6 at Superdrug. The palette is available in five other varieties.