New face brushes

I am so excited about these two new brushes I got recently. Well, to be honest I haven't bought any face brushes in a while as I was trying to use up what I already have and get some good wear out of them. 

But these new additions are simply fabulous and so different in quality to the brushes I had from a few years back. This may well be the new generation of make-up brushes!

I got a Blush Brush from Real Techniques (by Samantha Chapman of the Pixiwoo fame) and a Small Duo Fibre Brush from Sigma.

I had seen a few demonstrations by Sam on Pixiwoo on how to use the brush and it looked absolutely lush to use. Plus, I don't currently own any brush that's shaped in this manner, so this was definitely worth the money.

It is a tapered brush and is made from the softest synthetic bristles. It is genuinely the highest quality of brush I've ever owned. Even MAC brushes do not come with so much precision. Due to the precision, the finish it gives is almost airbrushed. You can really tell the difference! 

Moreover, the brush hairs are baby soft and do not feel like synthetic brush hairs at all. They pick up just the right amount of colour and almost in a way, do all the work for you. It is perfect for contour and blush but I also like to use it for bronzing and powder. 

It is for under £10 and it keeps going out of stock every few days, which should give you an indication that it's not one to miss out on. 

I do not quite know what I had in mind when I purchased Sigma F55. I actually wanted a small stippling brush since ages for some reason, may be because it looks cute? I really don't know. Well now I finally got it and I love it. 

There's nothing wrong with the quality of brush itself to be honest but its quite flimsy and does not have much resistance to it, so I cannot see it being used for anything besides a cream blush or heavily pigmented powder blushers. Now people use this for highlighting the face, but I have other brushes that serve that purpose much better. 

Plus, this brush is pretty good at working in synergy with cream products hence I mostly reserve it for cream and liquid products. It is pretty good for concealing small areas or for precise foundation. Basically, if you find the full sized stippling brush to be a bit too huge for the face, then this should be perfect. 

Overall, I quite like what I got for £23 (including postage) from Lovemakeup.co.uk. I have face brushes that have lasted me for years, so I do not mind spending money on them really. 

Frankly speaking, these were quite reasonable and much better in quality than MAC. Definitely check out the site if you've been wanting to get make-up brushes. 


MAC Flighty Collection

MAC Flighty Collection is all about creativity as you can see below. Do you like the promo image? I really think they could have done a better job. Youtube Guru's and Beauty Bloggers have come up with work better than this in my opinion.

Having said that, I am lusting over these mousse eye shadows named the Big Bounce Shadow(£13.50) that take inspiration from watercolours. Anyone good at art at school? I sure sucked big time! But I do love painting my face hence I am looking forward to purchasing at least a few. 

These are meant to have a luminescent finish, so I am assuming they provide a sheer wash of colour which can then be built for intensity. These are going to be superb for a block of sheer colour in the summer. I am assuming their finish will be perfect for the season.

The mini-collection also features four exotic coloured Zoom Lash(£13.50) mascaras to help you unleash your creativity. I would really wear the ones in Blue Charge and Plum Reserve. These however do not look like must haves as there are drug store brands out there which do coloured mascaras for under a fiver! 

These are already available to purchase from maccosmetics.co.uk. Will you be getting anything from this collection?


Get those feet out!

Now you do not need a reason to get those feet out in the summer. Beaches, barbecues and pretty flip-flops are more than enough to get those feet some sun light. 

Plus, it just feels awkward to hide those feet in fully covered shoes in the summer don't you think? Well a lack of pedicure has always been my reason but I've been loving using Liz Earle's Foot Scrub as a saviour these days. 

It is not your usual body scrub to be honest, as it is quite hard in consistency and texture being an exfoliating scrub containing pumice granules. Hence you are meant to use it on damp feet. I like to use it all over the feet, plus it works exceptionally well on heels and toes.

It contains natural pumice to tackle the difficult, hardened areas of the feet, as well as avocado and wheatgerm oil to soften and moisturise them. I have noticed it does not dry out my feet unlike other products I have tried before and leaves them soft and supple. 

Basically, the scrub does all the hard work for you. Before I used to opt for any generic scrub and massage it on with a Clarasonic-like device for a home pedicure. However with this scrub, I do not feel the need to use any accompanying tools, as it delivers instant results on its own. 

Overall, I think this is a must-have product as you get a 100ml tube for £10.45 and it should last you a few months, well at least the months of summer? 

If you're not brave enough for a fish pedicure, this should work just as well in my opinion to get rid of all that dead skin, minus the awkward tickling. It got rid of any dry skin, softened any hardened areas and made my feet look brighter and much prettier.

You will see me flaunting my pretty little flip-flops and flats this season for sure.


Hair of the day

Hmm I usually would not do a 'HOTD' post but I actually really liked the way my hair looked today so thought of sharing. Well, basically I really did not know how to work with the new hair cut.

I've always had long hair and the short layers were hectic to manage if blow dried straight. So I just let them air dry instead for a bit and this is how they turned out. Voila!

I am a fan of the untamed, wild, bed-head look, whatever you may want to call it. In fact straight symmetrical hair is something that makes me cringe. 

I have always worn my hair like above, however the short layers and the asymmetrical colour make this grungy hair-do look even awesome! I just braid my fringe before bed to get that front wave in case you're wondering. 

Oh and also, here are a few of my favourite products that I love to use to scrunch my hair. 

Lee Staffords Super Spray may not have the best consistency in the world and may neither be the product you may want to use on the go, but it sure does add a lot more texture to the hair and makes sure the effects last long. I'm just trying to finish up this product to be honest. Can't wait to get back to using my beloved Osis Dust it Mattifying Powder. 

Whilst scrunching my hair just after a shower, I like to use Lovea Bio's Argan Oil and Aveda's Smooth Infusion to maintain the wave that I already have. They inject just the right amount of moisture my hair needs and keeps any frizz at a distance. 

Any hair products you swear by? It would be rude not to share! 


Lusciously Light I am!

As a part of Aussie's Lusciously Light campaign, I was invited for a hair make-over at the Tommyguns Salon in Soho. I don't know if you've heard of them before, I sure had as I already use a few of their hair products and am a fan. 

From the Salons I had been to previously, this one was completely different, both in atmosphere and layout. It was quite glamorous and funky and had an energetic vibe flowing around that matched the buzzing atmosphere in Soho. 

I am a fan of light bulbs around mirrors and have always wanted to get them done in my dressing room. One day for sure!

It's quite transparent from outside and has cute pink stripy sofas which again inspired me a lot. 'Pink' and 'Stripes' are two words that could be used to describe my personality and I'm so going to look around for such decor for my room. 

Sofia is the hairdresser who did my hair by the way and I cannot praise her enough. Besides being friendly, she knew exactly what she was doing and what I wanted, almost as if she could read my mind! Now we all hope we have hairdressers like these everywhere eh?

Regarding highlights, I wanted something subtle. Something that would just flatter my natural hair colour without standing out very obviously. Sofia told me that lower hair highlights are quite 'in' at present, plus I would not have to bother about retouching them, hence I opted for them. She also added a few streaks of the colour in my fringe to help it look natural. 

A tip I learnt from her is that, if you tease the hair before applying the highlight colour, colour develops unevenly in that area and not as strong as it otherwise would. So opt for this if you want a strong colour but don't want it to look very obvious and symmetrical. 

I absolutely love the work she did on my hair, its just streaks of golden-brown showing through unevenly and so subtly that it looks like my natural hair. 

As for the cut, I am pretty boring that way and don't like an extreme change and I made that pretty obvious to her. Sofia took my preferences in to consideration and kept my length as it is and gave me short layers around the top half of my hair to give it some body and movement, so it feels lighter on the top.

It does feel more appropriate for the summer and 'lusciously light' of course, without chopping of inches!

Anyhow, it was a lovely experience all in all and I would totally recommend the Salon, if you want a change in your hairstyle or colour without having to compromise with your preference for hair. It is a bit on the pricier side but for someone like me who only goes to the Salon twice a year, this would be a perfect option. 

and of course, don't forget to ask for Sofia, as she's simply awesome at what she does! Tell her I say hi :)