Highlighters/Illuminators - Sleek

I have another set of my favourite Illuminators to show you guys before rounding up this series. I think I'll do a Powder Highligher/Illuminator series next, what say? Let me know if you'd like to see that.

Today, I have two gorgeous liquid Illuminators by Sleek to show you guys.

They are called Glisten Me and are available in two shades, Empress and Goddess.

Empress is your standard peachy-beige kind of silvery Illuminator but with more of a warmth to it. It is less of a silvery undertone than other Illuminators in the market, hence this would suit Asian/Darker skin tones pretty well.

It reflects to light pretty strongly, almost in a metallic-like way if applied heavily. Having said that, you can get away with it in the day using a light layer with a stippling brush.

You will probably not need this if you already have similar products. However, if you've been looking for a reasonably priced Illuminator, then this is the best out there.

Goddess on the other hand stays true to its name and is a golden-bronze Illuminator. This in particular is my favourite out of the two, as it adds a bit of that sun kissed glow along with the illuminating effect.

It would be perfect for lighter skin tones to add some subtle colour to the face. As for Asian/Darker skin tones, this would be a match made in heaven! You will not regret getting this as I haven't seen many golden-bronze Illuminators in the market other than this.

Two thumbs up!

Glisten Me has a liquid to powder consistency. Hence if you don't like that powdery effect, you may want to skip this. It is a thick creamy liquid, meaning that it is not fine enough to give that super smooth effect that thin textured Illuminators will give you, hence those will pore problems should stay away. It also contains little specks of fine glitter particles but they are not offensive at all.

Overall, I pretty much rate the product highly for the quantity it comes in and its reasonable price tag. Also, kudos to Sleek for creating Illuminators suitable for warmer skin tones that won't look ashy. Other brands need to take notice!

I have these in little tester tubes as they came along in Sleek's Spotlight Kit. Otherwise they retail in huge 30ml bottles priced at £5.29 at Sleekmakeup.com or at your local Superdrug.


Urban Decay Naked Palette - Overhyped or Holy Grail?

I don't quite like joining in the hype or getting products that every one's getting at that point in time. For some reason, I feel there is no fun in doing that. I either like to be one of the first few people to get it, or make a purchase when the hype has all cooled down.

I remember I was so excited when the Urban Decay's Naked palette initially came out. Then I decided I already had a tonne of eye shadows lying around which I needed to use up. However recently I received this as a Birthday present(not so surprisingly) and was delighted!

Here it is in its full glory.

Besides the fact that the velvet attracts all the fluff flying around in the house, this is the best packaging I have come across. It is compact, sturdy, convenient and most importantly, uber chic.

It comes with 12 eye shadows out of which only two of them are matte, the rest being shimmery or glittery. However, the shimmery shades in this palette are pretty different from the usual shimmery shades we come across. 

These are not frosty and do not have a foil-like tacky finish to them. You know how some of even MAC eye shadows have this not-so-pretty frosty finish, which makes them inappropriate for daytime? None of the shades in this palette are like that, making it totally office appropriate. 

As for pigmentation, they are just like MAC eye shadows if not better. Regarding quality, I feel these beat MAC by a few points as they are so soft and easily blendable. They are fool-proof - you just cannot go wrong. 

I literally dust on some colour on the lids with a large fluffy brush, finish off with a crease colour and I am good to go. The shadows last all day too when applied over the primer potion it comes with. 

I thought I'll swatch a few of my favourites for you. Here we have Smog, Darkhorse, Sin, Sidecar, Toasted and Gunmetal. 

I know it does not have a typical black shade, however there a few darker shades here which make fantastic crease or liner colours. 

The palette is the Holy Grail of eye shadows for me, because unlike the other boring neutrals I have, this one's just more peppy and makes neutrals seem fun. You can create anything from a barely there look, a beach bronze look to a sultry going-out look, the possibilities are endless. 

It is not bulky unlike other Urban Decay palettes and will be the only thing you'll need to carry whilst travelling, regardless of your eye shadow likes or dislikes. 

Plus, 12 eye shadows, an eye shadow brush and a mini primer potion is in fact dirt cheap for £30, coming from a brand like Urban Decay.

Have you got this palette? If not, then why? 


Naturally sunkissed - Body Shop's Honey Bronze Collection

I have a few products from The Body Shop's Honey Bronze collection to show you guys today. I have to say, unlike other Body Shop collections, this one is quite impressive, both in quality and the uniqueness of products in my opinion. 

I have the Bronzing Powder in 02 Fair Matte, which in the pan looks like a beige coloured highlighter or face powder with almost no pigmentation to it on swatching. However when applied, it gives this gorgeous sun kissed golden-brown, caramel colour to the skin. 

In the world of stripey orange-y bronzers out there, this shade is ingenious! It's super soft and silky and blends right away showing no obvious tell-tale lines. It is mostly matte, which makes it versatile to use all over the face. 

The shade inclines a bit towards the peachy-beige family(think MAC Gingerly) due to which I like to use it as a blusher to warm up my skin tone. A must have bronzer for the fair to medium skinned girls out there! 

If you already have a lot of powder bronzers and are looking for a bit of an innovative product, the Bronzing Face Gel should be perfect. It is toffee coloured, has a gel like consistency, much like MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation and is moderately pigmented. 

I am sure you are meant to use this all over the face and neck, before foundation to give your face a bit of a tan. Then you can either continue with a darker shade of foundation or concealer if required or just leave it as it is, if you already have an even skin tone. 

I however, like to use this over my foundation to slightly deepen my skin tone. First of all, this smells delicious - pretty much like Honey! It adds a dash of colour and blends in to the skin so well. It is not very pigmented so its reasonably easy to work with it and build up gradually. 

It is not dramatic but adds that healthy, bronzed glow to the skin and just makes it look like you have been getting a bit of sun lately which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

I have a tonne of foundations that are lighter for me and this gel works wonders when mixed with foundation, to deepen the shade and make it just perfect for my skin colour.

The Bronzing Powder and the Bronzing Gel work great together to create an overall sun kissed effect. Considering how natural these look, I will be getting a lot of use off them this season. Besides, you can use the gel over the powder, or the powder over the gel and still get no patchy results. 

The product's are enriched with community fair trade honey which is always a better reason to support them. 

Available from the end of May at thebodyshop.co.uk


Glossybox - rant and love...

What can you get for a tenner in London?

- A crappy monthly mobile phone contract with T-mobile
- A dress from H&M? (even Primark does dresses for more than that!)
- An overhyped drugstore foundation
- Two coffees and a panini at Starbucks

and that's just one off purchases for a tenner.

I think receiving 5 high-end monthly 'samples' from various brands seems more of a better way to spend my 'hard earned' ten quid.

Yup, you've got it right. I am talking about the Glossybox

Okay, first of all, what's with all the negativity in the Beauty community surrounding it? I know Londoners are known to be overtly critical with what ever meets their eye, from a tornado to Kate Middleton, so what's a Glossybox eh.

First of all, these products are NOT SAMPLES which companies give away for free. Okay except one, which says 'not for sale'. Besides that, all the rest are travel sized or full sized products, which you will not be given free by a company, no matter how hard you wish.

Secondly, I am a student on a reasonably tight budget, but what's the point of thinking of Glossybox as a yearly investment?

I mean I have a Starbucks Mocha almost 5 days a week, that makes it £50 a month and £600 per year. That is a lot of money if I look at it that way but will I stop having coffee now? Nope.I am sure almost ALL people in London have such extreme coffee habits too. Will they stop having coffee? Nope.

So stop criticizing this pretty little box, will ya?

I understand each to its own and all that, but weighing the pros and cons of a scheme is a different thing and forcibly criticizing it from every angle possible is another.

Anyhoo, the Glossybox is a monthly subscription where you pay £10 including postage and you receive 5 generous sized mini or full sized products. I am sure you can cancel the subscription anytime, but I am not going to go into all that fuss as its better to check it for yourself.

The May box includes a,

- 30ml Nars Orgasm Illumintor(£21.50)
- full sized All For Eve Lipstick(£10.50)
- Como Shambhala Body Lotion(50ml)
- Alterna Caviar Anti Aging Repair Spray(25ml) and
- Bionova Cleanser(4ml - which is the only sample sized product here)

I literally drooled at the packaging. It comes in a uber cute baby pink gift box, which I am going to keep for storing my nail varnishes as it is reusable of course. I am quite pleased with the selection of products as it includes all areas such as body care, haircare, skincare and make-up.

It goes without saying that I was ecstatic to find a NARS Orgasm Illuminator inside. I also quite like the Body Lotion and the Cleanser.

I will be featuring these products on the blog at a later date and will keep you guys updated about it.

Anyhow, I know this is a preview box given to bloggers for free and all that but this is what I honestly feel about it and will be subscribing to it for sure. As a Beauty blogger, I genuinely have an interest in Beauty brands and products and absolutely love trying out new products and letting people know of my opinion.

When I say trying out products, I really mean it and it is not limited to me being sent samples for free by PR companies but it includes spending my own money most of the time to buy such products too.

Get it if,

- you're a newbie Beauty blogger and want to venture into new brands
- you like trying out new brands and products in general
- you are already interested in the brand but don't want to fork out money for a full-sized one
- like the element of surprise

If you're interested, it's Glossybox.co.uk where you should land next.