A summer face using Chanel

Here we have the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge showing us how to do a fresh summery face using Chanel's summer collection. I am not too keen on the eyeshadow quads to be honest. The colours in there seem like the one's you can get easily in the drugstore. Their pigmentation does not seem great either.

I however am very intrigued by the two bronzers as their quality seems superb. Also, the nail varnishes look great and are bang-on trend just as expected by Chanel.

Will you be getting anything from Chanel's Summer Collection?

Mandara Spa

I have been trying out some lovely products from Mandara Spa recently and though I'll update you guys about them. I have a Amber Heaven Moisturising Bath Essence(£9), a Honeymilk Dream Nourishing Body Butter(£10.50) and a Citrus Spice Exfoliating Sugar Scrub(£10.50)

Their products come in various flavours and scents and are meant to re-create a pampering and comforting spa experience in your own home, at your convenience and more importantly, at a much more reasonable price. 

The product packaging is lush and coordinates with the range names pretty well. The Honeymilk body butter, packaged in a caramel and cream container makes it look delicious! I love the dark purple and gold combination of the Amber Heaven range - simply stunning. 

The Amber Heaven Moisturising Bath Essence is pretty comforting and relaxing to use. It is not obnoxiously scented but has this subtle woody and chocolaty smell that fills the bath gradually. 

It is pretty much like aromatherapy in a huge bottle. 

It contains calming jasmine flower milk to condition the skin and I can very clearly smell Sandalwood which I love as a scent. It foams quite nicely too and I like to reserve this as a little treat for the bath time, although for £9, it is ridiculously under-priced. 

Coming to a more summery range, the Citrus Spice Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is perfect if you're feeling tired or blue. It really peps me up and has this energising feel to it. Containing scents such as orange, ginger and nutmeg, it is like a whiff of fresh air amongst my other bath products. 

It is highly effective at exfoliating any dead skin or dry areas of the body and I love to use this all over my arms and legs as I've been suffering from dry areas there recently. I have seen a tremendous improvement at how smooth my skin looks after a few uses of this. 

Again, the quantity of 350 grams is massive and has been lasting me quite a while. 

And finally, the Honeymilk Dream Nourishing Body Butter is a treat to use right after a shower or the bath as that's how its best absorbed into the skin in my opinion. The texture of this is quite fluffy, very much like whipped cream. 

It gets absorbed into the skin quite easily due to its texture and seals in the moisture for quite long. It is a bit heavy to use during the day in the summer, due to the inclusion of sweet almond oil and other butters, so I currently like to use it as a night cream and it's quite effective for that purpose.

It goes without saying that the product smells good enough to eat. If you're someone who likes sweet and comforting bath and body products, then definitely try out something from this range. 

Overall, the products are reasonably priced, come in huge quantities, are of pretty good quality and something you should try out if you're wanting to create a home-spa experience.

Available to purchase from timetospa.co.uk


Red Sea Coral

Loving this Nubar Nail Lacquer this week. It is a gorgeous perk-me-up bright milky pink with a shot of finely milled golden glitter particles to create a lovely sheen. 

The colour I have is called Red Sea Coral

First of all, let me say the bottle itself is huge and you get your money's worth for sure. 

It has this peach-red undertone showing through it in some lighting which makes it appear quite different from other pink nail varnishes I own. It reminds me very much of Estee Lauders Tempting Melon Nail Lacquer but for half the price. 

It is the only nail paint that I have tried in years which hasn't,

- chipped
- smudged during application 
- faded 

Below I am wearing two coats of it and you can see it is superbly opaque.

This one is from Nubar's Coral Collection and retails for around £6.80, which is out of this world amazing for the quality and the range of colours available. 

I want to try something from their Cleopatra Collection now as the colours in there are to die for! 

Have you tried Nubar Nail Lacquers?


Bella Bamba!

Bella Bamba is the latest offering by Benefit in their 'face powder' section which they do not like to call as blushers for some reason. 

This particular one is supposed to have a 3D element to it and unlike other face powders out there, this can be used to contour and highlight the face as well.

First of all, isn't the packaging uber funky? Not everybody's cup of tea of course but I pretty much like it. This time the box comes with an inbuilt mirror as well which is quite handy. 

The colour has been compared to NARS Orgasm frequently, however in my opinion this is no where as weak in pigmentation as Orgasm. In fact this is how NARS Orgasm should have been like to be honest.

It's a light yet bright watermelon pink with the tiniest amount of peach shot through it. It has very finely milled golden shimmer particles to reflect light and give that dewy glow.

I like the fact that it's more pinky-peach than golden as I despise golden cheeks! Who like them anyway?

Bella Bamba lives up true to its expectations and works amazingly well as defining and highlighting the face. No wonders they call it a face powder then eh? It really does not look as if you're wearing a pink powder all over your face to be honest. It just creates some extra dimension.

Here's me wearing it all over the cheeks. It's the prettiest, perkiest colour if you're ever feeling blue. Plus I received so many compliments regarding my skin when I wore this, which always helps doesn't it?

Overall, I am addicted and all my other '2D' powder blushes seem so flat on the face after using this!

Available from Feelunique.com for £23.50 including delivery which is a modest price, as this is something that I am likely to hit pan on and I know will last for ages. 


Tropic Fever

I cannot get enough of bright colours in the summer. Come on, its the only time of the year when it's appropriate to sport such colours (well at least in the UK!). 

I have some lovely bright shades by GOSH but I wanted to use them in an unusual manner and wanted to make it a bit more wearable. Hence I used the lighter shades all over the lids, and used the deep turquoise colour to outline the eyes. 

I just loved how it turned out. Outlining the eyes with a brighter colour makes them stand out a lot. 

After a while, I still wanted to make the look a tad more dramatic and thought the outline was not dark enough. I decided to go over the outline with a Gosh Long Lasting Eye Liner Pen in  Green. It is a blackened green with a bit of shimmer to it.

I love how the liner instantly deepened the look and added a bit of gloss to it as well. I am planning to wear this look to an Indian wedding I will be attending soon. 

I used GOSH's Eyeshadow Trio on Tropic Fever for this look. I used the yellow all over the lid, the lime green in the crease and the blue to line the eyes. 

The colours are extremely smooth and silky. Unlike the other drug store bright eye shadows out there, these are not chalky or powdery at all. 

Don't be afraid by how bright they seem in the pan, as in reality they are quite wearable, just adding a dash of colour. Having said that, they are decently pigmented compared to other shadows I have tried from the high street. 

Available at Superdrug for around £6. Definitely check these out!


The Body Shop's 'Honey Bronze Collection'

Consisting of Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil(£16), Brilliance Powder(£16), Bronzing Gel for Face(£11), Lip Nectar (£9.50) and Bronzing Powder(£13). 

The Lip Nectars and the Bronzing Powder are something I am looking forward to try. I really don't tan my body, so I am not too keen on the body bronzing products.

I love anything to do with Honey hence I love the packaging too! Plus the prices are pretty reasonable for these products don't you think? 

Available from the end of May. 

Will you be getting anything from the collection?


Finding Mr Bright!

Have you found your Mr Right yet? 

Well if not, then Benefit has a kit dedicated to help you find one! It contains its best sellers to brighten your complexion and get your all set for your quest. 

First of all, isn't the hot-pink packaging droolworthy? Benefit always gets the packaging spot-on in my opinion. The packaging is its USP and something that sets it apart from the rest. This particular box is not bulky unlike its other products which makes it easier to store and travel with. 

It contains 4 of Benefit's best complexion brightening products namely,

- Girl Meets Pearl
- Posie Tint
- High Beam and
- Erase Paste

Girl Meets Pearl is this unique golden-tan highlighter and is something I like to use to warm up my complexion. It surely adds some brightness to the face but for me this is all about adding a healthy sun-kissed glow.

Unlike other pearlacent highlighters out there, this is something with a bit of an added colour to it. It is pretty subtle and has a slightly powdery finish on application. Gorgeous!

Posie Tint is supposed to be a liquid cheek tint and is meant to be used as a tinted blusher, if you know what I mean. The colour itself is a pretty girly pink with a bit of shimmer for those dewy cheeks.

I also like to use this on the lips for a quick hint of colour and it works pretty well for that! I just wish this would not dry as fast, giving me more time to blend. Also, it sets pretty quickly at the spot where you apply it first. Hence I like to use the back of my hand as a palette and apply it from there.

High Beam is your usual silvery-pink liquid illuminator. This is really easy to blend and can be layered up for a gorgeous dramatic look. It really makes those cheekbones pop!

I also like to mix a bit of this with my regular foundation and it adds a glow without looking over the top. Again, this dries to a slightly powdery finish, hence perfect for those of who do not like an overtly dewy face.

Erase Paste is my favourite from the lot. It is a correcting concealer and has a nice amount of salmon-peach mixed in with your regular concealer colour. Hence it works at both correcting any blue-purple tones under the eyes, along with blending in with the foundation colour. Meaning you do not need to use two concealers with this.

It is superbly pigmented and has a gel like consistency. It sets quite well and creases a lot less compared to my other concealers. This kit comes with a shade 2, which is perfect for an NC30 skin tone or lighter. If you're any darker, you would be shade 3. I highly recommend this one!

I have been suffering from really bad dark circles lately, hence just a before-after demonstration using Erase Paste. 

Available from Feelunique.com for £28.50 (including free delivery). I feel the price is justified as you get to try four generous sized mini versions of Benefit's best sellers, whereas if you'd go to buy these separately, just one product would be the price of the kit. 


Chanel Blush in Rose Petale

I have always been quite inquisitive about Chanel's Powder Blushes, especially after Lisa Eldridge raved about them on her YouTube channel.

I have a Powder Blush in Rose Petale to show you today.

The packaging, unlike other luxury brands out there, is pretty simplistic and classy in my opinion. The blush container is very light weight and travel friendly to be honest. Not bulky at all.

Inside you have this gorgeous dome shaped scoop of blush sitting all pretty along with a natural hair applicator brush that comes alongside. The brush is not bad in quality really and can practically be used when your on the go. But that has nothing to do with the brush's quality at all.

Coming to the blush itself, the colour is a universally flattering rose pink. It's pretty deep and bright if you know what I mean. It comes out a bit peachy sometimes on me which I am still a bit confused about. However most of the times, it is a lovely deep rose pink. Great for daytime but surely makes an elegant evening colour. Something you can't go wrong with, unless you do not like pink cheeks that is.

As for the quality of the blusher, it has this typical Chanel scent, quite pleasing I have to say. The blusher is almost undetectable on the skin. At first you do not realise the transfer of colour onto the skin until you start seeing pigments on the cheeks. It is seriously like air-brush make-up. A finish I have been looking for since ages!

This particular colour has a bit of shimmer in it which gives the cheeks an overall dewy glow. There is no hint of chunky glitter or anything of that sort of course. The quality of the powder is ingenious to the extent that you can literally apply it with your fingers and you will not go wrong. 

This may seem slightly on the higher end for £30 but if you are someone looking for an undetectable finish, high quality and foolproof application, then this will be money worth spent. 

They have some gorgeous foundations and face powders that I am eyeing now. Plus their tweed blushers look so beautiful, it would be rude not to try eh?

Any particular Chanel buys that you recommend?