High-Coverage Corrective Foundation

I was wearing the Teosyal Covering Repair today as a concealer and as a foundation and thought I'd tell you guys about it. 

Teosyal Covering Repair is meant to be a high coverage correcting foundation that is meant to concealer spots, dark circles, redness and other imperfections on the face.

It comes with 4 shades and is meant to be a ‘one size fit all’. The shades range from NC15 to NC40 which is pretty handy to have in one palette. Besides, you can mix and match shades to create ones in the middle. 

It comes with two corrective shades which have a salmon-peachy undertone to them. These are the ones that I use to cover any blue-purple area under the eyes or around the mouth, namely discoloration. The other two shades have a yellow-beige undertone to them, and these are what I like to use for overall coverage.

It has a really unique cream to powder texture which I can only compare faintly to MAC’s Studio Fix Concealer but not as heavy in texture. It provides that same coverage though. It’s very light and silky in consistency and when applied all over the face, gives the face a nice youthful glow.

I then read on the container properly and it contains Hyaluronic Acid, inclusion of which is meant to give such an effect.  The effect of this foundation is unbeatable though, it is almost undetectable on the skin and just looks like my-skin-but-flawless! 

Moreover I love the fact that is so versatile in the sense that it can be  used as a concealer and foundation both. I have come across such concealer/foundation palettes before they are usually the ones for theatre or cinema make-up and are usually too thick to wear everyday.

This on the other hand is perfect for everyday and is the only product I need complexion wise when I travel or am on the go. 

The only flaw with this is that because of its overtly silky texture, it has a tendency to slide away slightly, especially from around the under eye area. Hence I like to set it with a light translucent powder to avoid it from moving.

This is available for £37.95 from Harrods and teosyal-cosmeceuticals.co.uk


Sleek Luminaire Concealer

Sleek Luminaire Concealer has been released recently and I have been trying out once since a while so thought I’d update you guys about it.

It comes in a variety of 5 shades and I have 02 which is the second lightest. It is too light for my NC30 skin colour and I could have done with 03 I guess. Regardless, I try to make it work for me as it is good stuff.

Unlike its name, it is not a concealer that will give you ‘luminous’ or a dewy finish. Although you may assume it is a lightweight concealer just like the touch√© √©clat, it is not. In fact it is a full coverage matte concealer. Surprised much? I was!

It is light weight in consistency and does not settle into fine lines. It also dries pretty quickly so you have to blend it really well. It does however work well at brightening the under eye area, as the name suggests.

Also, as it is quite pigmented, it would work really well for covering up blemishes and acne scarring. But remember, the shade that works well for under the eyes may not always be the right shade to cover blemishes. 

You want a correcting shade for the dark circles and a shade that is similar to your skin tone or foundation for your acne scarring or blemishes. 

Just to show you that it is actually a full coverage concealer. Just a tad bit light for me!

For £6.49, this is a steal and maybe the most pigmented concealer you’ll come across in a drugstore. It comes in a click top like packaging which is convenient and hygienic as there is no chance of you double dipping in the concealer.

I really cannot find any flaws in it besides that it could have been a bit more moisturizing. On the whole, I think I am going to get myself another shade soon.

Do check these out at Superdrug or at Sleekmakeup.com. They ship internationally too.


Highlighters/Illuminators - MeMeMe

I have some gorgeous ones by MeMeMe today, which is a drugstore brand in the UK. It's products are super cute, have Benefit-inspired packaging and dare I say similar quality too, for a fraction of the price.

Here you have, Moonbeam and Sunbeam, Beat the Blues Illuminators.

Moobeam as you can see is silvery pink illuminator, whereas Sunbeam as the name goes is a golden-beige illuminator. Regardless of the color, both of them are out of this world gorgeous and I would not be able to choose one unless of course on a gunpoint!

You can wear any depending on your mood and the look you're going for, but if we apply my undertone formula here, I would say Moonbeam, which is obviously a cooler pink, looks awesome on warmer/yellow based skin tones. On the other hand, Sunbeam, which has more of a golden glow, is fantastic over paler/pink based skin tones.

They have such a natural lovely glow, are streak free and apply like a dream! You do not need a brush. However I feel I apply a lot with my fingers, hence I like to use a 217 or a small domed fluffy brush for this purpose, as its perfect to apply in smaller areas of the face.

Because this has no chunky glitter in it AT ALL, I like to overdo with it and apply it on the centre of the forehead, the nose bridge, a bit on the chin, the brow bone and the cheekbone. Basically, everywhere. 

It still looks like you're glowing from within! Psst...the guys won't be able to tell by any chance! 

You can of course mix it with a matte foundation and it will work quite well as adding a bit of a glow and give some dimension to your face. 

The picture does no justice to how pretty these babies are in real life, but still a shot for formality. It looks pretty natural in daylight and sinks into the skin doesn't it? I am wearing a pretty light layer here but you can layer it on for intensity.

I just cannot get over these two little gems as you must have realised by now and you need to grab them now!

Available for £5.25 from Superdrug or the MeMeMe website.