Liz Earle Skin Secrets

I have read quite a few make-up related books but this is the first time I have come across a book especially dedicated to skin care. Is it me or do we need more of such books in the market? 

Skin is our canvas for superficial beauty and if that is naturally glowing and pretty, make-up surely will complement it better. 

Presenting, Skin Secrets by none other than the gorgeous Liz Earle

The book takes you through a journey where it simplistically explains to you about your skin, why its important to take care of it, what could damage it, what could help it get better and so on. 

Having said that, its not exhausting at all, in fact pretty addictive. Once I started, I went through 50 pages in no time. I had to stop for revision, otherwise I would forcibly have to reproduce Skin Secrets in my Marketing exam. 

I love this section where Liz talks about taking care of skin in the teens, twenty's, thirty's and forties. I just love how she uses herself and her daughter in these sections. Such a perfect example they are of glowing skin. 

What is also interesting is that in these sections, there is also a page dedicated to what make-up would suit these particular skin types and what the models used in these like to use. I loved reading Liz's personal beauty favourites!

Of course, skin concerns like dark circles, rosacea, milia and acne are covered in sufficient detail for those of you who are suffering from such conditions.

There is also scientific details about what constitutes the skin and the layers within to give you a brief introduction in case you were not aware.

It's funny how food is usually connected and talked about when it comes to physical fitness only. There is a tonne of things food can do to your skin and this book tells you in sufficient detail about what to eat and what to avoid.

I am going to try the Detox breakfast soon! Great for the skin and the body eh?

The book has the most stunning scenic visuals as well! I love the picture below of Liz, her two daughters and her mother. It is so adorable and they all have such beautiful skin!

Overall, It's a must buy for £19.99. If there is only one skin care book you want to invest in, make it this one, as it does not give you temporary solutions but offers you options of healthy lifestyles to adapt to for beautiful skin. It is definitely something I will go back to again and again. 


All about eyes...

If you are a regular reader, you would know by now that the blog is mostly about eyes (and complexion!). There was a time when I used to despise wearing even a bit of eye shadow and thought it was tacky to wear it everyday. 

I just cannot step out of the house without a dash of colour on the lids. I feel naked.

Here are a few looks I wore over the past couple of weeks. 

This one is my favourite as it's my everyday eye look.  It's super pretty and chic. It's basically an earthy toned eye with a dash of colour in the crease and a smoked out aubergine colour on the lash line. It makes my green lenses eyes pop! 

I only use my Dolce & Gabbana Eyeshadow quad in Nude to do this. Nothing works better. I really need to get my hands on more of these quads. *checks paypal balance*

Below is a totally opposite, super shimmery, full on party eye. Yes I like to go over the top sometimes. Sleek palettes are the best in quality and the most cost effective to do such looks. Apologies as I don't quite remember which Sleek palette I used for this look. 

I usually do not like multi coloured looks but I experimented a bit with shades from Sleek's Original palette and came up with this. I really like the teal colour in the inner corner. 

And an everyday wearable bronzey look. Again using my Dolce & Gabbana quad in Nude. I think the black liner is what completes the look. I used Revlon's Colorstay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner and its totally awesome. It does not smudge and stays put!

What looks have you been wearing lately?


Vanille Ambree

I have been loving using the Acorelle Eau De Parfum in Amber Vanilla recently and thought I'd share with you guys. 

Family : Vanilla

Top Notes : mimosa

Middles Notes : patchouli, almond, vanilla
Base Notes : peru essence

I can immediately smell Vanilla and Cinnamon on application and a further dry down releases hints of Almond and Patchouli. Sounds delicious doesn't it? 

It's quite strong for an organic fragrance. You would expect it to be really soft but it's just as strong as a usual perfume. As for categorising it, is one of those soft, slightly sweet and feminine scents but still on the mature side in my opinion. 

Although it does mainly smell of vanilla, it does not make me smell like I am out of a bakery like other sweet fragrances out there. It is a fresh vanilla scent instead of a bakery vanilla scent if you know what I mean. Not that I mind smelling of food but fresher fragrances like these are always more wearable. 

It is perfect to wear during the day and due to its softly seductive scent, it is a great contender for a night out too, if you are not into obnoxiously heavy scents. 

It lasts for a couple of hours after which it disappears but I do not see the point of blaming the longevity on the fragrance's organic quality, as I have had many other high-end fragrances that do not last very long. 

I however love the ritual of applying perfume, and as the bottle is a dinky rounded shape, its quite handy to carry it along. Just like make-up, I am fine with retouching my fragrance throughout the day.

I quite like the shape of the bottle too. It's rounded, dinky, transparent and fuss-free.

Available for £32.99 for a 50ml bottle at mypure.co.uk. These are discounted quite often so do keep an eye out for them. If you're not into Vanilla, they have a selection of other flavours too. 


Highlighters/Illuminators - Liz Earle

Now that we have the sun shining in full glory, I thought it would be just perfect to do a series of posts on Highlighters/Illuminators.The posts will be a summary of my favourites till date, a mini review about them, where and how to use them and so on.

Highlighters are great to use in the winter too as you do not naturally have a glow then, but I feel its purpose is best achieved when complemented with naturally dewy skin, the sun and all that tanning going around.

In no particular order, here's a Liz Earle Sheer Gold Shimmer that I have been using since a while.This baby is the first to star as it can be used on the face as well as the body.

You have to get those legs out now. It's a rule!

Besides the superficial benefits, this also contains Aloe vera, Vitamin E and 10 essential oils to keep the skin moisturised. Inclusion of the oils in the ingredients makes it smell heavenly, just like other Liz Earle products.

It is a golden liquid in the tube with glitter particles. These are not too fine not to show up but not as chunky too, making it appropriate to wear on the face.

I just love the yellowy gold colour as its quite unique to be honest. It's either dark bronze or a 24-k gold colour you'll usually come across. This is the first time I have come across a soft yellow based golden highlighter.

Because of its yellow undertones, it mimics the sun kissed glow that the skin would have in the sun. The glitter particles may look a bit harsh in the closeup but on application on the body, it just gives a lovely radiant finish with an added bit of colour.

It's subtle and can be easily layered on for a dramatic finish. You can ofcourse use it on the face but it is much more suitable for the body and works best there. 

I have more lovely affordable illuminating products coming in the next few posts so don't forget to join me then!

50ml tube for £8.95.



Coloured Eyeliners - Liquid

Ditch those boring, typical black and brown eye liners this season and bring on some colour on your eyes. Especially if you're someone who does not like having a full on block of eyeshadow, then a winged out coloured eyeliner is super chic way to inject some colour to your life.

I have tried a tonne liquid eyeliners from all possible brands such as MAC, Barry M, Revlon, Bobbi Brown but these are the only ones I have been thoroughly impressed with. These are the Gosh Long Lasting Liner Pens which you may have seen featured in my previous posts.

They come in 8 colours in total but I am showing you 5 today, excluding the black and brown.

Applicator makes a hell of a difference and this fortunately comes with one that is sturdy enough not to absorb the product and flexible enough to create a desired line.

They come in stunning shimmery shades and when I say shimmery, I mean not tacky-shimmery but with a gorgeous sheen to it.

They are superbly pigmented, dry pretty quick and stay on the lids like a permanent marker. It goes without saying that they are water-proof and will require a good make-up remover.

The shimmer separates a bit from the liquid in the tube, so give it a good shake prior to using so you get an even finish.

The shades are pretty unique and my favourite have to be the green and the navy blue.

They retail for around £6 and are usually found on a 3 for 2 offer in Superdrug, so keep your eyes peeled ladies as this is definitely value for money.