My favourite ladies at the the royal extravagenza

Yes, I was at home as it was a bank holiday and instead of revising for exams, I carefully chose to utilise my precious time to gasp at the royal wedding.

Come on, it was like a live fashion magazine and hard to resist! Now don't get me wrong, studying Marketing is equally fun too(yeah right!) but now that I have graduated already, it wont matter if I fail the Masters programme, right? RIGHT?

Anyhow, it was a coat and hat extravaganza and I had some favourites who looked like a million bucks in my opinion.

These two ladies stood out of the crowd as soon as they stepped out of their vehicle. The blue dress is a stunner and really compliments her body shape well. As for Princess Beatrice, you can't beat her for hats now can you? However this one here left everyone awestruck, in a shocking way I mean.

I however loved the way she pulled the entire nude ensemble with so much ease. Full marks for confidence (and the dramatic smokey eyes!).

If Lady Gaga would wear it, you wouldn't call it odd would you? 

I also found Zara Phillips particularly striking in her simple yet striking silver apparel. The hat again is a stunner here isn't it? Aren't their coats to die for?

With that expression and the full black attire, Posh mistook the event for a funeral did she?  I mean I usually am bowled over by her style but on this particular occasion, she could have dressed more appropriately. 

Some colour wouldn't have hurt for sure. The dress is one of her creations and I think she went a bit too far trying to cover her pregnant self. 

Why is she in my favourite list then? Coz I just love them as a couple! ha.

Chelsy Davy looked so pretty in her turquoise little number. Quite funky for the occasion I would say but she pulls it off quite well! Everyone should dress as young!

We can't forget the three leading ladies and they looked half their age! Especially Kate's mum and the Queen. How pretty is Kate's mum eh? and I still don't have a single yellow outfit in my wardrobe. *makes a mental note*

The showstopper however was Kate, without a doubt! LOVE the lace sleeves. I know, I know she could have gotten away with a slightly more puffy dress and some further blending in her make-up but regardless, I think she's a perfect Princess!

Out with it now! Tell me who you liked and who you despised? 


Lusciously Light body - 5 Key Exercises

As a part of their Lusciously Light range of hair products, Aussie has come up with this great video summing up 5 key exercises to target problem areas and help you stay light this summer. You can easily incorporate them in your daily life. Try doing it in front of the tele, you won't even know how time will pass.

Aren't these workout steps super simple and doable almost everywhere? I especially like the ones for arms and inner thighs. Instead of folding your hands when doing squats for inner thighs, you can also hold weights or a Pilates ring/circle in your hand. That way, you can concentrate more on the thighs.

Are you aiming for a lusciously light body this summer? I sure am! I am back on track with regular Pilates and will be incorporating some more cardio and weights in my routine too.


Beautyuk goodies

Beautyuk is a drugstore brand in the UK usually retailing at Superdrug. It has a decent range of cheap and cheerful everyday products but somehow it has a perception of being associated with teenagers due to the bright colours it incorporates in it's range, namely in its eyeshadow palettes.

I personally love them! I have tried one when it was first introduced and loved the bright colours. Considering their colourful eye shadow palette, I think it is good value for money especially if you don't want to invest a lot in colours you will not wear everyday.

Anyhow, my rambling aside, I have two pretty neutral and everyday wearable products from the brand namely a Pearl Eyeliner in Eclipse(£3.49) and a Lip Lust in Playboy(£2.99). These are some of its newly released products and I can definitely see an improvement in packaging in quality as compared to its previous products.


The Eyeliner in Eclipse is a deep blue shade with a pearl finish to it. I was skeptical it would be too thin in consistency but surprisingly it is just perfect. It dries quickly too so I did not have any problems with it transferring on my eye lids. 

A blue shade of eyeliner will always bring out the white in your eyes more making them appear brighter. Hence I like using this instead of the boring browns and blacks. The brush it comes with is a regular sponge tip applicator but due to it being a bit stiffer, it does not absorb a lot of product, letting you work with the amount you require.

The Lip Lust in Playboy is a gorgeous barbie pink colour, almost of a candy floss colour. The shade is similar to the Viva Glam Gaga gloss by MAC in my opinion, minus the extreme milkiness and the lavender tint to it, making it easier to wear.

First of all, the sponge tip applicator is awesome as it actually helps applying the gloss evenly. Secondly, the gloss is pretty pigmented for the price! Can you tell by the swatch? It is not sticky at all and sits comfortably on the lips for a few hours.

This comes in some stunning colours so definitely check it out!

On the whole, don't be fooled by its price tag and give the products a try will ya? Here's a little shot of me wearing both the products. Apologies for the bad picture quality but my camera broke down for a bit and this is thanks to HTC. 

Below are some of their products that caught my eye and I am planning to pick some up for sure, as for under a fiver they won't hurt the wallet for sure eh?

Have you tried anything from Beautyuk?



Elemis Freshskin - for teens and tweens!

Products especially formulated for younger skin? Yes please!

You usually don't come across products catering for younger skin specifically, do you? I in fact think, this is a better way to keep skin healthy and supple and prevent it from ageing. Precaution is always better than cure you see. 

I have three products from Elemis Fresh Skin range including a Night Time Moisturiser, an Exfoliating Face wash and a Soothing Eye Serum

First of all, the hot pink packaging is very appropriate for the age group towards which it is catered, namely teens and tweens. Call me vain but I always get attracted to products based on how they look superficially and this scores full marks in that area.

Starting with my favourite product, the Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash(£12). This baby is a stunner to be honest. Unlike any other facial exfoliators I have tried till date, this one contains cherry powder and jojoba beads which are very finely included in the gel like face wash.

The liquid is of a very good consistency and not abrasive at all. I like to massage it in circular motions for about a minute or so first thing in the morning or at the end of the day after cleansing and I am left with brand new skin every single time. Unlike other exfoliators, this is not a hit or a miss as it works consistently every time I use it.

You know the feeling you have at times when you feel your skin is buried under layers of dead skin cells, impurities and acne scars? This is just perfect to take away all those nasties and reveal fresher looking skin.

Two thumbs up!

The Dreamy Sleep Night Time Moisturiser(£22) is what I like to use after I have exfoliated my face and I know its squeaky clean. This is a light textured fluffy cream and you only need a pea sized amount to cover a full face and neck. It's consistency makes it easy to spread hence it is likely to last a very long time. 

This insures my skin is thoroughly hydrated at night so I can wake up with glowing skin in the morning. It gives an instant glow to the face and has a nice herbal smell to it. It contains vitamin A, C and E as well as Black current seed and Barley extract. 

I have been suffering from dry, flaky and irritated skin due to the weather change and my allergies and this has helped immensely in gradually bringing my skin back to normal. Use this in moderation though (one pea sized squirt) as I initially used two pumps as I like to overdo things and this did cause a little breakout.

The Tired Eyes Soothing Eye Rescue(£15) is my least favourite from the lot. It is pretty good at tightening the under eye area but I do not see any refreshing effects after using this. Plus I like my under eye creams to be extremely moisturizing and this having a gel like consistency, gets absorbed into the skin pretty quickly leaving the area a tiny bit dry.

However, I like its tightening and firming effects, as I do suffer from fine lines and puffy eye bags. so I tend to use this a base and like to top it up with a bit of moisturiser. I have noticed my concealer creases a little less after using this as a base.

Elemis products can be bought directly from timetospa website in the UK and US.