Loving this week...

Vintage-inspired eyes -  I have been watching Lisa Eldridge's vintage make-up inspired videos recently which got me curious as to what people wore back in the days. 

If I'd have been in the 60's/70's, I would have loved to rock this look. It is an understated version of what they used to do in those times.

I chose a pastel blue with a satiny finish so it does not look as harsh as a matte colour. Following the winged eyeliner trend  in those days, I attempted a winged out liner too but smudged it to create a softer effect. And a white colour on the waterline never fails to brighten a look. Strong brows were really a huge trend then, so I attemtped to thicken the shape of my brows without making them appear sketched.

Dusky Blushers -  I am seriously in love with deeper blush colours as the summer has arrived. Raspberry tones are especially my favourite. Currently I am in love with Sleek's Blusher in Sunrise. It is a beautiful reddish copper with shimmer.

It contours and defines the cheeks automatically as well as giving that pop of colour. I have no idea why this shade is so underrated? There is absolutely nothing about it which would make it unwearable for those with paler skin tones as well, so don't judge it by the colour in the pan.

Nude Nails - This one is Sheer Peche by Orly and is a gorgeous flesh toned nude color with a hint of peach-pink in it, meaning it will not give your hands a washed out effect and is more likely to flatter most skin tones. Plus it has a gorgeous glossy finish to it and lasts for a good few days. I am wearing three coats below however one-two coats gives a natural french manicure effect which is quite pretty. 

French manicure in a bottle? Pretty much I would say!

These dinky 5.3ml bottles are available in Boots in 48 colours for £5 each. Hard to resist on a trip down to Boots I must say. I love their range of shades. Aren't they super cute?

What have you been loving in this scorching week in London girls?


The sisters angled bob!

How every single one of us has at one point in life secretly wished to get an angled bob done. Blame it on Victoria Beckham or Bipasha Basu, I've always been tempted!

But an angled bob is not only difficult to maintain but is difficult to pull off and most importantly needs a tonne of guts!

Here's my sister with her new found hair do - angled bob with a full on fringes/bangs! I am in LOVE with it! I think it suits her zwinky face shape better and makes her looks so much younger. What do you think?

If you've not been hiding under a rock, you'd know us Asians for the life of us will not experiment with our hair. Ha!

This is a super cute wig sent to me by Aussie as a part of their 'Lusciously Light' challenge. Well, I accepted the challenge until I looked like a total retard with the wig on. It looked extremely ridiculous on my face shape hence the sister being the quirky one here, took on the challenge and rocked it quite well in my opinion. Well at least in our backyard eh?

At first, she liked it but then got obsessed about it and kept it on for a day (or two?). Surely shows how we need to have 'lusciously' light hair and feel the breeze on the neck at times. As for the wig, its quite easy to put on and feels pretty light. You surely cannot tell it's not her hair if you haven't seen her before. It looks very natural in day light but of course the flash gives it away as it dazzles like anything!

Here's a picture of her in her normal hair for you to judge. She's the one on the left of course! You STILL cannot recognise me can you? *blows a raspberry at you*

So, you're the judge here. Yay for the angled bob or Nay? Come on.. don't be shy, tell us what you think? Be kind though! No pressure :)