A Scent by Issey Miyake


This fragrance has GREEN written all over it. It's fresh, sporty, summery, crisp, slightly Floral and Citrusy yet not overpowering in any of those aspects. It reminds me a bit of green tea and grass and a lot like the gorgeous smell you have lingering outside just after it has just rained.

When you spray it on initially, its amazingly energising and Citrusy fresh. It then gradually dries down to a slightly woody floral finish, almost powdery which I am quite impressed with as I cannot stand extremely Citrusy scents.

Some may not like the glass slab bottle it comes in but I really like its minimalistic and fuss free packaging and how it has its name etched on the glass instead of the usual print. Its a heavy glass bottle though and still feels nice and luxurious in the hand.

Opt it out if you like your sweet, strong, girly, intoxicating and attention seeking fragrances. Get it if you are more into clean, crisp, light and refreshing scents. It is a huge 100ml EDT bottle and I like to use it as a body spray as it's quite light and I can get away with it.

A Scent is a green and feminine fragrance. A fresh signature scent, drawing inspiration from nature's essentials: leaves, flowers, wood. A green, floral, woody fragrance
·         Top Notes: Verbena
·         Heart Notes: Hyacinth and jasmine
·         Base Notes: Galbanum

It's lasting power is great on me but if you feel fragrances do not last long on you, then applying a little Vaseline prior to application will surely help its longevity.

If you're looking for a unique scent, this may not be it as its quite similar to Liz Earle No 1 and Gucci Envy that I already have. It's a EDT and I would have much preferred the EDP version if it existed. But if you're looking for a new, light summer fragrance, you may well want to give this one a try as its the epitome of all things summery.

It is a hit or a miss fragrance to be honest but personally I quite like it as I don't like wearing obnoxiously sweet scents in the summer(as that is what I mostly own!) and this is just perfect to set my mood right for the season.

It's available in 30, 50 and 100ml sizes at Escentual.com and a 100ml usually retails for £68 but they currently have 45% off it making it a lovely bargain for £33.50!


Mediterranean Cut Crease

As promised, here's a look using Sleeks Mediterranean Palette which will be released soon. I did not swatch the colours, as firstly you may have already seen a tonne on the blogosphere and secondly swatches do not always do justice.

It's when you apply the colour that they appear in their full form, as sometimes a swatch may appear less pigmented but it might be actually a really pretty colour when applied on the lids.

Just as below, I am wearing 'Washed Ashore' from the palette on the lids. It is a really pretty bamboo shade which on swatching seems really weak but when worked on the lids is quite pretty!

I tried to attempt a cut-crease as the title suggests. I am not an expert in artsy make-up but a cut-crease look basically means that you attempt to 'cut' the crease in the look via a strong line tracing the crease. Now because I don't have much of a crease to be honest, I attempted to fake one as you can see. 

I am wearing GOSH's Long Lasting Eye Liner Pen in Purple on the lids. I like how its got a sheen to it which lightens up the dramatic look and makes it appear fun. These liners are pure love and you have to check them out if you're in Superdrug. 

It goes without saying that this is not your usual day look, although some may be able to pull it off during a night out. Who knows eh? Count me out coz I'm a chicken! 

Just to let you know that the Mediterranean Collection will be released on 8th June. 

p.s. apologies for the overgrown eye brows! Ignore. 


Warm vs Cool - Lip Colours

You know the concept behind Warm and Cool lip colours right?

Warm = Yellowy-beige-gold based lip colours
Cool = Blue-red based lip colours

Majority of the people say that warm lip colours complement warm skin tones better and cool lip colours compliment cool skin tones better. However, in my opinion this theory only works best with choosing foundation colours and that's it. Everything else differs on different individuals and you should try and figure out which tones suit you best.

Now I really do not know the science behind what suits which skin tones but in my experience,

Warm lip colours against Warm skin tones usually clash 

This is because everything appears too much in symmetry and it makes the look flat as nothing stands out in particular.

I am wearing a warm peachy-nude lip colour below. As it has a lot of yellow in it and my skin is warm-toned(yellow undertones) as well, it makes me look a bit lifeless and dull in my opinion.

Having said that, it does not mean I cannot wear peachy-nude lip shades at all, yellow-toned lip colours like below just do not flatter me very well and I find them hard to pull off.  It just means I need to find a cooler toned peachy-nude colour that compliments my skin tone better.

It brings out the 'yellow' in me! yikes :S 

I used Sleek's True Colour Lipstick in Barely There above. It has a sheen to it and is quite comfortable to wear and does not slide off the lips. Not a very unique shade but if you're a fan of such everyday colours then you'll like this one for sure. 

Below I am wearing a blue-toned bright pink and although it's a loud colour to pull off, you might see how it lifts my face slightly and makes me look a bit more lively. It adds dimension to my face and as it's contrasting to my skin tone, it makes the lips stand out. 

Such colours albeit bright, are easy for me to pull off due to their cool undertone as they tone down the yellow undertones in my complexion

Above I am wearing Sleek's True Colour Lipstick in Amped which is a matte shade. If your lips are well moisturised and exfoliated, this will glide on like a dream, otherwise it will exaggerate dry areas. It is intensely pigmented and even after wearing off, leaves a nice stain to the lips which I love. I am in LOVE with this shade ♥  I like their matte range of lipsticks much better than any other of their finishes. 

But that's how it works for me. It might be totally the opposite for you, so give it a try ladies, compare your pictures wearing different lip colours and see what suits you best. A fun experiment for a boring day at home eh?

In both the looks above, I am wearing Sleek's Pan Tao Blush, which I believe is still available to purchase. Now some people hated this one classifying it as an 'orange' blusher. However that is slightly misleading as according to me its a bright peach and is perfect for the spring! It's pretty easy to pull on in fact and is such a unique colour.

Apologies for the overdose of Sleek posts but I am sure you guys do not mind as it's quite an affordable brand and available easily. I have a lot of their products lying around and the lovely weather unconsciously diverts me towards them.