No7 and Poppy King

No7 have collaborated with Poppy King to introduce a range of 7 Lipsticks and Lip glosses. The shades, although bang-on trend are still completely wearable on an everyday basis.

I have a Lip gloss in Allure(£11) to show you today. Isn't the packaging so cute? Polka dots are classic and never go out of fashion.

It is a gorgeous watermelon shade in my opinion, with a hint of terracotta peeping through it. The finish is extremely wet and glossy and the pigmentation is translucent and quite natural.

Although it looks like a my-lips-but-better shade below, it is no where near my lip colour. My lips are pretty ghostly and pinky-lilac on their own. This is what I like about this gloss is that it injects a hint of colour and coats it onto the lips in a subtle manner, so much that it looks like your lips, just better. 

The gloss itself is not sticky at all and surprisingly enough can be layered on easily. It stays on for a few hours and wears off nicely, meaning it does not get all over the face. 

I like how its super reflective finish give a slightly more fuller appearance to the lips. Although its not extremely pigmented, it can be worn alone to counteract pale-ghostly lips like mine or it can be layered over a complementing lipstick. I personally like wearing it on its own as its such a fresh colour. 

In day light

 In artificial lighting

Quite a nice shade to have for summery, juicy looking lips. I like their consistency and might give another shade a try.

You can watch an Introductory video about the Poppy King and No 7 range below. I know it features the Lipsticks in the range but the Lip Gloss shades are designed to compliment the lipsticks and are similar to the Lip stick colours shown below.

Will you be picking up any Lip products from this range?


Disclosure: I was sent this lipgloss free to review. All views and opinions expressed are my own.


Upcoming releases from Sleek...

Sleek will be coming up with some new exciting collections and some lovely new eye shadow palettes this spring/summer.

There is a Caribbean collection for sure - which is all super bright and funky, A Mediterranean collection, which I have to show you below and a Nude Collection which you NEED in your life!

The Mediterranean collection comes with a Eye shadow palette, a Blusher and a Pout Polish as always.

Now some people are going to cringe or scream of shock horror looking at this blusher, but I personally am a blush collector and feel that every different colour out there needs to be in my train case hence I love it to bits.

Santorini is an intense looking blue toned hot pink in the pan, however suprisingly enough it is not scarily pigmented and if used sparingly with a stippling brush, gives this very unique pinch of colour to the face. 

It's a stunner and one not to be missed! Not every one's cup of tea as I said, however a must-have for the blush collectors out there. 

The Pout Polish in Monte Carlo on the other hand is pretty wearable for everyday and in fact is the least pigmented one from Sleek till date. I guess they realised they needed to keep the lips toned down to compliment the intense blusher and a good job they did.

It gives the cutest bright pink tint to the lips and moisturises them so well. A lovely everyday colour. Not a must-have but check it out in store for sure. 

The eye shadow palette in Monaco is  as usual is the show stopper of the collection in my opinion. I mean I don't quite get the selection of the colours in this palette as they don't fit a particular theme or a particular colour family. Having said that, they are all so unique on their own that I love them. 

A well balanced mix of shimmery and matte shades in here. The shimmery shades are obviously intensely pigmented, almost like they are foiled. The matte's are pretty soft in texture and moderately pigmented, just the right texture in my opinion.

It gets a 'grab-it' status from me!

I also have a sneak peek of the most awaited Sleek Au Naturel  Palette from their Nude collection (no, that's not what its officially called lol) and the colours look scrumptious for everyday wear. I know I'll be getting this for sure and will hit pan on most the colours as I am a neutral kinda girl. 

I will post swatches, Fotds, Eotds with the Mediterranean collection soon, so keep your eyes peeled ladies. 

The Mediterranean Collection will be released on 8th June, the Caribbean on 6th July and the Nude on 31st August 2011. 

Anything that tickles your fancy?


Avoir La Peche

How can we ignore a make-up collection based on 'Peach' when the season's getting sunnier everyday!

Sleek have introduced their Avoir La Peche Collection recently, consisting of an Eye Shadow Palette, Pout Polish and a Blusher.

In short, all the products are pretty good as per Sleek Make-up's reputation, however the Paraguaya(£6.49) Palette is my favourite of the lot and a gets a must-have status from me. It is a permanent line product so do check it out.

Below I played around with the Paraguaya palette on the eyes but did not want to go completely peachy hence ended up applying Sleek's blusher in Flushed on the cheeks.

The colours in the palette itself are extremely pretty, subtle and soft so I attempted a bit of a cut crease here to contrast with the theme hence the orange colour appears blocked rather than blended. Having said that, I could have blended the orange better to be honest but oh well! 

I am obsessed about getting my blending perfect if you did not know and cringe when it does not come out as I expected. 

Although there's a tonne of swatches on the palette on the blogosphere, it is just too pretty not to include pictures of. There are more matte shades in this palette which I love! The texture of the matte colours is to die for, they are uber soft and apply and blend like a dream. The shimmery colours are nice too but the matte ones won me over. 

Did you notice, they did not include their cult favourite black eye shadow in this palette? I think it must have been due to everyone's complaints that when they have more than one Sleek palette, the black eye shadow goes unused. Well done on taking the comments on board Sleek!

If you're a girly girl and want some soft, fun and wearable colours to sport this summer, then this palette is not one to be missed.

p.s. Sleek Make-up deliver internationally so don't get left out chickas!