Green with envy

Green is not the most popular colour palette when it comes to make-up in my opinion. Although it looks stunning when worn, it is still quite understated.

I wanted to incorporate the colour in my make-up palette but in a subtle manner. What better than an eyeliner I thought eh? Although it's just a line on the eye lids, it manages to pull the whole look together.

I used GOSH'S Green Eye Liner Pen for this. It's colour is extraordinarily stunning and makes a statement on its own. When it comes to colored eyeliners, I think they look best when worn alone for a simple look instead of piling them on top of a tonne of eyeshadow where they loose their charm.

Can you see how vivid the colour is? It's a blackened green which is easily wearable as it has a black undertone to it.

It is slightly reflective but not overtly shimmery, making it suitable for daily wear. 

Plus these come with the extra added benefit of staying on the lids for untill you remove them. Make sure you have a good eye make-up remover at hand as otherwise it wont come off easily. 

Another safe way to wear green is, yes you guessed it right, nails!

This one's a blackened green as well and is called Defiant(£4.50) from MeMeMe's Spring Collection.

I don't have a colour that resembles this in my collection to be honest and was quite surprised how it flattered my skin tone pretty well. It does not look gloomy or anything of that sort. In fact the colour matches up the current season quite well.

These are supposed to be long lasting and have this lovely glossy finish. They come with a 'maxi' flat brush making it easy to cover the surface of the nail in two swipes. This particular one is stunningly pigmented and below I am wearing it in one coat only. Pretty opaque eh?

Just two simple ways to wear green without going overboard or feeling out of place. Go ahead, try out those greens from your vanity and make others go green with envy. *evil laugh*



Update - Cleansing and Toning

I have been using these two lovely products from A'kin Skincare as part of my skincare routine since the past few weeks and have noticed how you can get away with a minimum of products. 

As for my combination-sensitive skin type, I have noticed that the less amount of products I use and the more basic they are, the more my skin likes it. Basically, a big no-no for rich and lush creams especially as its getting warmer day by day. 

What I have here is Akin Refreshing and Soothing Toner(£11.99) and Akin Pure Rose Hydrating Mist(£14.99).

Akin Toner is meant to act a hydrating toner which is supposed to be used after cleansing your face to balance out the PH level of the skin and hydrate it as well. I in fact use it as a part of my cleansing routine, as I realised that a face wash and cleansing wipes were not enough to do the job. I use this with a cotton pad and it literally gets every speck of make-up off my face, almost two cotton pads full which was quite shocking! 

I usually moisturise after this but it does not leave my skin tight like other toners, in fact it leaves it squeaky clean and glowy. It also doubles up as an excellent eye-make up remover, removing stubborn water proof mascara too, which I did not expect it to do.

Here you go. Finally more than one reason to invest in a toner. Oh and it smells delicious! Fresh oranges anyone?

Once my face is squeaky clean after using the above product, I go ahead and spritz my face generously with this Hydrating Mist. This replaces any moisture lost in the cleansing process and prepares skin to absorb any moisturiser that you may apply after this.

In my case, I prefer to use this as a light spray of moisture and that's it for the moisturising part. If I see any particularly dry areas of the face, I go ahead and apply some intensive moisturiser there but that's it. For a full face, I only prefer to spray this and I am good to go. I have used MAC's Fix Plus and Body Shops Face Mist in the past, however this one is the most moisturising of the lot and actually works at replenishing the moisture lost.

It works quite well at refreshing worn out make-up through out the day or to add a glow to a matte powder or foundation. My MAC Fix Plus has never really worked so well to be honest. 

I can see this being a handbag staple for the summer!


Chubby Sticks by Clinique

Clinique will soon be launching their newest Chubby Sticks Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm (what a mouthful!) which they claim to be a combination of a lip balm with a hint of colour. Not a very unique concept I have to say but I really like the way they have been packaged into handy crayon like sticks.

Infused with decadent butters, oils and anti oxidents they sure sound hyrdating. As for the colour pay off, we will have to judge once they are released. 

Loving the promo image!

They will be available to purchase in 8 shades namely,
  • Chunky Cherry
  • Richer Raisin
  • Super Strawberry
  • Whole Lotta Honey
  • Woppin’ Watermelon
  • Fuller Fig
  • Graped-up
  • Mega Melon

Is it me or are the shades too reminiscent of Autumn/Winter? I mean that is the last thing we want to be reminded of. They could have got away with adding a few more brighter and lighter shades to compliment the coming season. 

Having said that, two shades have caught my eye namely Chunky Cherry and Whopping Watermelon. Aren't they super pretty and summer-like?

For £13.50 I think I will be giving at least one a try. 

Does any shade tickle your fancy?

Mothers Day Gift Ideas - 2

We have an Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Gift Set today which is perfect contender for a last minute Mother's Day Gift. Especially for £20.95 at Cheapsmells.com, this is one not to miss out. 

It comes beautifully packaged in a white and red box with a red pull-out ribbon on the top. No need to gift wrap it I say. Just pop it into a gift bag and you're good to go.

It comes with an Eight Hour Skin Cream 50ml, Intensive Face Moisturizer SPF15 15ml & Hand Cream 30ml. They are all pretty good sizes for the price. I would only call the Hand Cream travel sized as I tend to use that more often than the others.

Otherwise, they are just your usual size tubes which if bought separately would cost a lot.

The Intensive Face Moisturiser is a light and fluffy face cream - on you can easily put on without thinking twice. It's consistency makes it really easy to wear. It absorbs in pretty quickly and gives a velvety finish to the face.

It has an SPF of 15 which of course is a bonus for the coming sunny days. This would be suitable for all skin times in my opinion besides very oily. This is one of Elizabeth Arden's best sellers and I have come across a tonne of mature women who swear by this.

My favourite is the 8 hours Skin Protectant to be honest. I am assuming not quite a lot of people would like this because of its unusual consistency. It is a slightly coloured gel and on melting forms an oil like consistency.

It goes without saying that this is very intense and is not meant to be used all over the face. I personally like to use this sparingly under the eyes, on very dry areas of the face, elbows, knees, lips and cuticles.

The key is to use less than a pea-sized amount at a time and it works wonders. Also, EA products have never broken me out so this would work on combination skin types too.

And lastly the 8 hour hand cream. It does what it says and stays on even after my hands come in contact with water. It gives my hands a lovely silicone-y finish, almost velvety on application and absorbs in quickly leaving no greasy residue which makes it easy to pop on to the hands daily.

This little tube has a lot of product squeezed into it but is still pretty dinky size-wise. A handbag staple!

The products are great individually and I am not the first one to be raving about them, however it is simply unbelievable when three of these lovelies retail for £20. I think this price includes UK delivery and it applies to all products on Cheapsmells which is freaking awesome don't you think?

Whether you're already a fan or not, for the price it surely deserves a try. Even better, as the brand is catered towards mature women, it makes an amazing deal to treat Mummy dearest on her special day on April 3rd.