Bermuda Blue

Spring is in full bloom at Get Gawjus it seems. And the mood for bright blue continues from the previous post...

We have today Miner's Spring/Summer Nail Paint in Bermuda Blue and surprisingly enough this applies much better than the baby pink I featured a few posts ago.

Below I am wearing only one coat. It does not apply streaky and one coat is enough to give an opaque finish. You can of course apply more but I feel it then takes ages to dry and smudges really badly.

One coat dries in a jiffy and once topped up with a top coat, stays on for days.

This particular one has a gorgeous reflective finish. You can see my conservatory roof top in there! I love glossy finishes on nails. 

Two thumbs up for this one! 

Don't you just love my spring-y background in the pictures? 


Crystal Waters

I have the feeling that I am bombarding you guys with EOTD's. Please tell me if I am.

It's not me trust me, it's this freaking awesome weather that's suddenly hit London and us Londoners have no idea until when we will be blessed by the holy rays of the sun hence we are taking full advantage of the weather as much as we can.

Be it via ditching those layers of coats, bringing out see-through tops, raiding the park, sunbathing, taking all the dogs in the world (for God's sake, how many dog's does one freaking person own to take 8 out for a walk!) for a walk or sporting bright eye shadows. Yes the last one would be me.

I opted for a simple block of colour on the eyes. I feel when it comes to using bright and bold colours, they make a statement on their own hence going overboard is not a necessity. I kept it simple and clean.

The trio I used above is called Crystal Waters by GOSH and is a beautiful mixture of blues and turquoise. These are lovely to put on and have a satin like texture and finish. It's perfect for when you don't want to go completely shimmery or matte.  

I have to mention, the pigmentation of these shadows is striking yet blending is so easy. I used the brightest blue all over the lid and used the lighter blue in the crease as a gradation colour so that the fading seems less harsh. 

Tip: Keep the brightest colour very close to the lid and prevent it from extending upwards. Apply bright colours as such in a patting motion close to the lid instead of swiping them all over. This way you will have more control over application and will ensure good colour pay-off. 

I also incorporated GOSH's Liner in Turquoise in the above look however it did not seem to compliment the look very well. The liner is pretty bright and shimmery on its own however it does not look powerful enough on the bright base. 

I will show you how the liner looks on its own on bare lids as its super pretty!

Have you been enjoying the weather lately? 


In Limelight...

It was so nice and sunny this weekend and I decided to play bright with the eyes to compliment the weather. GOSH have some amazing eye shadow trios in their range and most of them are super bright hence I decided to use them for this look.

I used the one in Limelight(£6.99). It has a pastel green, a light golden green and a denim blue-purple shade.

Just to update you guys that GOSH now have more sleeker looking compacts if you see in the picture below. They have not only dodged their bulky packaging but have also improved the quality of their eye shadows. They are not chalky and chunky like before and are pretty smooth and silky to use. 

I have been wearing this look for a while and everyone seems to love it hence I had to share it with you guys. I used a mixture of the two pastel green shades all over the lids and used the blue-purple shade to line the eyes and then smudged it upwards. 

It just brightens my entire look and is uber cute for a sunny day out. It's something about wearing lime green on the eyes that everyone seems to like. 

Usually I wear this look without a liner as the blue-purple is enough for definition, however I wanted to show you guys one of the new Long Lasting Liner Pen's that GOSH will be releasing soon. They is a total of 8 shades (which I will be featuring in a later post) however I had to show you the Navy Blue one as its my absolute favourite!

It is a stunner with any eye colour and lifts dull-tired looking eyes and makes them appear whiter. Any blue eye liner would do that but this one is gorgeous as it stays on for until you remove it, seriously. 

In fact, it did not come off with a wet wipe and I had to resort to an eye-make up remover. Would seem like a pain for the lazy lot out there but I can imagine this being a staple for the hot and humid summer. 

Did you enjoy the sunny weekend?