Mothers Day Gift Ideas - 1

Liz Earle have come up with a brand new gift set especially for Mother's Day this year. This one contains a few of Liz Earle's best selling Superskin Products. Superskin is a range of products especially formulated for dry and mature skin types hence suited best for mums.

At a reasonable price of £30, it comes with three products

- Superskin Concentrate
- Superskin Moisturiser and
- Superskin Body Cream

I have tried the Superskin Moisturiser before and have found it did not suit my Combination-sensitive skin type well. Hence when they say it is for very dry and mature skin types, just listen to them!

On the other hand, this moisturiser suited my mums dry/normal mature skin type pretty well. She found it very hydrating and the effects stayed for much longer compared to other creams that she has used so far. 

It also gives a very pretty 'glow' to the face which I love.

The Superskin Body Cream is everyone's favourite. Who ever has used it simply keeps raving about it! It is a gorgeous smelling cream, hydrates well and does not leave any greasy residue. It gives me healthy, supple skin. 

If you're just like me and ignore your body when it comes to moisturising it, you have to try this and moisturising those arms will not longer be a tedious process. 

Superskin Concentrate is something I have been using since a year now and am still not out of it. I own the full sized bottle but this little baby is a perfect size and is likely to last ages too. Plus its a great way to try it out as its full sized version is priced steeply to be honest.

This is my multi treatment product. I use it for manicures, dry elbows, dry areas of the face - you name it. Oil's have this tendency to absorb into the skin faster I believe and this is the reason why I love it so much. It works fast and effectively - a no fuss product. 

Overall, the products are great for the price and are available to purchase till the 3rd of April for £30, saving you an incredible £12.90 If you would have purchased these products separately. 



I ♥ Marshmallow

Miners Cosmetics have introduced their Spring/Summer Nail Varnish Collection taking inspiration from their favourite holiday destinations. Aaahh...the feeling of being on a holiday. *sigh*

The shades are mostly pastel with the exception of a Coral. But we all love Coral, regardless of what season it is and how many other corals we already have right? So I am not complaining.

Now I don't know about you but I love my pastel nail paints for the summer. It just feels so dreary to pull out those deep shades when the sun's out in its full glory.

Bermuda Blue, Marshmallow, Coral Cutie, Morrocan Mint and Laguna Love respectively.

My favourite amongst these is the pretty little baby which I adore. It's a new shade to my collection hence it's getting all my attention at the moment. 

It's called Mashmallow and is the prettiest milky-pastel baby-pink. It's definitely not one of the colours that you'll easily get on a drugstore shelf. I love such trend-setting shades as I feel they make a statement on their own. 

The only problem with these is that they take ages to dry as the consistency of these is slightly on the thicker side. So don't expect to do them in a hurry and then rush outside, as they will smudge. I give them a good few minutes to dry and set before applying a Models Own Topcoat to extend longevity. 

I will be doing more NOTD's with the other shades in the collection so stay tuned.

Available from Miners Cosmetics for £2.99!


A drugstore concealer that works?

I saw quite a few people on YouTube raving about this as one of the best drugstore concealers and had to give it a try. I love testing out drugstore products and the hit-or-miss feeling associated with them.                                                                                                                     

Even if they are a miss, what's there to lose in a fiver eh?

So I tested Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer

I have this obsession with Concealers, especially liquid ones and I don't perceive them as a waste of money, hence a habit of using a lot of them at one time. My favourite is MAC's Select Cover, a back up of which I cannot live without.

As for cheaper ones, I have some nice ones by ELF, Soap & Glory and Miners Cosmetics which work great too but aren't as pigmented hence I reserve them for illuminating/brightening the under-eye area when I don't want full coverage. 

Regarding the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection, it comes in 3 shades only as far as I know. I got the darkest shade available in store namely 'Medium 3'. Now I am used to wearing quite light concealers but those who are not comfortable may be put off by the shade range, considering what I got is the darkest one available!

It is a liquid concealer and has a nice consistency, not to runny neither too thick. It is very pigmented and you only need a dot or two to cover the entire under-eye area and lid space. 

Of course, its not all roses and it does cake up on dry areas as it dries quickly. But that does not bother me one bit as that happens with every concealer I have used till date.

In fact, because this dries quickly just like foundation, it does not slip around the under eye area preventing any smudging, creasing or fading. I find this creases much less than MAC's Select Cover. 

Another plus point is the shade of this particular one. It is yellowy-beige but with a hint of pink-salmon in it. This is why it covers up any blue-purple shadows under the eyes quite cleverly. 

I would not recommend this for covering any other areas on the face as its a little too pink for that and will leave a grey cast. It comes in squeezed with a tonne of product, more than what the tube can hold hence you get full value for the price you pay. 

and now for the shocking before-after...

The concealer may look a bit too fair for me but trust me its the right shade. I have discolouration on the under-eye area and the lids hence the change seems dramatic. Once applied, the concealer matches the rest of the face well. 

Verdict? Go for it! It does what it says and lasts 8 hours plus.

Available at Boots and Superdrug. 

Quick tip: Did you know that the area under the eyes does not produce any oil hence it is essential to hydrate it to keep the skin supple, so that make-up glides on easily. 


'Lush' face of the day

I wanted to wear something light today. You know the feeling you have on a lazy day yet want to perk yourself up by evening your skin tone. Now I usually use MAC Face and Body to do that however I have been loving some new stuff from Lush that I have been using from a while. 

I am wearing Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow from Lush mixed with their Imperialis Moisturiser to make a tinted moisturiser of my liking and consistency. I use more moisturiser and a pea sized amount of the Colour Supplement to make mine. You can of course change the ratio depending on the intensity you want to achieve. 

It looks so dewy yet natural in daylight and lets your skin show through. It instantly perked up my complexion without feeling heavy. Something you won't be afraid to wear when the sun hits(hopefully soon!). 

A mini-review on both these products.

Lush do a lot of different moisturisers catered towards various skin tones, however I got Imperialis as its targeted towards combination skin tone to balance it out in areas where its dry and oily accordingly. 

It contains Lavender to balance the skins oil production, Orange flower to tone the skin and St John's wort to calm down any irritations. I have combination-sensitive skin and this works just right. I think most of you would fall into this category due to it bordering on both sides. 

It looks like strawberry yogurt, good enough to eat! 45grams priced at £11.45 is just right for this. It looks very light but you really only need half a tea spoon sized amount to cover a full face. 

I have had this Colour Supplement since a few months now. I originally bought it out of boredom whilst rummaging in a Lush store at Liverpool Street. I did not quite like it at first because it is very concentrated and me being me, I did not follow instructions and used it directly from the pot for full coverage.

Well it did give me full coverage but it felt too heavy and kept sliding off my face. 

Now when I used it mixed with the Lush Imperialis as a tinted moisturizer it worked like a dream! You need only a pea sized amount of this baby for it to make you your custom made tinted moisturiser. I got the Colour Supplement for around £7 and it's lasting me ages. 

What do you recommend from Lush?


Lusciously Light!

Your hair can be luscious and light this summer with the new Lusciously Light range of Conditioners introduced by Aussie. Now that Spring/Summer is finally arriving, it is an amazing time to introduce your hair to lightweight conditioners.

I have dry, frizzy hair and love to hydrate them with heavy conditioners but they do sometimes weigh my hair down a little bit, and a recent example would be a Loreal one I just tried out. 

I have tried Aussie's Conditioners before and although they don't weigh my hair down tremendously as I only concentrate at the roots, they are pretty thick in consistency. However this new range seems awesome as it promises to hydrate hair yet keeping them light and fluffy in texture.

I have dry, frizzy hair so I have the one in Miracle Moist and I have to admit that it works great! You can generously apply it starting from the roots and it won't cause any heaviness at the crown area. The texture is just like whipped cream, much more lighter than your usual conditioner. 

The end results were impressive as my hair were not frizzy and looked much healthier yet with their natural volume intact = happy face. 

I however feel these would not be hydrating enough in the winter as there is more than one way in which moisture can seep out of the hair then. However, for warmer months like the Spring/Summer, I give it two thumbs up!

See how my hair looks pretty healthy. I love it! Aussie's Lusciously Light Conditioners are available for colour treated hair, long hair, dry-frizzy hair and so on and currently retail for £3.52 at Superdrug, which should not stop anyone from stocking up on these. 

Do you want to join Aussie in their fun this Spring and join them on their Lusciously Light Journey? (I bet you do! You must know, when Aussie say fun, they MEAN real fun ;) 

How can you do that? 

Just answer the question: “Put a spring in your spring! Tell us, how would you lighten up your life? #AussieLight” via a blog post on your blog and tweet the link to Aussie @yummyhair so they know where to find it. 

The competition will run till 20th March 2011 and winners will by chosen by the Aussie team based on the most creative response. Don't stick to the usual boring stuff, you can answer in the form of songs, pictures, videos, stories as long as it answers the question!