RMK Spring Shimmer Inspired Look

I really liked this fresh and summery promo image for RMK's Spring Shimmer Collection 2011. You hardly see such bright and fun looks associated with high-end brands hence this caught my eye.

Notice the blusher extending ti0 the apples of the cheeks and further? I love this trend. Albeit slightly clownish, it gives the look a slightly different twist.

And who says its unwearable in real life. Just concentrate a baby pink blush on the apples of the cheeks without extending any colour to the cheekbones. It will give the illusion of a healthy flush.

Here's my take on the look. Gorgeous pale lavender-blue eyes lined with a bronze liner. A tonne of any raspberry coloured blusher used generously, full-coverage flawless skin and cherry red lips. 

The combination of blue on the eyes and red on the lips gives it a vintage touch yet it does not look like one done by Dame Edna because of the modern way of applying the colours. 

The look is quite a simple one to pull off and requires a minimum of products to be honest. 

Products Used:

- Lush Colour Supplement in Dark Yellow mixed with Lush Imperialis Moisturizer (review coming soon)
- MAC Select Cover Concealer in NC30
- MyFaceCosmetics Blush in Night Fever
- Lavender-Blue eye shadow from Dior Studio Palette
- Bronze eye shadow to line the eyes from Sleek Palette
- Lord & Berry Vouge Lipstick in China Red
- Inika's Lip Whip in Cherry

p.s. I cut my own hair since a few months now. Want to see a post on it?


Viva Glam Gaga in action

You like?

I think it works well with my slightly tanned Asian skin tone. The yellow undertones of my skin make the colour appear a little less harsh in my opinion, although it still manages to look very artificial.

I am wearing two layers of it and although its sticky, it has good staying power compared to other glosses and does not shift very easily. Applying it with fingers is the best way to work with this I found.

I have to admit that fair skin girls with pink undertones would surely rock such a colour. It would also be a win-win colour for the blondes out there!

I applied it pretty carefully, keeping the rest of my make-up fairly neutral, as otherwise it has a tendency to look tarty quite easily and Katie Price I am NOT a fan of. 

Verdict: It's a quirky little colour, but I like it as I don't quite have a similar one in my collection. I'd say get it, plus your helping towards a good cause.


ga ga oh la la

I haven't splurged much on beauty products a lot this month hence nothing exciting but I have had some lovely goodies today that Bicky from Tastes Like Glitter sent me and I thought I should give you girls a sneeky peek.

Lip glosses never fail to please a girl, do they? I mean you'll find women who detest to wear a Lipstick but hardly any who despise Lip Gloss. Weird eh.

Anyhoo, I have here, Sexy Mother Pucker from Soap & Glory, which is a sheer plum plumping gloss. These do work at giving you full lips to be honest and sting like crazy, but this one does not have much pigmentation in my opinion so great to layer over a lip colour.

Eyeko's Lipgloss in Mayfair is a gorgeous Caramelized Terracotta. It's full-on in pigmentation, albeit quite sticky. I LOVE this colour. Delicious!

Viva Glam Lipglass in Gaga of course blew my mind away, as its this unusual milky baby-pink with a dash of lavender showing through it. I am a HUGE Lady Gaga fan for your information so I might be a partial towards it. 

'Not for the faint-hearted' is a warning that this gloss should come written with. 

It is super pigmented and the colour applies true to how it appears in the container but if you have pigmented lips, you might want to even them with a concealer before putting this on to do full justice to it., 

I will do a look with Viva Glam Gaga in a different post because its special ♥

I also got a China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Golden Enchantment. It was too pretty to ignore and I had to show you guys. Those who like a simple manicure but still can't part with their glitter would love this. 

It's a clear nail varnish with a tonne of golden glitter particles shot through it. 

I have applied only one coat of it below and its quite understated but yet so pretty at the same time. It avoids plain nails from looking too boring and adds an element of fun. 

I can see myself wearing this over every other nail paint just to bring some life to them. Oh my, do you see a lot of NOTD's coming along? I do!

A huge thanks to Bicky again for these lovely things. Made my day for sure :) 

Have you tried Viva Glam Gaga? Any thought's on what make-up I should pair it with?


Beauty Classroom

I've been drooling after so many products from Senna Cosmetics lately. While rummaging through its website I found these videos in their Beauty Classroom section. Here Eugenia Weston, the founder of Senna Cosmetics and a Celebrity MUA creates a Vintage Fall Look.

It's dramatic yet absolutely wearable. I love how neat she is in her ways of applying make-up and how every products works so fuss free. I love such to-the-point neat and classy approach to make-up. She reminds me so much of Lisa Eldridge hence I had so share the video.

Plus not so many people are aware about Senna Cosmetics, I have no idea why! I have tried their products before and they are to die for, I'm not even kidding.

I am lusting after the HD HydraCover Concealer Trio($38) as it seems so creamy yet pigmented. Plus three colours in a set is so affordable.

Also, I just can't get over this Baby Face Brush($26) that she used to highlight. I mean I haven't seen a similar brush before. It's like a smaller version of MAC 138 and bigger than the MAC 224 - just perfect. I have used their brushes before as well and they are pretty sturdy and of high quality. 

I am officially in love with every product she used in the video to be honest. I don't know why but the subtle yet pigmented shades and the lovely wearable looks that can be created with them appeal to me a lot.

*goes to jot down ALL the products in Birthday wish-list*

Does anything from Senna appeal to you?


'Kiss' bad nail days goodbye!

I've been trying out a set of acrylic nails since the past few days and have been quite impressed, so here's a little rave post about it.

Now believe it or not, this was the first time ever that I was going to try out false nails. Shocker, I know! I've never been much of a nail person anyway besides the random manicure or so. But I always disliked how my nails looked naturally, kinda off white you see - not pretty! and always envied anyone who achieved that perfect French manicure. 

However, I also cannot stand super-fake, super-long nails which seem like they'll come off any minute or are worn to kill! Hence I decided to take baby steps and started off with the 'Real Short' ones that Kiss make in French Manicure

They claim they're better than salon nails. I don't doubt that a tiny bit! What do you say?

A lot of people have trouble with the edges chipping off or so, hence these are meant to be chip free, which after a few days of wear I have to agree with. They are quite solid and sturdy and show no sign or wear and tear. 

I love how natural they look from almost every angle and fit perfectly on the nail bed. 

Also, the beauty of these acrylics lies in its 'Real Short' length, meaning no one, and I mean no one at all realised that they were fake. They all said, 'You've got a lovely manicure done!' and that's exactly what I was looking for baby - naturally pretty nails :)

They make my hand appear so much more neater and prettier that I just cannot get over them!

Applying them was a piece of cake, even though I am a beginner hence don't be reluctant to try these because  of the application process. They dried in minutes and were all set in 5-10 minutes! These are meant to last 7 days and they do to be honest with the exception of that random one coming off if you indulge in a chore or so, but you can easily reapply that.

I only found the glue application part a bit tedious as the uneven glue showed up through the nails and I could have been neater. I guess that would improve with practice and only a tiny bit of glue is what you need. 

You can find these at Boots and Superdrug in the UK and at Kissusa.com for my mates in US of A.

Are you a fan of false nails? 


Models Own Hi-Definer Mascaras

I adore Model's Own Nail Varnishes. The colours, the consistency and pay off are all great! But that's about it right? One does not go past Nail Varnishes when it comes to Model's Own. Hence to conquer that image of theirs we have here their 'Hi-Definer' Mascara Collection.

They have introduced 4 new Mascara's for £6 each which won't break your bank if you're looking to change your mascara every three months or so.

An Ultra Waterproof Mascara, which promises to give you that same va-va-vroom effect that other mascara's give you, so you wont have to deal with dry, brittle lashes. I am not much of a fan when it comes to Water Proof Mascara's as I have so many that have this quality without making a bit deal out of it. 

meh! Pass.

The Lashed Up Volumiser that promises to deliver full on lashes without the added drama of wiping it off your eyelids. Supposedly the wand should not create a mess! We'll have to try it out to believe that. I quite like the pink packaging though. Makes me reminiscent of Maybelline! The wand could have been more innovative though.

The Lengthen and Curl Mascara, which is meant to avoid flaking or clumping and give you that gorgeous sky high curve and length. I quite like such mascara's to be honest as they have always performed well and lived up to their promise. I am a fan of such curved brushes as they do actually work at lifting the lashes and separating them.  

Give it a try, will ya? Or I will...just for you guys, I promise!

and lastly, the Grow Fast mascara which contains Procapil and Panthenol that are meant to increase the size of your lashes and strengthen them along with separating and adding volume.

Again, I am a sucker for such wands. I don't care if they work at increasing the size of my lashes or not, but these wands and formulas are great for getting clean, separated lashes as it reaches those hard to reach lashes. 

Why not ditch Clinique's new bottom lash 'invention' and rather use this one for your bottom lashes.  I always use my normal mascara on my bottom lashes and it works great! Just make sure you use a thin wand like this. 

Do you fancy getting any of these?

These are available from Boots and the Models Own website.