Giveaway: Broadway 'Fashion Diva' Nails

For grabs today is a gorgeous set of Fashion/Celebrity inspired nails by Broadway Nails. Doesn't the leopard print look freaking awesome? 

It comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes to fit all nail types. I have a set of these for myself too but am waiting for an occasion to wear them. These are Medium in length in case you were wondering.

So get commenting ladies! No obnoxious rules as such for me. 

Just comment from wherever you are in the world along with your email address and you'll be entered. The giveaway will end next week, same day, i.e. 10th March and the winner will be announced within a few days after that via random selection.



Organic Fragrance?

Just wanted to update you guys on a new brand that mypure.co.uk is stocking from now onwards. Its called Acorelle and is a French brand so its not surprising that they came up with a range of fragrances! They have a variety of fragrances, not only that, their fragrances are also split into categories such as Balancing, Energising and Soothing which makes it easier to make a choice.

The reason for categorizing the fragrances into different groups maybe due to the fact that each fragrance is based on an Aromatherapy principle.

Also, what is amazing about them is that they use 92% Organic Ingredients. Organic perfume sounds fancy eh? This means that these do not contain a high level of Synthetic Molecules, Petrochemical by-products and Toxic Chemicals that are known to cause irritation and allergies. So those easily prone to allergies, here's a thumbs up for you!

Another interesting fact about these fragrances is that 'each ingredient is steam-distilled or cold-extracted from organically harvested flower blossoms and ripe fruits so what you smell is the 'real' plant or flower essences, not a synthesized version.'

This obviously has a slight downside to it meaning that the lack of chemical nasties means that the fragrance does not last for more than 3 hours. But frankly speaking, I've had this problem with other non-organic high-end brands too, so why blame this? 

This particular discovery set comes with 5 fragrances namely,

- Wild Berries
- Wheat Almond
- White Orchid
- Amber Vanilla and
- Rose

If you know me, then you'd know I like my typical soft and sweet floral fragrances hence Amber Vanilla and Rose being my favourite of the lot. 

The Aucorelle Eau De Parum Discovery Set retails for £9.99, which is a modest amount for 6 x 2ml trial size vials. Great if you want to decide which one you'd want to splurge on in full size. Also, these vials do last long to be honest so don't underestimate these little babies. 


Who's the peachiest of them all...

I am in love with the two seriously gorgeous lippies I got yesterday at the National Beauty Blogging Event. I don't really have a tonne of such shades in my collection, so I was pleasantly surprised looking at these babies.

Peach, although seen as a bit radical and hard to pull off, is a colour that will suit almost every skin tone without looking harsh to be honest. It depends on finding out which shades of peach suit you and which drain you out.

I have below a RMK Lip Crayon in Coral Beige(£16) which I believe is a part of their latest Spring Collection. If you haven't had a look at that, then please do as its so colourful and fresh and definitely worth a swatch.

Competing with RMK, we have ArtDeco's Smooth Touch Lipstick in Passion. I have only tried out a Mascara from them before which I loved so I had high hopes with the lippy too.

They are both in the Peach family as you can see but obviously they have different undertones to them which makes them completely different on application. ArtDeco's Passion has a slight reddish undertone to it, whereas RMK's Coral Beige definitely has a lot of yellow going on.

Both of them are however in the warm/neutral family.

They have a lovely glossy finish hence are pretty moisturising and don't emphasise the cracks in the lips or any dry area's whatsoever. Of course they will slip around the lip area a little due to their silky texture. ArtDeco's Passion is however much more pigmented than the RMK one for sure but both are quite buildable, so I don't quite mind that. 

I decided to try on both of these lippies with a warm spring inspired look. I kept the eyes simple with an all over shimmery beige eye shadow and a tonne of mascara and warmed up the cheeks with Senna's Face Colour in Hue.

Below I am wearing ArtDeco's Passion. It's quite a dark peachy terracotta - hard to pull off in the day for me. Would be a stunning evening colour though! It has a slight reflective sheen to it, kinda metallic looking which I believe will suit the mature ladies much more. 

And now of course, RMK's Coral Beige. To be honest, it is exactly how the shade name describes it - a coral beige. A dash of beige/yellow popped into this peach makes it extremely wearable during the day. It a stunning nude-beige which suits my skin tone much more in my opinion. Worth a try!

Have you tried anything from ArtDeco or RMK? RMK has a gorgeous Spring Collection that you can check out at Selfridges and ArtDeco's Mineral Blushers were just like Chanels! 

p.s I am only wearing MAC Face & Body Foundation, Select Cover Concealer and Rimmels Stay Matte Powder in the pics above. I have no idea why I look painted!