Liz Earle Springtime Must-haves

Two fabulous offers I found whilst rummaging through the Liz Earle website and felt an urgent need to share. 

In this offer below, you get 2 Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 1 Instant Boost Skin Tonic, 2 Muslin Cloths, a Moisturizer of your choice and a cute little bag perfect to keep your skincare goodies safe. 

Now I have used the Cleanser before and its great for everyday use. It's a bit of a hit or a miss with different people but I love it. The Skin Tonic is a gorgeous smelling Toner too. As for the moisturizers, you can choose which one you want in this kit to suit your skin type. All this for £41 is a steal!

However, If you're not someone who's blessed with normal skin, then the set below would be more appropriate for you. It's the one targeted towards problem skin and contains a Gentle Face Exfoliator, a Deep Cleansing Mask, a Spot-on Roller Ball Treatment for pimples and blemishes and a headband. All this for a total of £20.65 is ridiculously cheap!

My favourite from below is the Deep Cleansing Face Mask which is fantastic for when you anticipate a breakout or even to spot-treat pimples overnight. This entire kit would be like your best friend when your dealing with spots, acne, pimples or any type of problem skin.

I think I might just splurge on this as I have run out of the exfoliator, I would not mind a back up of the mask and the spot on treatment seems rather intriguing.



The 1 Minute Smoky Eye - Take 3

I thought I should dedicate the last segment of the Smoky Eye series to my colour-shy readers and I know they exist in tonnes!  So here you go guys.

Don't be afraid when you hear the word 'Smoky' because it does not always have to mean blackened eyes. It depends on how you interpret the word really. I think it originated from the texture that smoke usually creates, the grey-ish cloudy hue if you know what I mean. 

So you can apply it to any colours you're using, not just black. Just make sure that the look is 'smoked out' from the edges and has some element of silver, grey, blue or black to it. 

I decided to use my Living Nature Eye shadow Duo in Clouds for this natural smoked out look. I adore this palette as the colours in here are divine. It comes with a stunning shimmery pale silvery-blue and a silky matte charcoal colour. A perfect combination for a palette named 'Clouds'. 

The colours are easy to wear for those of you of are colour-shy as the shades are not offensive or in-your-face. Also, there is no obvious blue-silver hint in these shadows which makes them easy to wear during the day. 

Apply the pale silvery-blue colour all over the lids, keeping the colour below the crease. Apply the charcoal colour in the crease of the eye socket to give some definition. Simple! What this will give you is a perfectly wearable smoky eye.

These colours really brighten up any look as opposed to other blue-silver shadows that usually wash me out. They have such a Kim K feel to them! I swear she does not leave the house without such colours on her eyes.

I intensified the look just a tiny bit down here as that's how I would like to wear it during the day. I just extended a bit of that shimmery colour in the inner corners of the eyes, deepened the crease colour and added a white kohl pencil to the waterline. Oh yes, I like myself a bit of colour on the lower lash line too. 

Hope you girlies enjoyed the Smoky Eye series. If you have any suggestions for posts like these or any look request then let me know below.

Living Nature Eye Shadow Duo  from www.mypure.co.uk


Pure Bliss...

I have been trying out some new products from Bliss recently and wanted to update you guys on that. If I'm not wrong, Bliss have their own spa's and I've seen their products retail on counters in Debenhams. However if you're an obsessive online shopper like me you can go ahead and get these products from their website.

I have their Fabulous Face Lotion(£25) and their Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream(£24). On first glance, I did not like the packaging as face products that come in tubes like these usually finish up very quickly. However, don't judge them by size as they come jam packed with a lot of product and you really only need a tiny bit.

The Fabulous Face Lotion contains an SPF of 15 and come with a PA++ rating meaning its clinically proven to protect against age inducing sun rays. It also comes along with the usual vitamins and anti oxidants which are great for nourishing the skin.

The texture of this is a bit thick but it absorbs in to the skin in a minute and give a luminous finish. It dries almost matte though, so you don't get any greasy residue. It suited my combination-sensitive skin pretty well and did cause it to break out which I am pleased about. It's not overtly moisturising though and I still need an eye cream and some extra hydration on dry places around my nose for instance. 

Overall, this is a perfect contender for the coming summer as its light, protects against sun damage and gives a lovely sheen. 

The Fabulous Eye Cream comes with Vitamin E and grape seed oil and is supposed to defeat dark circles and brighten the under eye area. I did not feel it did anything for my dark circles to be honest as they are genetic and concealer is all that can help them.

Otherwise the cream was pretty decent at lightly moisturizing the area and the effects stayed for long which I liked. It also made it easier for my concealer to glide on. 

Overall, its not bad but it's not something I'm a fan off. I think I really like the Face Lotion instead.

I have no idea how this scary just-woken-up side shot will help in giving an indication but over the weeks I noticed how the face cream helped clear my skin. Me likey!

I also love how smoothly my foundation glides on the face cream and gives the make-up a radiant finish. Just a shot after applying make-up on these products.