Michael Kors Very Hollywood Perfume Rollerball

Michael Kors have recently come out with a rollerball perfume duo that contains the very popular 'Very Hollywood' on one side and a 'Michael' by Michael Kors Original EDP on the other. 

The pink and clear combination on the two sides with gold in the middle is just so classic. Love the packaging, its effortlessly chic. Resembles a lip gloss to quite an extent no?

Very Hollywood is my favourite. It's quite fruity when you initially apply it and I can immediately sniff the berries and the mandarin coming through. After a while however, you start to smell the floral touch coming in. It's considerably a light scent and more suitable towards the younger crowd in my opinion. It gradually dries to a very earthy finish when you occasionally can smell the floral hints at times.

Michael by Michael Kors on the other hand is totally the opposite to the above. It's mostly woody and musky and slightly creamy and floraly. It is not a smell that you can pass by and ignore. This baby is an attention seeker in my opinion and can guarantee on being asked 'What is that you're wearing?'. If you're into strong feminine perfumes, then this would be you're friend for a romantic date ladies. A sniff of this in the store is highly recommended!  

Overall, I quite like the concept of a perfume roll on. I've had a few in the past but none so exotic smelling as this one. As the full sized version of these would surely break a bank, this would be perfect as a trial version on to deciding which of the two you'd want to splurge on. 

This is available from all Michael Kors boutiques for £20 in case you're wondering. They also have a fragranced pen and a rollerball and lip gloss duo in this range, so check that out if you're near a store. 


Airy Fairy

Am I bombarding you guys with EOTD's? I hope not!

I am a tiny bit relaxed this term hence the time for more looks. 

In anticipation of the much awaited Summer, I thought of opting for pastels. Now, you would usually want to line your eyes real good when wearing pastels to avoid an alien-eye effect, however as the colours I'm wearing have a natural sheen to them, they don't fall very flat and can get away without a liner in my opinion. 

I wanted to keep it uncomplicated and quite natural looking. With natural, I don't mean people to believe that you have a natural green-purple shadow on your lids. You know what I meant by natural here right?

I filled in the brows very lightly as otherwise they would clash with the look ridiculously! Ignore the glitter trapped in the brow hairs please *shudders*, I did most of the look with the aid of fingers... again... hence the slight mess.

And in case you're wondering, I used these two precious babies from Famous by Sue Moxley below to create the look. 

You can of course tone down the look and end it just below the crease to make it even more wearable but I usually extend it to the browbone as I have a huge eye lid area and can get away with it.

The golden green is pretty but dupable in my opinion. It's not as pigmented as the others I've tried from the range. Nevertheless, looks gorgeous on application. I would recommend checking out the purple one though, as it has two gorgeous shades in there. 

For a high street cosmetic brand, these are dirt cheap! In You can find these at Superdrug


♥Weekly Favourites♥ Max Factor, Accessorize...

Hope you're having a lovely week ladies! Mine has been quite hectic to be honest. I just tend to get tired very easily for some reason. But now that I've gone back to Pilates with a lot of inspiration from Lil Miss.Rosh, I'm hoping to feel all energised soon.

Back to Beauty and all things vain, I've been religiously using these eye curlers by Max Factor(£8). Now, I have a natural curl in the lashes anyway so I don't quite mind missing out this step every morning. But also the fact that most lash curlers end up pinching my eye lids is something that makes me reluctant to using them. 

But these are great. They curl within a few seconds, have a scissor like handle for better control and have that perfect shape that fits almost all eyelashes. They look pretty sleek too in their matte black design. The drugstore Shu Uemura's I call them. 

I've also been digging into these two Accessorize Nail Varnishes(£4) lately. I have a gorgeous classic red and a neutral wearable taupe from their collection. I say they beat beat Barry M quality wise. They are much more workable, dry within seconds and are pretty chip resistant for a few days. 

I have come across this beauty from First Light Cosmetics(£7.99) and its seriously drool-worthy ladies. It is this gorgeous dewy tawny-rose colour called Haboob, which is categorized in the Bronzer category on the brands website. Well, I can see why as it can be used as both but not at the same time of course as otherwise you'll defy the purpose. Use it just below the cheekbones to contour or on the apple of the cheeks for that just-jogged flush. 

A huge pot it is that you will never need to repurchase in my opinion! Reminds me of Benefits Dallas or Throb to an extent. 

And now that we are talking about Bronzers, the Bronzing Block(£7) from Accessorize comes prettily boxed in a Benefit-inspired packaging and is a mix of two lovely subtle shades. It reminds me of MAC sculpting powders to quite an extent but for dummies. Why for dummies? Because you can't go wrong with this one. It will let you highlight and contour without two obvious beige and brown streaks. Plus, the finish is just right without being too matte or shimmer. 

I call it Sun kissed ♥

This is for all you ladies who just cannot let go of a heavy hand with bronzing products. This one will save you in the coming summer even if you wish to paint your body with it (not literally!).

What have you been loving this week?


Davina Peace Body Oil - Luxurious, Organic & Eco-friendly

'Enriching, Protecting and Anti-Ageing' are the words that are used to describe the Body Oil(£45) by Davina Peace. Its a Luxury brand that uses Organic ingredients at the same time which I find truly amazing. 

At one hand, the products look and feel so luxurious but I was surprised to find that the company uses recyclable glass for its bottles and recyclable cardboard for its outer packaging. 

Moreover, Davina prefers to use an organic alternative to silicone namely 'Crambe oil' to make sure her products remains eco-friendly and au naturale

The oil lightly moisturises without any nasty clogging of pores or breakout. Its quite light in consistency and gets easily absorbed without leaving any nasty residue or shine. I guess this would be due to the fact that carefully selected ingredients have been used in its making. 

I would not say that it is heavily scented but the Sweet Orange Oil and the Vanilla Extract do seem to linger on for a while which I quite like. These fragrances are sweet and warm and are said to have comforting and uplifting effects emotionally. I particularly like to apply such products immediately after a shower as that's when skin absorbs it best and the effects stay for longer. 

The packaging of the products deserve a mention too. They don't scream 'luxury' is what I am impressed with. It's kept clean and to the point with a clear class bottle and a screw top lid. 

Davina has a few other products in her Body Care range and some lush looking candles which I think would be perfect for Mothers Day. Her Skin Care range will be launching soon too which I am pretty excited for. 


The 1 Minute Smoky Eye - Take 2

So here's take two on the 1 Minute Smoky Eye series as promised chickas and this time, it's every simpler.

- Take a sticky black base and apply all over the lid area for a nice dark canvas
- Take an earthy eye shadow and apply it heavily above the crease blending it till the brow bone
- Take a black eye shadow and place it all over the lids blending it in the crease 
- Blend any harsh edges with a beige/peach shadow
- Finish off by placing some of the black and the earthy brown shadow on the lower lash line

and you should have something like this...

You likey? I really love this look. It looks a bit full on but it has this element of simplicity that avoids it from being called 'drag' making it easily wearable. Plus, all you need is two eye shadows for this look and neatness is something it does not demand hence making it achievable in a minute. 

This is something that would look awesome on hooded eyes too and would not look as dramatic as it looks on mine. 

In case you're wondering, here's a list of products I used.

- MAC Blacktrack Fluidline as a black base
- Black Eyeshadow from the Sleek Palette
- MAC Texture and Tete-a-Tint Eye shadow's to blend

I really liked a recent look that Lisa Eldridge did for a magazine. She created this greasy looking black eye which I adore, so I tried to replicate it below on the same look.

I just added a bit of clear lip gloss on the lid area and DAMN, it looks so glamorous in my opinion. Would surely steal attention but I'd reserve it for evenings or night outs. 

I will be posting a softer day version of the 1 Minute series in a few days so do check back girls!