Be it Rain or Shine...or gusts of wind!

Aveda's Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother(£18) claims to defend against humidity for 12 hours and has been helping my hair stay in control especially in this extremely absurd climate, when its sunny in the morning, pouring heavily at noon, finishing off with strong gusts of wind in the evening.

Let alone make-up which one can touch-up, just imagine the state of  hair at the end of such a day. I have naturally wavy, slightly frizzy hair and I like to leave it how it is with a usual coat of serum. And I have to admit, this little heaven in a bottle has been working wonders to tame my mane.

My hair loved the product when I first applied it,  I could tell they were doing a little happy dance.  I got out of the shower, put two squirts of this serum starting from the ends to roots and after a few minutes, the result was super smooth and baby soft hair. 

No tangles, no frizz, no stray hairs, no weighing down. Just plainly gorgeous hair, get it? I have never felt my hair feel so lovely hence quite impressed. 

You are meant to use this on damp hair however I find it too addictive not to use on dry hair. Having said that, its effects last until you wash you hair, so really you don't have to bother about reapplying it everyday. But I still do because I like to overdo things you see. If the instructions say DON'T, I always will! 

Also, it does not interfere with the volume of my hair at all in my opinion. It still allows me to do my regular back comb or whatever else I might do for volume in the crown area, without any weighing down of hair what so ever. 

It deserves to be mentioned that it does not leave the hair artificially shiny or 'oily' looking like other drug store serums that you may have come across. It just imparts a healthy sheen, as if my hair is naturally like that. It has a pretty fresh and a citrusy smell to it which is pretty non-offensive. 

Not to forget, it protects against heated tools too. Battles heat and humidity? This seems like a must-have for the summer or for countries like India and UAE with hot & humid climate. So to my peeps from the sunny side, try and get hold of this if you can. 


A Valentine scandal...

I know you have already been bombarded with lots of information about Sleek's Stiletto Collection for Valentines, so I'll keep it simple for you guys. 

I have a Blush from the collection called Scandalous. Now keep calm ladies, keep calm. I know its red but trust me its workable. It looks frightening in the pan but on application is a translucent red that mimics a natural flush. 

Can you see the translucent finish once blended?

Avoid this if you
- are pasty white
- have a lot of pink undertone
- have naturally flushed cheeks
- don't have a stippling brush

Now I personally LOVE it to bits, as I know I will never ever be able to find such a colour for the price EVER. 

Rumours say that it's a dupe for Nars Exibit Blush but with less orange to it and I think no different too. What say?

I also have the scrumptious Pout Polish from the collection in Scandal. This one is not as scary as the blusher as it has some pink in it = easily wearable.

In short, it puts MAC's tinted lip conditioners to shame. Its hydrating, its long wearing and its got the pigmentation of a lipstick. 

And an FOTD to show you that these products can actually be worn you know...

Both the products are limited edition and will be available till 16th of February. I would get both the products but If I had to choose one, it would be the blusher. How often do you come across a red blush eh?

You can buy these from sleekmakeup.com and Superdrug.


Boots No 7 Exquisite Curl Mascara

Did you know Boots have recently come out with a new mascara? Well, I'm a fan of No7 products as you already know so I was pretty excited to try out this baby!

It comes in a unusual pearly lilac packaging. Quite a relief from the otherwise boring or obnoxiously packaged drugstore mascaras.

Now because the Mascara is advertised specifically for 'curling', it comes with a slightly curved wand. I like to use the slightly protruding side so that way it gives a nice lift to the lashes, helping it curl them easily. I guess you can use it the other way round too and it will work just as fine!

The wand is quite small in size which I really like as it does not end up making a mess on the eye lids and instead helps do a neat job in a jiffy. I just cannot handle huge mascara wands! You can easily get away with using the wand on the lower lashes too. 

No you don't need Clinique's new mascara for coating the lower lashes!

Overall, I quite like the effect. It's NOT going to give you spidery, spiky, huge in-your-face lashes. I like them too but only sometimes.

It gives me neat and tidy separated lashes with the right amount of lift and volume. Perfect for everyday when you don't want to scare distract people with your super huge lashes. The formula here is clearly a winner and is literally clump-free.

Can you see how it looks like I'm wearing a individual lashes? It gives that slightly wispy feathery effect too.

It's currently offered for £10 by Boots as an introductory offer.

Boots are running to promote their new No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara where ladies across the UK can win a pampering weekend in London amongst other goodies. All entrants need to do is upload a video or photo of themselves showing off their most beautiful wink at the camera.

Just join No 7's Facebook page and upload your 'wink' to enter the competition.



Tommyguns - Hair Heroes!

Tommyguns is a Salon Hair Care brand and makes products suitable for different hair types. I recently tried out their Jasmine & Wild Nettle Shampoo and Jasmine, Wild Nettle & Sweet Almond Conditioner.

This duo particularly is for undernourished dry coloured hair and as a majority of us suffer from dry hair either due to indoor heating or heat tools, this duo is a generic one that everyone should opt for in my opinion. 

Whenever I see a new range of haircare, the first question that comes to my mind is how is it different from the rest? Surely there should be something that can allow us to differentiate it from the others. 

For Tommyguns, it is their use of active ingredients such as Nettle, Burdock, Pomegranate, Sage and Basil in their products and the distinctive aroma of their products that adds that signature effect. The Shampoo smells so delicious that I've got my dad hooked to it and he prefers nothing but natural stuff, so here you go guys - something that you can steal from a girl's shower!

Overall, I've noticed that the shampoo helps keep my hair texture balanced - not too dry, just that perfect flowy texture. As if its naturally like that. It separates every single hair strand, literally, consequently increasing the volume of hair after wash. I can even get away by using the shampoo on its own and my hair will not feel parched which is quite brilliant and time saving to be honest. 

The conditioner is almost like a light cream texture, not thick at all. What this does is that it allows the conditioner to be absorbed into the hair quicker and you cannot feel any residue at all after a few seconds. I like how my hair drinks it up because it gives me the illusion that the product is actually working. 

My hair ends up feeling super soft and flowy without the use of any hair serum afterwards which is freaking amazing. The best hair care products that I've tried for the price genuinely!

You can get the Shampoo and Conditioner for £5.50 each at Waitrose, John Lewis and Tommyguns website.