The 1 Minute Smoky Eye - Take 1

No matter how common it gets, I love pulling off a smoky eye! It's a classic and never really goes out of fashion. 

I am still a bit reluctant to wear it during day time as I usually prefer a light base whereas a smoky eye with a light base is a bit no-no in my opinion. Well, for Asian skin at least, as we tend to have dark circles and dark eyes will emphasize that. Hence I reserve it for when the sunlight fades and I can get away with a heavier base and a dark eye. 

I think things should be simple when it comes to creating such a look. You will find a gazillion tutorials on You Tube to create THE smoky eye, however one is unlikely to remember that or reproduce it when needed, either due to its complexity or the time it occupies. 

Hence why not keep it simple enough so you can actually wear it eh? 

I created the look below using only one eye shadow. You heard me right, a single eye shadow only. I used a baked eye shadow which had grey and silver swirled in it. I used the sparkly silver for the brow bone and the grey for the rest of the eye. I just added some extra grey shadow on the crease to give the look some dimension. 

The best thing about this shadow is how it looks so different in different lighting, don't you think? And this is just a minutes work girls, so you don't need to sit all day in front of the mirror trying to blend :)

I used Famous by Sue Moxley Merged Eye shadow(retails for under a fiver!) in Shade 6 for this look. It is the most gorgeous baked shadow that I've ever come across till date. It's super pigmented and best applied with fingers. It has three colours swirled in namely a cloudy grey, a dark grey and a super sparkly silver. 

So next time you're at Superdrug, don't forget to swatch this baby and I'm sure you'll end up buying some of these pots!

I will be doing two other parts for the 'The 1 Minute Smoky Eye' series so keep your eyes peeled lovely ladies.


Elf Brush Cleanser: For mental satisfaction only

I have no idea why I bought this! For some bizarre reason, I was hoping this bottle worth £3.50 would miraculously cleanse my brushes between washes. But then again, Surgical Spirit does the job for less, so I don't think I was asking for a lot. 

Bear in mind this is not a brush shampoo, it is merely meant to 'clean' the brushes between washes. Now I agree to being a bit lazy when it comes to giving my brushes a good old shower. Maybe once in two weeks *gross, I know* So I thought this would work well as a middle alternative to keep my brushes in a slightly sanitary condition.

Unfortunately, this does not work AT ALL for me! I mean it dries pretty quickly when sprayed on brushes but the bottle instructs to let the brushes dry for longer before using them again, so I assume I am not meant to use the brushes immediately after use which totally defies the purpose of the product. 

Not to forget, it takes an outrageous 4-5 sprays on every single brush (mostly covering the brush handle rather than the bristles!) before it decides to remove a speck of make-up on a paper towel, whilst I excitedly wait for the 'experiment' to work out. 

It's quite hopeless with eye shadow brushes to be honest as they are usually soaked with colour. It however works moderately well with concealer and foundation brushes or as the title says, maybe its just for my mental satisfaction of 'sanitising' them that I still keep it on my dresser.

I know most of you would think, 'ELF is dirt cheap, so its okay' but I have tried out other products from the brand which have worked out great, so it's inappropriate to blame it on the price tag in my opinion.

I mean for the love of God, MAC's Brush Cleanser is only a fiver away from ELF's price, so please invest in that if you ever plan to. I surely will. 


Valentine Favourites ♥

I don't get sick of everthing RED for Valentine's. In fact, I find it rather cute. Hence a few of my favourites for the V-day! 

Illamasqua has released a rather edgy collection called 'Throb' for Valentines and as usual it is stunning! My favourite from the collection is without doubt Nail Varnish (£13.50) in Throb and Load

The colours perfectly fit the theme. The Nail Varnishes transfer pretty similar to how they look in the bottle. 'Throb' a gorgeous blood red and one coat is all you need. It is pretty opaque and I love that about it. One of the most striking reds I've owned till date.

'Load' is a delicious vanilla beige, unlike any you may have ever come across. It's not nude, its not white, its not cream - it is a true vanilla colour! But just like any light nail varnishes, this is not opaque enough and needs 2-3 coats. I would still recommend it as the colour is super cute and will lighten up any nail-varnish-lover's day!

The colours are so pretty ain't they? Both of them a lovely glossy finish. Imagine a manicure using both these colours. A red nail with a vanilla tip or a vanilla nail with a red tip? We'll see ;)

Denman have come out with a uber cute Kiss Brush (£7.31). It is their Classic Styling brush but in a revamped design.  As usual, it comes with a anti-static rubber pad to combat any friction and frizz. These brushes seriously last a lifetime! If you've been wanting to get this, get it now as it looks prettier than usual and comes in three colour combinations.

I thought this gorgeous Lord & Berry Vogue Lipstick in China Red(£10) from ASOS.com would make a great contender for Valentines as it is a killer red. It has a mix of orange and pink undertones to it which makes it easy to pull off. Applies like silk without any dragging and dries to a dewy velvet finish to match the texture of the lips. It is dangerously pigmented and a swipe from the bullet will give you opaque lips.

Start with the centre of the lips covering only just a quarter with the lip colour and blend it to the rest of the lips. Always layer lip colour for longevity and don't forget to blot the first application with a tissue and some powder.

Inika Lip Whip in Cherry (£14.30) is unlike any lip gloss that I've tried before. Maybe it's not a lip gloss? It's neither a lip stick. Well, it is a 'lip whip' and I have to admit Inika have named it quite precisely. It is quite sheer and is perfect when I want a my-lips-but-better effect. The formulation is quite unique and I wish there were more lip glosses like this out there. 

The texture is heavenly and applies like butter on the lips. 'Sticky' is a word that comes no where near this baby. It is organic and halal and contains honey, beeswax, shea butter, rosehip, calendula and jojoba and not to forget, tastes so good that I end up eating it up from my lips most of the times. I can't help it, I really like honey!

I may do another post like this near Valentines as there are so many great products that come out during this time of the year. 

What's your take on Valentines day product promotions, marketing, advertising? Sickening or heart-warming?


Shimmer Bricks: Bobbi Brown vs Famous by Sue Moxley

Remember that craze we all had about Shimmer Bricks? Shimmer Waves.. Shimmer cubes.. and oh so weird names given to such similar products by a gazillion brands.

What are Shimmer Bricks? To me these are fool-proof cheek make-up. They give dimension to the cheeks, that rosey dewy glow and a lovely sheen on the cheekbones we all swear by. It removes the need for a separate bronzer and a highlighter? We like!

I recently tried out one called Famous by Sue Moxley. It's this brand you'll see in Superdrug but always pass by for some reason. I got the Shimmer Brick in Golden Rose. It is obviously shimmery as the name goes and has a stripes of gold, pinks and bronze and seriously speaking, it is the best I've come across after Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks.

How is it different from other gimmicky 'shimmer bricks'?
- It does not contain cheap chunky glitter, just a sheen
- It is very pigmented and gives an awesome glow!
- Does not enlarge pores
- Blends well so you won't see where the shimmer ends 

Now I have only owned BB's Shimmer Brick in Rose to which this is quite different in colour. This would be more similar to BB's Pink Quartz, very similar indeed...besides the packaging. 

I will not deny that I any day drool over BB's packaging, however considering that this is a quarter of the price of Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks, I am willing to oversee that and accept this in my train case wholeheartedly ♥ 

And to be honest, this is much more compact compared to how humongous Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks were to carry around. Now only if this would have a mirror, it would sleep next to me :) 

I like to use the stripes individually, using the bronze to contour, the medium pinks for the apples of the cheeks and the light pink for a highlight. 

I say this is the best I've ever tried after Bobbi Browns Shimmer Bricks is because it replicates exactly the same effect for around £7! So that way I can try out other shades in the range without breaking the bank.

If used sparingly, shimmer can make you appear glowing from within and can look much less obvious than usual blusher. I suggest using a precise brush for application so you don't get it all over your face. 

I have some stunning eye shadows from this range to show you guys, so keep your eyes peeled!