A'kin Radiance Serum

Well besides the peek-a-boo sunlight we get here, it is still winter here in the UK ladies, yes 'winter' has been going on here since October and does not seem to want to end any soon! Hence my skin is starting to act a bit weird to the point that it gets used to a particular moisturiser very often and then does not seem to react to it. Thus the need to indulge in skin quencher's like this quite often.

Introducing, A'kin Cellular Radiance Serum. A'kin is an Australian brand launched in 2002 and bought to the UK in 2004. It is against animal testing, is certified vegan and halal. It is free from any sulfates, ethoxylates, parabens, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA and artificial colours. 

What does it mean? In simple terms it means that its products are kind to sensitive skin and will prevent it from breaking out as compared to other skincare products that contain these ingredients. 

The serum has anti-ageing properties and is meant to be used under a moisturiser to give your face the glow it deserves. It's meant to even out skin tone and make the face radiant looking and revitalised and it does that damn well I have to say.

Unlike some drug store face oils I've tried, this one does not break me out. I have tried Bio-Oil from boots before and my skin did not like it at all, so I was a bit sceptical whilst trying this out. Now I have combination-sensitive skin, meaning that it reacts to almost everything, but funnily enough it seems to drink this up. 

It comes with a dropper-like applicator which is perfect for dispensing 3-4 drops which is what I would recommend using for face oils. You are meant to use this under a moisturiser but I use this alone as a night treatment and it seems to be enough to hydrate my skin. 

It has a pretty light consistency where it immediately gets absorbed into the skin without leaving any greasy residue. Just make sure you work such products into the skin with a mini-massage to prevent them from simply sitting on the top layer. 

So if you're looking for a face serum/oil to even out your skin tone, provide a natural glow and quench your dry-combination skin WITHOUT breaking it out, then this is the product for you!

It is a bit pricey at £25.99 for 23ml but it gives me velvet-like skin and I can see it working wonders on slightly mature skin, hence this is already on my list of purchases for Mother's Day!



I see sunlight... Bring on some colour!

In London, a ray of sunlight is enough to get us all excited for the summer. Well because hope for sunlight is all we live on, the sun never really shows up you see. 

So I popped out some bright colours to suit a sunny day. My two favourites are Cobalt Sea(£5.99) and Midnight Mauve(£5.99) by First Light Cosmetics. These are both 100% mineral powder eye shadows but are special as they are the most pigmented ones I've tried out from the 'mineral market' out there. 

You know the perception we have that one will have to compromise with pigmentation if the products are mineral based, is so not true with these babies. 

Midnight Mauve is a darkened Cadbury Purple. You have to possess AT LEAST one gorgeous purple in your kit, its not me, it's what the rules of the Universe say. If you want something that gives you colour yet is easy to blend, then this is for you. It's very soft and silky but you will need a base to make sure it 'pops'. 

Cobalt Sea is a colour that cannot be replicated and one which is quite unique in my collection. It is a light yet bright aqua blue with a slight hint of green shining through it. A wash of this all over the lids with a winged out liner will give you that fresh summery feel without looking OTT. 

Below I used Cobalt sea all over the lids along with lining the lower lash line with some Midnight Mauve. I think the combination looks great! 

Considering that you get a lot of product for the price you pay, these are totally worth a try! The shadows are quite silky and easy to blend and the pigmentation is great as you can see.

I am eyeing some gorgeous neutrals they have in their range, as a girl can never have too many taupe eye shadows eh? :p



I ♥ Glitter! + GIVEAWAY!

Why is Glitter such a taboo still and almost always referred to in a negative manner? Why can only teenage girls or drag queens pull it off? It is completely out of my understanding to be honest. I personally LOVE Glitter and I think one cannot get any more feminine that this. 

Now I know it's not something you would sport on a daily basis or whilst doing a presentation in an office. But use it in moderation on the upper and lower lash line and it will immediately make your eyes sparkle! 

I have quite a few glitter products that I enjoyed using last year, but this is my absolutely favourite and one that I trust using hence here it is. 

It's by Lit Cosmetics. I have tried out their 3 Stack Lit Kit ($69.95) which comes with three stackable glitter pots, a glitter base and a few brushes. 

Beach baby is this gorgeous champagne colour. You cannot go wrong with a neutral shimmery colour now can you?

Pretty in Pink is the most adorable rosey pink glitter I've tried till date! I don't like using this as a base colour as I have a lot of space on the lids and it ends up looking like I have a swollen eye. I like to use this as a pop of colour by using it as a liner. Basically use pink glitter in moderation unless you have hooded eyes. 

Twisted sistah is a gorgeous cadbury purple. This one is a must-have! It is a stunner and you can actually get away wearing this on the entire eye area. 

I have no idea how I would have used this glitter if it would not have been for the Glitter Base. Basically this is used to foil the glitter pigment and then apply it to the lids. It works as a glue/primer and makes sure there is no fall off and the glitter stays on all day. 

Below are how the colours look. Twisted Sistah, Beach Baby and Pretty in Pink

They give MAC Pigments a run for their money in my opinion as they are seriously much more striking as compared to them. They look dramatic and have this 3-d feel to them. 

Having said that, the glitter itself is very small in size and finely milled. You can actually see every glitter particle separate from one another. It has no fall off what so ever and surprisingly comes off in a single swipe of a wet wipe!

Because the glitter base glues the glitter pigments to the eye lids, you will feel a slight tightness on the eyelids for a little while, however the feeling disappears soon. 

Below I used two of my favourite glitters from Lit Cosmetics. This is how I would like to wear them for a photo shoot or editorial work.. I would tone it down slightly otherwise. This is just to show you how it looks full on. 

Tips to wear glitter:

- Don't overdo it, keep it simple - mono-coloured lids rock!
- Wear it as a liner on the lower or the upper lash line
- Add tonnes of carbon black mascara to avoid alien eyes
- Reserve the look for night outs, parties, photo shoots etc
- Do your eyes first and then your foundation

I have a Mini Lit Kit (worth $35.95) to give away to you guys because of how sweet you all are! ♥

It contains:
- Glitter pot in Beach Baby
- 2 mini brushes
- 30ml Clear Glitter Base
- Sparkle duster (removes stray glitter)

To enter, simply comment below with your email address.  Giveaway will end on 11:59 GMT on 30th January. So you have till this Sunday to enter. Winners will be announced next week. 

UK Only (Sorry!) 


How to wear pink

I wanted to show you some new goodies I had from Accessorize, but it's kinda boring to ramble about it without any actual meaning to the topic, don't you think? Hence I thought I'll show you how to wear pink eye shadow using one of the baked duos from their range.

I have two eye shadow duo's from their range, both of them I am loving as of now. However, I am liking the pink eye shadow duo much much more. Now I did not expect that, seeing how light and frosty it looks in the pan. But the credit of course goes to Accessorize for its superb formulation.

Presenting, Rendezvous and High Maintenance.

High Maintenance is a neutral combination that every girl should possess in her make-up kit. The gorgeous champagne colour can be used as a light wash of colour during the day and the smokey taupe could be added in the outer corners for some definition to the eyes. A pop of this on the lower lash line looks great too!

Rendezvous contains a frosty peach and a pink, both pretty light and pastel shades. I wish they would look a bit different though as you can't quite notice the difference between them once applied.

Having said that, they have good colour pay off but not one that screams look-I-am-wearing-eye shadow! They have this 3-d sheen to them which makes them subtle yet noticeable at the same time. They somehow have the ability to give the eyes some dimension.

Hence, this is my favourite duo whenever I want to wear something pink and girly on the eyes. Because it is slightly frosty, it avoids the eye area from looking flat and unreal. This is something you want to avoid when you opt to wear pastels. 

I like to wear it with a clean crisp black liner and a tonne of mascara. 

If you find that too plain Jane, then add some taupe-y colour in the socket to give some dimension to the eyes. A pop of a sparkly neutral colour on the lower lash line looks absolutely flattering with pinks. I am using Kryolans Glitter Cream in Bronze here but you can use any glitter eyeliner for that pop of colour. 

Tips for wearing pink: 
- Use a frosty eye shadow
- Keep it simple, neat and crisp!
- Strong brows will provide a good frame
- Add tonnes of Mascara
- A pop of colour on the lash line won't hurt

How do you wear pink? Have you tried any eye shadows from Accessorize?

p.s. The baked duo in Rendezvous is currently for £2 on Accessorize website. It's a steal for that price!