Back to basics: Red and Blue

We're back to basics for today girls. Red and Blue. These are classic colours and you HAVE to have at least one shade of these colours in your vanity.

A red you can always fall back on for occasions, night out or for anything chic or elegant. Whereas blue being completely the opposite can be associated with vibrancy and fun and is perfect for a lunch with the girls or a shopping spree. No, not when you're out with a guy. They don't get why you would want to paint your nails BLUE!

I have a tonne of reds and a few blues but I have a few new additions to the family to show you today that I adore. 

Models Own Garnet and Prussian Blue which are one of their new shades. 

These are exactly how they look in the bottle and transfer almost exactly the same! Reminds me of the basic colours we used for painting in school. But at the same time these are fun to work with.

The deep red here is very similar being blood red but with a warmth to it. It is definitely on the warmer side and is lovely to wear. It's not a scary bright red at all!

The blue here is however my favourite. It's a very unique true blue which is so difficult to find in my opinion. It resembles the colour of my denims to some extent. I love how opaque its formula is and one coat is all you need. If you usually find blue's hard to carry off, then this is the shade for you.

Both the varnishes semi-matte in finish, neither too glossy nor too matte. They are pretty chip resistant and last two days without any chipping or fading. However, I am absolutely addicted to their 3 in 1 base coat, top coat and gloss and as the name goes it does all the three things pretty ingeniously. 

My nail polish wear is extended to a few more days if I apply this before and after applying any nail varnish. I get very frustrated if my nail paint chips or fades, so you can imagine how much I love this product. A completely underrated product. MUST-HAVE

Have you tried any thing from Models Own? Any shades you particularly recommend?


What you MUST try in 2011 - Aussie Haircare

I don't why but there are still SO many people I know who either have not heard about Aussie or have not yet tried it out. I mean it's quality haircare, has so much variety to suit almost any hair type and its price ranges from £3-6 which I believe is reasonable. So why the reluctance?

The Australian brand topped my list in haircare products in 2010.

I started off with being obsessed with its '3 minute miracle', which although smells rather funky, works miraculously at deep conditioning hair within minutes. This is their must-have product regardless of what hair type you have and is definitely worth a try, even if you want to combine it with your other hair care range. 

I have also tried out their 'Miracle Moist' products which are great if you want to give you hair that extra hydration during the winter when it is likely to get dried out very often. Plus, they never hair my weigh down how much ever of it I use. 

However my favourite range from them has to be their 'Take the Heat' range without doubt! It is something I will keep repurchasing till the end of time. You see, its so generic that anyone can use it. As there will be hardly any of us girls who don't apply heat to our hair. 

Now, I know there are quite a few similar products regarding heat protection in the market and trust me I've tried them all. But Aussie works best for me when its comes to keeping hair safe from the sizzling heat.

My favourite products are the Take The Heat Cream and Take The Heat Leave-in Spray. I use the cream on damp hair and the spray on dry hair before and after applying heat. It also gives my hair this mirror like shine somehow which I absolutely love about it!

Again, the only problem with them is the funky smell. My sister describes the bath smelling of 'heat' after using these products. However bizarre does that sound!

and remember, just as Aussie says..

Just because you're scorching 

doesn't mean your hair should be! 

Available at Superdrug and Boots.