Weekly Favourites - Batiste, Liz Earle, Oskia and Aveda

I've been loving these gorgeous products throughout the week. I thought of doing this post slightly differently this time by choosing one favourite product that serves a different purpose.

For Hair: I have been relying on Batiste Brit quite a bit. It is the newest offering by the cult favourite brand. It's a dry shampoo but with a British essence to it. Quite a brilliant idea I would say, as we hardly see brands flagging up the British essence. It has a lovely smell which is terribly hard to explain in my opinion. Not too floral, not too fruity - just perfect. It smells so much like a perfume I've tried you know. I think this is my favourite Batiste from the entire range and under £3, this is what I'll be repurchasing from next time. 

I recently tried out the Boots version of dry shampoo as it was cheaper and I wanted to see if it would work better. It's oil absorbing effects were not as powerful or long-lasting as Batiste and unfortunately a failure. Batiste all the way baby!

For Body: The excessive heating, the unpredictable snow and the absolutely weird climate fluctuation in UK is getting to my nerves! No matter what how much cream I slather on to my body, it gets dried out in an hour or two. Hence I had to resort to my trusted brand Liz Earle. They make this gorgeous Body Lotion(£16.50) which contains 19 naturally active botanical ingredients to keep skin moisturised and supple. It's very different to other body creams I have. It has amazing staying power and makes my skin baby soft and hydrated

Also contains caffeine to tone and firm the skin. I don't know about tackling cellulite but it does give me super smooth skin. It smells heavenly of sweet orange oil and Eucalyptus. A must-have product for those with extremely dry skin. 

For Skin: I have no idea why this brand is so underrated? It deserves much more love that it currently gets. Whenever the skin on my face looks tired and dull, Oskia's Micro Exfoliating Balm(£46) is my saviour. After using this for 2 minutes, it feels like I've had a full fledged facial. It renews skin cells and because its moisturizing, it also replenishes the lipid barrier. Because of that, my skin does not feel tight or parched after use. It does not irritate my sensitive skin at all and gives me brand new skin!

Contains MSM, Zinc Glycine, Prebiotics, Omega 3, 6 & 9, Vitamin E, Rosehip, Kukui Nut, and Sweet Almond Oil.

Because its priced a bit heavily, I reserve it for especial occasions when my skin needs that extra oomph and glow. It has this lovely balm like texture that turns milky when in contact with water. It's a dream to use with its slightly herbal smell that it derives from rose, lychee and peppermint

For Face: After a good exfoliation session, I always rely on the all-sensitive range by Aveda. I have a moisturizer (£33) and cleanser(£16.50) from them. Both of them are dermatologist tested, paraben free and aroma free. I was breaking out a bit as I was using a very rich moisturiser due to winter. However as soon as I switched to this, my skin returned back to its normal self. The cream itself is very light and thin in consistency. I found that I needed to work this into my skin for a minute for it to absorb completely as otherwise it would just sit on the 

I did not expect much from a light moisturizer but it kept my skin hydrated for a whopping 8 hours! Something that hydrates enough and is suitable for sensitive skin is a miraculous product really. I also have its cleanser which works just as good as the moisturizer at removing make-up and any impurities. I love this for everyday cleansing, after I remove my make-up with a wet wipe. 

Both of them are fantastic for everyday use and I am so glad I found them, as it means I can enjoy clear skin for longer :)

Have you tried any of these products? What have you been enjoying this week?


What you MUST try in 2011 - Sleek Palettes

I thought it would be quite fun doing a series of must-try item for the new year. Blogging is all about recommendations and suggestions right? So what better than sharing with everyone what I enjoyed using the past year.

If you have tried out Sleek palettes then I'd love to know your thoughts about them. If you haven't then I urge you to ladies!

I know they have been talked about so much in blogosphere already that I do not need to introduce you to them, however they can still get away with a little more raving for sure.

They come with a gorgeous array of 12 colours packed in what I can describe as the 'sleekest' palette a drugstore can have till date. There is something so cute about their packaging that you'd just want to collect them for that! The shadows are so pigmented, they can put MAC and Nars to shame quite a few times you know.

If you are a high maintenance chic and would not even pop in to drugstores if it wasn't for cotton wool, then just keep your pretentious side aside for a while and pick one palette just for fun. I bet you won't regret and will secretly even enjoy them ;) They have tremendously improved their shadow texture from cheap metallic to a gorgeous sheen so you won't have anyone notice anything close to drugstore makeup.

And if you have been staying far away from these because the colours scream 'circus' to you, then just skip the Circus palette and try the rest. People are unaware but Sleek actually do some of the best neutral shades in town. Storm, Bad Girl and Safari would be just perfect!

If you want to have sneak peak of the brand, just click on 'Sleek' from the left side bar. I know they ain't available in quite a few countries and people don't get to try them out often but did you know they deliver internationally now too?

No, I am not raving about them for the sake of it. I really ♥ them!


p.s. It's exam time girlies hence the lack of posts :( Doing a Masters ain't a piece of cake then eh :/