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Bourjois Healthy Mix: Foundation vs Serum

In case you didn't know, I have been obsessed about Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation since the past few months. 

I have only and I mean ONLY used this, every single day since I bought it and it has never let me down till date. 

Even my beloved MAC Face & Body has been sitting in the hair brush cum foundation holder, on the verge of separating as it hasn't been used since ages. 

Healthy Mix is just plainly miraculous. Period. 

But then comes along, its sister from a hotter mother, all packaged to look even slender and prettier with the name 'Serum' attached to it, to keep in trend with the light-as-air BB creams I suppose and to leave the Healthy Mix Foundation fans drooling for more. 

Well so being the sheep that I am, I bought it. 

Well, everything about the 'Serum' is exactly the same as the 'Foundation' to be honest.

The shades, the texture and the consistency.

The only difference, if I scrutinise it, is that it sinks into the skin even better than the 'Foundation' and leaves an undetectable finish. However, this can only be seen if I touch my nose to the mirror for a detailed analysis you see.

Also, I feel the 'Serum' requires no powdering or setting at all and does not get as oily during the day. With the 'Foundation', I had to blot it once during mid day and powder it later in the evening.

Oh and I saw that the web does not have very amazing information regarding shades and all that, so just a little comparison of shade 53 with MAC's NC30 concealer to show you how exact they are. If you are lighter, opt for a shade lower than 53 and if you are darker, a shade higher than 53.

On the whole, both the versions of the Healthy Mix are flawless and this is coming from someone who has used, loved and thrown away a tonne of foundations in the past. 

Both are medium-buildable coverage, semi matte and undetectable in finish, suitable for all skin types, last all day without without budging, caking or smearing and have shades inclining towards yellow skin types. 

In short, GET IT NOW! 

BlushCrush said...

Thanks for such a great review, I really liked the original foundation but bought the wrong shade, so am interested in purchasing the serum in the right shade, especially where my skin is slightly oily x

Dragon Mommy said...

I love healthy mix foundation, it is the only foundation i have found that doesnt give me crusty patches or slide off my face through the day. I really want to try the serum, im waiting until my normal healthy mix foundation runs out then i shall buy it :-)

Holli x

Unknown said...

I've been heavily addicted to Chanel foundation but this post makes me want to try this foundation! The packaging is gorgeous :-)

Lorina ♥ said...

i love the healthy mix foundation , it really is amazing , i've just reviewed it on my blog , i can't wait to try the serum , thanks for the review

Steph said...

great shot and precise review. thanks for this. i dont use much high st foundations but I will consider this for my next drugstore foundation purchase.

tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

MaquiLab said...

I've tried both, and honestly - I hated the regular version. It sits like a mask on my skin, whereas the serum is so light and fresh.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder which one I should try first because the price here is not exactly as cheap as drugstore products :( Think Im gonna try the serum first XD Thank you for the review!


Unknown said...

wow something dt i need..!!! for how much?

Jane said...

Im defo going to buy this now thanks to your review. I didnt no whether to gt the original one or the serum, so i think i will try the serum.


Sara said...

YES!! I WILL get it now! Thanks for sharing! <3 xx

Imo said...

Ive heard mixed reviews about this foundation so have steered clear. Good to know which one is better though, I hate when Im faced with too many choices!

Amy said...

I love your brush holder!! xx

Lima said...

I know this post is old but I've been trawling the internet to find out which one of these is better. Naturally, came across your post on this.

I'm going to go ahead and buy the Serum one, aaaah, can't wait! Not bought a high street foundation in YEARS!


Tee said...


What is your shade in Face and Body? I'm a C4 in F&B and NC35 in other MAC products and was wondering what my shade would be for Bourjois?


Tee said...


What shade do you wear in MAC Face and Body?

I use C4 in F&B and nc35 in other MAC products and was wondering what would the best match in Bourjois foundations...


Sheefa F said...

Hi Tee

I wear C3 in MAC Face & Body and am NC30-35 in MAC Foundations which makes me shade 53 in Bourjois Foundations.

Hope this helps :)




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