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Once a classic, always a classic!

So lip and cheek stains were a hype when they were initially released, suffered a huge decline in the middle when people got over them but are back with a bang again due to their foolproofness (no it isn't a word!) and ease of use.

The truth is that no matter how innovative blushers become, these babies simply never go out of style!

Yes I have literally tried them in all variations and shades possibly available but have always come back to the standard reddish-plum one.

The newest addition to them is the one by The Body Shop. Now that they have been revamping their make-up lately, one automatically is driven to the rest of their offerings and if I am correct, they were the first to bring out a lip and cheek stain in the cosmetic market before Benefit starting 'tinting' their name all over the innovation.

How is it different to the ones in the market?

It's actually more of a gel consistency than a thin liquid which makes it much easier to apply and blend. It doesn't dry very quickly, giving one enough time to blend and avoids forming uneven stains. 

Also, it does not give you a very strong colour on the first application for those of you who like to go light on your blusher. I however like to build it by applying two layers for a lovely flush.

As for the colour, its more of a soft rose, than a plum-berry that others turn into. 

I am wearing it on my cheeks and lips below and love the natural, effortless look it imparts. It even looks great on bare skin, when you don't feel like slapping much on lazy days.

It's become my go-to product of choice in the past few weeks hence had to alert you guys regarding it. Most of all, it doesn't need much thought put into it and is a classic paired with crisp black liner.

What are your classic products that you always go back to?

TheCosmeticCrave said...

This looks lovely on your cheeks! I am a big fan of stains aswell. They look so natural and they are easy to work with too.


PeachesandBlush said...

Ooh i have this and i love it ! I love how it gives an almost glossy , rose kissed look to the cheeks. Definitely a classic for me too!

Glamour-and-Love (Khalia) said...

Wow, that looks impressively natural on you! I like stains in general but I would usually use them for more high drama looks but this product can easily be used when you wanna go natural it seems, which is awesome!

Eli said...

I'm still searching for the perfect blusher. Should try this when I go abroad next time :)

Anonymous said...

I've used it and it kinda didn't work and there packaging was crazy I finished my product like in 1 week bcoz all the product was in my purse happily ruining it :(

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

You look sooo pretty shifs! I agree, this is one of TBS' best ones!

. said...

wow youre gorgeous!

Laura said...

ive never tried this one. i like benetint but this is a beaut colour

you are stunning btw

Michelle (LipstickRules) said...

Red lipstick - any brand! You look gorgeous as always!

Gauri said...

It's a must for me. I try new stains very often but then always come back to this :)

♥ mia said...

looks great on u! :)

Emma D said...

Oooh the body shop gave these away as freebies in a magazine last year!! I think I got a bronzes tint but I really didn't like it!
A classic for me is Benetint! I love itt for a fresh rosey 'from within' look! xx

blog-a-beauté said...

this is my all time favourite lip and cheek stain! I have been using this for my everyday look for the past 5 years!! I have repurchased this time and time again and it's never failed me! x

Sd said...

i love it! i wish there was a pink one though..lol


Ashi said...

this looks so pretty on you! i've never tried stains as a blusher [yet] as my skin is quite sensitive and so always feel like i'll break out or something. but love, love using them just as lip stains.

i have this body shop one and also a pink version. i've also tried the benefit ones and find i like both offerings; the body shop ones for subtlety and the benefit ones for how the colour pops :)




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