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Diego Dalla Palma lauches in Tesco's Beauty Hall

Diego Dalla Palma has recently been launched in Tesco's Beauty Hall and is also available to purchase online from Tesco's website. It's a professional Italian brand known for being equivalent to MAC in other countries.

Not sure about that but the range seemed pretty impressive at the launch. Very subtle yet chic autumnal shades, classy Chanel-esque packaging, reasonably priced with products perfect to recreate a cover page look. Me likey!

On the other hand, definitely something we'd not expect to see in Tesco's eh, so it will be exciting to see how people respond to the mini House of Fraser like setting there.

A few haphazard shots I managed to capture to convey the essence of the brand.

We got a few things to try out too and I have been enjoying playing around with them on the weekend. So far so good I'd say.

My favourite is the Semi Permanent Mascara so definitely something to look out for when you're around the counter.

I have a Make-up Fixer, a Semi Permanent Mascara, a Waterproof Eye Pencil and a Classic Lipstick. Out of them all, the Lipstick is nothing more than a pretty colour and that's it. The formula is very standard, slightly drying and something I personally would not have opted for.

The rest of the products, I wouldn't mind paying for to be honest.

The Make-up Fixer is one of a kind and unlike MAC's Fix Plus, does not leave a very dewy sheen on me. It simply sets the make-up, prevents it from shifting and prolongs wear, whilst making skin satin soft. Has a very strong alcohol smell to it which some sensitive noses might find off putting!

Nothing much to say about the lippy really besides that's its very standard looking. I don't mind the cute packaging though.
Aah... the Waterproof Eye Pencil is the darkest black I currently own. It beats MAC's Smoulder as it doesn't smudge and shift as much but still is super creamy and applies like a dream without tugging or pulling.

Stay's put for an entire day (or two if you sleep with it like I did!) and is waterline-safe.

I guess it beat's MAC with its eye pencils then.
And how can we forget the oh-so-talked about Semi Permanent Mascara, which is the first of it's kind in the high-street/drugstores. 

It claims to tint your lashes after 4-5 days of consistent wear. The claim made me insanely slap this on every day without fail and I am pleased to report that it has actually tinted my lashes in a very subtle yet noticeable manner.

The formula itself is very glossy yet goopy and provides a 'lived-in' effect with dark, slightly clumpy lashes. Some of you might hate it, I did too initially but the thing is addictive I warn you.

It is a tad bit difficult to remove at night and needs a good make-up remover to get rid of the residue but its all worth it when I wake up with darker lashes.

Definitely try it out in store!
Overall, the range is pretty elegant, wearable and high-street Chanel-esque to sum it up.

I have my eyes on a few Nail Paints, Foundations and Eye Pencils now. Just need to find a larger Tesco somewhere, which is a task in it self.

Powdered Almond said...

Thanks for showcasing this! I am such a terrible snob - part of me is thinking "Well if you're that classy, Diego Dalla Palma, than whatcha doing in Tesco?" Do you know what I mean? Is it just me? On the other hand, the eye liner looks wonderful on you, and the mascara sounds intriguing. :-) x

Sheefa F said...

hehe I totally understand! Am pretty much like that too when it comes to drugstore make-up. They could have possibly launched in House of Fraser or somthing like that.

Anonymous said...

This range looks really nice. But I have one question, does the range cater for those with dark skin tones? (ie foundation?). And I agree with you both, this sort of thing does have a very high end look,feel to it, and is perhaps best suited in HoF, Debenhams, JL, Selfridges. But I guess the whole point of them launching it in Tesco stores is so it's easily accessible to everyone. But it kind of defeats the whole object if the range is only going to be in big big big Tesco stores? :S

Sheefa F said...

I doubt it caters very much for women of colour, although at the launch I spotted a few medium-yellow and darker foundations which I quite liked. Besides foundations, the entire range would suit WOC quite well really!

I personally feel Selfridges is a bit too crowded now but would have loved to see it in JL or HOF.

You're right, it's going to difficult to spot it in Tesco's as well unless they are humongous. Am going to try the ones in Beckton and Goodmayes as they are the nearest to me.

Also, the range is available online if you'd like to check it out.


JoselinDesilva said...

I saw this brand in tesco the other day but didnt have time to check it out. Im glad you did a post so now I know what products to look for next time :D
I only managed to pick up some Vivo products but I really want that mascara from this brand now!


Demonicsmurfette said...

Thanks for reviewing the mascara. I've been waiting to see if it actually does tint as it claims. I'll be ordering online. Need that liner too!

Anonymous said...

I like the eye pencil && I LOVE your blog ;)

Lima said...

This brand looks swanky! Surprised this is going to be sticked in Tesco?! Haha. I sound like such a snotty cow :P

Love the sound of the mascara. Must try get my hands on it. xo




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