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A bit like Bio Oil?

So Face Oil's came and went and Bio Oil remained in our lives forever.

Personally speaking, the idea of Bio Oil never appealed to me. I suffer from a very and I mean VERY confused skin type. A mix of combination-sensitive skin, which obviously means its kinda oily at some areas and I shouldn't add more oil to it.

Why? Because oil blocks pores in the usual conception people have.

However, have you wondered how oil based make-up removers do such a good job at dissolving make-up from the skin? Not all oils block skins pores and the ones this contains are supposedly the same. 

These in fact sooth dry and irritated skin and gradually restores moisture and eventually suppleness of the skin. The main oils it contains are Sweet Almond Oil, Canola Oil, Soy Bean Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary Oil and Sunflower Oil

Besides all the goody stuff flaunted about it on the label which I am sure is all true, the most amazing thing about it is how the oil quickly absorbs into the skin without absolutely any trace of oil on the skin or on the fingers.

It's something to do with the quality of the oil perhaps, which allows it to be penetrated into the skin so easily. I have found that most of the times I stay away from using face oils so frequently is due to the inconvinience attached to their application. 

However this is just as normal as a moisturizer or a serum to apply hence has quickly become my go-to favourite to use at night. I feel that as the days are getting chillier day by day, this should in the long term prevent me from forming any dry patches on the face that I usually do. 

Also the fact that it retails for around £6 always helps! Not that I am going to run out of this huge container eh? But I might use it as a bath oil and let you know how it goes.

Have you tried anything from Superdrug's own skin care range? This is my second product from their skin care line and I have to say it's pretty impressive and good value for money.

And to answer the question in the title, yes and no. The concept is pretty much like Bio Oil in the sense that regular use can prevent or decrease the appearance of uneven skin, scars and pigmentation but based on Bio Oil's reviews, this seems much better consistency and price wise. 

Anonymous said...

I am going to buy this asap you have sold it really well :)
Ihave tried superdrug's own brand body butter and it is the best i have found yet, not greasy and absorbes so quickly and the scents are devine :)
Im following :)


Get Gawjus! said...

Ooh and you have to try out their hot cloth cleanser as well. It comes for under a fiver and does a spot-on job at keeping skin blemish free :)

Dragon Mommy said...

I love this range from superdrug. I have their body exfoliator, radiance facial cream and body cream. Its sooo good!
Might have to give this oil a try.

Holli x

Anonymous said...

ooh i am gonna have to give that ago, i love bio oil for my body but i am on an extremely tight budget and i have very oily skin so for only £6 i will have to give this ago

Eugenia said...

This sounds like something I need!

starryeyedkiss said...

definitely going to try this, i have pretty dry sensitive skin so this might work well for me. i've tried a superdrug eye cream and find their stuff pretty decent and always a bargain.

Anonymous said...

Why do I find it amusing that it looks exactly like Bio Oil?

I wouldn't recommend the oil to anyone with acne or oily skin though because soy bean, canola and sunflower oil can be quite comedogonic and will clog your pores.




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