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Anastasia Beauty Express

Every one's heard of Anastasia and knows her as the queen of brows with her salon in Beverly Hills. Well, I have a brow kit from her today called the Beauty Express and it promises to be the ultimate solution to unruly brows. 

You guys know I will not leave the house without doing the brows, unless on a gun point of course. I was so excited to try out the product for myself as I mostly use pencils but have recently stepped into powders and waxes on a daily basis and they actually work pretty well and have better longevity comparatively.

I have the kit in Brunette which is a perfect option for me as it contains two ultimate shades needed for brunette brows, namely a cool taupe and a warm coffee brown.

There's a setting wax which can be used prior to filling in the brows with colour or to finish it off. I personally like to use the wax to finish off the brows as it provides extra texture and avoids it from looking sketched in.

Unlike what you'd expect, the powders are very moderately pigmented and undetectable once on so you have greater control and can adjust intensity as desired. They lasted an entire day at the office and on my brows hence I am pleased with the longevity and quality.

I like the fact that the kit comes with two complimentary eyeshadow shades to enhance, define and brighten the eye and brow area so they are mutually flattering.

I use the shimmery pink on the inner corners of the eyes and it really makes the area 'pop'. I then use the matte beige right underneath the brows arch to define it even more. I find it covers hair growth really well too and overall neatens the effect.

It also comes with a few stencils which I previously thought would be gimmicky and wouldn't really work but these are of great quality and adhere and mould to the skin so well, that the whole task of filling in becomes easier. 

I personally love the 'High Arch' one as it fits my brow shape almost perfectly. Of course for the sake of convenience I don't use the stencil every day before I leave for work but once in a while when I want to re-define unruly brows, this is what I opt for!

Some before-after shots to show you that I do not have naturally groomed brows. As you can see, they are sparse and greyish and If I wouldn't fill them in, it would make a huge difference in the overall make-up look and my age!

Can you see how it instantly makes my brows look HD instead of untamed?



Anastasia Beauty Express is available for $39.50 from Anastasia.net and Sephora.

Lydia said...

How did you get your hands on this?
I've been looking for it online, but I can seem to find any european site that sells this.

Sheefa F said...

It's available to purchase from ebay!

Anonymous said...

I read another raving review on this from another blogger, who got in on a make-up fair. I guess I should keep this one in mind :)

Jenn A. said...

It's so crazy how much of a difference polished looking brows can add to your whole look. This looks like an amazing kit!

Dragon Mommy said...

Wow, great product. i love the box its in. your eyebrows look fab.

Holli x

Lima said...

Your eyebrows look perfect in this.

You know I'm an eyebrows whore, LOL. Will definitely have to purchase this. Although I am stuck between getting this and the HD brows palette? Ahhhhh xo

Sheefa F said...

@Halima - I love your brows :) HD brows is very pigmented and you get more choice of brow colours. This on the other hand, is moderately pigmented and comes with a wax, stencils and brush which I much prefer :)

HD brows will be more easier to get hold off in the UK though.


Sophie said...

This looks beautiful! i love the results


i want this!!!

Sonia said...

HEY, what colour contacts do u usally wear? they compliment u a lot, are they from colorblends in green?

Sheefa F said...

Hey Sonia - Thanks! They are green colourblends by Freshlook :)




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