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Nanoblur - Holy Grail or hyped?

Unless you have been living under a rock since the past few weeks, it is impossible that you have failed to hear about this ingenious product claiming to knock of 10 years in 40 seconds.

Nanoblur it is, ladies and gentlemen.

The best thing about Nanoblur is that it does not promise long-term skincare benefits and is brave and blunt enough to label itself as an immediate and temporary cosmetic treatment. It contains zillions of light reflecting particles which all come together to create the appearance of second skin.

The result is mattified, perfect looking skin with less deeper wrinkles, fewer fine lines and crows feet and smaller pores. Now it suggests we use it after Foundation which I quite don't get as depending on skin type and the foundation used, it can exaggerate dry patches and cause smearing. I found the best way to apply it is over a Moisturizer and before a Foundation.

So does the product that has been making headlines since weeks work?

Surprisingly it does. Much more than its counterparts which I have used in the past and that too at an atrocious price.

All I can say is that it literally 'blurs' out any imperfections on the skin as its name suggests. Much like the effects we see being used whilst photo editing.

Some forehead and hand before-afters for you, courtesy of the mum. As you can see, it targets fine lines the best hence the best way to use it is to concentrate on areas where you suffer from them.

So Holy Grail or Hyped?

I don't have a straight answer to that as it will vary according to your skin type, age and preferences. I personally like dewy skin with texture to it and am completely fine with fine lines (unless they are not substantial wrinkles!) hence this might be hyped for someone in their early 20's like myself.

However my mum would answer 'Bloody Holy Grail!' to the same question as she likes a nice matte finish to her face, is in her late 40's and does not mind using this under or over foundation as it fills in her expression lines on the forehead and around the mouth area like magic and she can substantially tell the difference.

If not 10, 5 years younger in 40 seconds is definitely achievable with this.

It works really well as a very fine matte primer and filler for fine lines and wrinkles, without the added 'shimmer' of most light reflecting products and the dryness that they tend to bring to the face. It would work well with all skin types unless extremely dry. 

Overall, I am really pleased that there are affordable products like these in the market today which won't break the bank on repurchasing.

Available at Boots for £19.99, its a true bargain and an unbeatable stocking filler. 

MaquiLab said...

This is the effect I get from Avon's MagiX primer - but it's cheaper :)

Sheefa F said...

@Eli - Really! :O I need to get my hands on that asap to convince mum that there's a cheaper option out there lol.

blog-a-beauté said...

this sounds interesting! I think I want to buy one now so I can test it out on my mum! I think she would love something like this! If you end up getting Avon Magix primer do a comparison review on both!

Jenn said...

wow might need to check this out.
Great post
xo Jenn


Soph. said...

This looks amazing. I wonder if you can get it in Australia...



Liparazzi said...

Interesting post :) I have Nanoblur waiting to be tested out so I should get on the case and try it for myself x




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