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How to make your make-up look fresh longer *guest post*

It’s frustrating when you work so hard on applying makeup in the morning so that you look your best and as the day goes on your makeup starts to fade, streak or even worse run. Part of the reason that your makeup may not last all day is because of the stress your daily activity.

Think about it. If you apply lipstick in the morning by the time you eat breakfast, chat on the phone and get to a meeting or two chances are your lipstick is long gone. Another reason that your makeup may not last through the day is because of the way you apply it. Here are some tips on how to keep your makeup looking fresh longer.

Start your day by using a gentle facial cleanser that’s made for your skin type to wash your skin. This will help to remove any dirt, left over make-up or impurities from your skin.

While foundation and powder are good for the cold winter months, replace these items with a light weight tinted moisturizer during the spring and summer. This way your skin won’t feel so weighed down and will be able to breathe.

Powder bronzers or blush give your skin a nice sun kissed glow when applied properly. Be sure to use a color that is close to your own for a natural look and use a large brush to apply the bronzer to your forehead, nose and chin areas.

If you like to wear eye make-up, try out some lighter colors or even colors that look more natural. Using brown mascara instead of black will make you look fresh and wide eyed. Eye shadows that are light brown or pink will look fresher longer than green or blue shadows and will be noticed less once they start fading.

      Don’t forget to use a primer for best results.

      Don’t forget to reapply your lip gloss throughout the day. A lip gloss that is close to the color of your natural lips will help to bring out your lips, keep them soft and giving you a nice dewy look.  The great thing about lip gloss is that it can easily be reapplied in seconds so that you will always look your best.

Keep in mind that your makeup can look great throughout the day very easily. Don’t apply lots of make-up because more products you use the more likely your makeup is to look cakey and that never looks good. So keep it simple and light and you’ll look great.

This post was written by Aleya who writes the blog for Hair Design Institute which has beauty schools in West Palm Beach and for Long Island Beauty School, a beauty school in New York.

Computergirl said...

Great post, useful tips :) Hate my makeup falling flat- find sprays help perk it up (Macs fix+ etc) xx

EVE-O-LUTION said...

Grt post!!! Im this close to getting fix + too :)




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