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Filorga Sleep and Peel

As we get closer to those chilly winter days and uncountable days of heating at home, the thought of dehydrated skin strikes and the exfoliating routine hence begin.

I myself am too lazy to use exfoliators quite often due to which my skin wasn't behaving too well with bumps and recurring blemishes but when I do tend to use them, its generally once or twice a week and that's more than enough. 

My skin's kind of funny that way, its combination-sensitive, mostly dry and slightly oily at some places. Hence if I use exfoliators too often, the abrasion dries out my skin which leads it to produce more oil and consequently more spots. 

Something like Filorga Sleep and Peel, which is a basically a cell renewal cream that causes dead skin to peel off, is more suited towards my skin type as it's exfoliating but without stripping off any moisture. It's a resurfacing night cream and the french skin care brand say's it's inspired by aesthetic medicine which gave me more than one reason to trust it. 

I like to apply this 3 times a week or every alternate day, after cleansing at night. You can use a light moisturizer before applying this but I feel this is adequately hydrating for me to wear it alone.

There is a slight tingly effect when this comes in contact with the skin but that only lasts a few minutes after which it sinks in very well. Supposedly, it's okay if this happens as it's an indication that the products starting to work in sync with the skin.

Now I could not substantially tell if this was actually peeling the skin but it did clear out my skin in a few weeks time, make it look bright and radiant and considerably softer and hydrated.

I believe these effects are due to the dead skin being peeled off, as the skin care products I use can work much better when in contact with fresh skin in my opinion.

It contains very complexed ingredients which I won't be talking about here as I am not very knowledgeable about them and won't do it any justice. You may want to check out its website for more information on them.

The jar itself is packaged in a very lush manner and contains a lot of product which is likely to last a good six months as I hardly use it in a week. If you are in a constant battle with dull, lustre-lacking skin or haven't had much luck with exfoliating treatments then this definitely deserves a try. 

Available to purchase at £54 at House of Fraser

Lucy said...

I love the sound of this - I find in winter normal exfoliation makes my skin feel even drier :-(

Sherrie said...

Oh great review hun! I'm currently trying this and using this every other night and using my Origins Night-A-Mins in between and skin is looking nice and clear. Will give it another week I think. x

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely!

Emma x

Soph. said...

Wow. You must let us know how it goes!

Follow for follow?


Soph xox

Soph. said...

Wow. You must let us know how it goes!

Follow for follow?


Soph xox




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