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Enrapture Jumbo Waver - for the boho chic in you...

Is the hair tool of my dreams. Period.

This is something I would have invented in the next few years if no one else had, really. Since the time me and my sister saw the first few series of FRIENDS, we couldn't stop drooling over Lisa Kudrow's princess-like blonde tresses and always tried to replicate her boho-chic waves with plaits we did for school.

We were only 9. (Don't ask me why we were watching Friends at 9 as it seems totally inappropriate for that age group now lol)

So you see our obsession goes way back in the 90's and if you see my recent hair related posts, I still replicated those effortless, wavy hair with scrunching and a tonne of mousse.

But no more. Behold as your world (at least mine!) is going to change completely if you drool after celeb hair like this...

Introducing Enrapture Jumbo Waver. It is not only jumbo as you can see but is literally the only waver (that actually works!) in the market as of now.

So it looks humongous but does not require a very strong arm whilst using it to be honest. It's considerably light for its size and everyone who I have made it try, can use it pretty easily hence I give it a user-friendly status.

The Titanium plates, unlike my GHD's made hair substantially shinier remarked the sister. Titanium plates always do, I have no idea how and why.

Takes a minute to heat up properly and the entire hair can literally be done in a haphazard 10-15 minutes before heading out. Tried and tested in chaotic situations. Phew.

The 25mml barrel gives beachy, S-shaped waves, instant volume and texture which lasts a good 2-3 days on my hair.

Complaints = none. Why? As it has replaced the GHD on my dressing table due to its convenience, ease of use and gorgeous results and now permanently lives there although it's too huge to fit in the GHD stand.

Mum's not quite happy with the decision as she loves neat and slick hair and does not understand the hoopla of spending 15 minutes 'messing up' the hair. Age is finally getting to her you see.

Oh and you would want to see how it looks on me yeah? In case you've forgotten, this is how I look. Pretty much the same but with a permanent solution of creating messy, voluminous hair now. *strokes jumbo waver*

Oh and those of you who'd say this won't work on short hair, I'd say it's to do with your styling techniques and not the actually appliance.

Why are you still here wasting your time thinking about it? Just get it now will ya?


PeachesandBlush said...

This is so brilliant Shifa! I have naturally wavy hair, but this will be perfect to make it slightly more pulled together..

Sheefa F said...

I agree Mehak. Would look great on your hair :)

Amy said...

I really want this!! I think it may have to be a christmas prezzie!! xxx

The Beautifier said...

Gorgeous hair! loving the waves, hun xoxo

Dani said...

I love this hair style and it looks so good on you! :)

MEVISH said...

aww you look gorgeous! (as always ;)) I've always wanted to try those kind of hair irons but never got round to it I might now after reading this post x

Sonia said...

What color contacts are those? Is it from the colorblends, green one?




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