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Barbara Daly Flawless Primer

Is without a doubt the closest dupe for Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. 

Me and my mum have gone through so many tubs of the Perfecting Touch but to be honest, the product quantity was too little for the price it came at and it just got too annoying to replace it so often. It was becoming more of a luxury item than something I 'needed' hence I finally stopped purchasing it.

Having said that, I have since then been looking for a suitable dupe for it and have finally found it in Barbara Daly's Flawless Primer

How is it different from other primers?
Basically, the grainy formula is different from serum-like primers in the way that it works better at filling in those very fine lines and wrinkles, pores and basically provide a your-skin-but-better effect. 

Also, as the fine lines and pores are filled in, the skin automatically looks and feels more even and plump and make-up goes on much more smoother. 

I am not sure if this would work as well on very dry skin, however its perfect for those of us with combination-oily skin types as it works great at mattifying and oil control, especially if you're using a dewy foundation.

I personally like to wear it after a moisturizer and before foundation. I'd say give it a good few seconds before applying make-up on top for it to settle properly into and do its job well. Also, if you do suffer from any dry areas on the skin, make sure to use it sparingly there as the last thing you want is to exaggerate that.

If you're planning to use it everyday, I recommend applying it on the t-zone and any other area where you tend to get oily quite quickly. A good trick is to apply a light layer under the eyes to prevent concealer from creasing.

I would not say it's as good as the Clarins one as that literally felt as smooth as wax on the skin. Having said that, it is an amazing dupe for it for around £10 at Tesco and surely an economical option if I plan to repurchase.

I have to say, Barbara Daly is one of the most underrated high-street brands, maybe because it's only sold in Tesco. 

Do you have a favourite primer? 

Summer Loren said...

I don't have a favourite primer as I'm still experimenting so I'll probably pick this one up and see how I like it! x

Unknown said...

thanks for the great review, im never sure with primers and dont like to spend out lots on something i'm not sure of so that helps.
I do struggle to find Barbara Daly products anywhere tho - defo not in a tesco's in my local area - Kent

Demonicsmurfette said...

This sounds fantastic- the way you describe it makes me think it's a cheaper version of the L'Oreal primer which I love but I think is ridiculously priced given how much you get.

I'm currently using the Witch primer- not too good at mattifying but it helps my MU last all day and it seems to be controlling my hormonal breakouts. I also love to use Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel which is so similar to Smashbox Primer and stops foundation settling in my lines.

Jenn said...

Sounds great I really need a nice mattifying moisturizer in my life

xo Jenn


Gauri said...

Great primer...just loved this review!!

Nazia said...

Have you ever tried the L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer? I think that one is even more similar to the Clarins one. It has a firmer texture like the Clarins and the same 'waxy' feel.

blog-a-beauté said...

I actually heard about this quite a while ago but I never brought my self to buy it. Sounds really good though, I have dry skin but my skin gets really oily when i travel to hotter climates so i think I'm going to go pick on of these up the next time i travel and give it a shot instead of investing in something expensive that I would only use for the duration of my trip! x




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