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MAC Studio Finish Concealer - Busting the hype and myths!

For some reason I always end up getting cult favourite products that everyone has raved about since decades. Yes even the 'impeccable' magazines. Coincidentally enough, I turn out to sell them all on ebay for cheap as chips despise them all, not understanding all the hoopla surrounding it.

This time the culprit is MAC Studio Finish Concealer. Is it really THE best thing after sliced bread like everyone says?

Not really. Bread is way too delicious. 

This on the other hand is pretty standard in my opinion and not very different to Elf All Over Cover Sticks. The only fault ELF may have is the lack of yellow-salmon shades available. 

What it does?

It creases like crazy and settles into very fine lines, fades away in a few hours and uses up a lot of product as it does not give an opaque coverage in one go.

What it's not...

Heavy and pigmented. Hence if you've always stayed away from purchasing it, thinking its too heavy or cakey or anything like that, its not. In fact its pretty moist and moderately pigmented in my opinion. I would not call it creamy, like the Bobbi Brown ones but it surely is not an industrial-level heavy duty texture.

Whoever says it gives full coverage, needs to branch out and try Mehron, Dermablend, Vichy or even Bobbi Brown for heavens sake. 

What it can actually be used for?

Only touch-up's in my opinion. It's powdery, matte-drying texture and tiny container, gives it the benefit of being perfect for a quick-touch up all over the face, without the need for setting powder.

If you're a shopaholic, the price tag might be quite reasonable for a 'touch-up' product, especially considering that MAC have a tonne of shades to suit all skin tones. 

Best applied with...

A fluffy brush like the 224 or 217 or fingers as they help melt the product into the skin better. 

No matter what I use to apply this, the finish of this is always 'grainy' and pixel-like if you know what I mean. It's never smooth and flawless.  

I know many of you out there swear by the Studio Finish Concealer hence no point tracing me down to kill me. It's not you who this post is intended for as you guys already love it! It's just for the bitchy lot out there *including me on this particular ocassion* who might like to slaughter this product as it did not work as well for them. 

My current favourites and ones I recommend everyone to try out is Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer, preferably for the under eyes and MAC Select Cover Up for blemishes, scars and pigmentation on the face. I am a 03 Medium and NC30 in these respectively.

So tell me I am not the only one who is not head-over-heels in love with the Studio Finish Concealer?

p.s. I have a spanking new Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation on its way. It's already become HG in my mind. Posts on that to follow for sure. 

PreciousPearlMakeup said...

Donno why this concealer doesn't suits you. Its a staple in my makeup collection. This is the only one that I use :)

Maris said...

I could not agree more on Studio Finish Concealer. Whenever I use it and try to make it work (because I still can not believe that everybody loves and I do not), I end up thinking that why I even bother, it is like torture to get it right. Good review!


I actually didn't like the studio fix concealer either. Its super heavy and looks cakey. I like the select cover up concealer better but it does oxidize in the bottle after a few months, turning green !

JL said...

I am not alone!!! OMG I hate this concealer for the very reasons listed...and I happen to have TWO of them (a friend sent one by mistake instead of the pro longwear concealer which i love...) I can never get this to blend properly onto my skin and within hours it shifts....bleh

Sammiebbz * said...

i too didnt think much of the hype up stuido concealer too, i hate the fact it settles in fine lines :( But im glad someone agrees with me on it tho, as i thought i was the only one lol.

Anndd just like you i got the Vichy foundation and its bloady amazing!

i h e a r t it :)


Jenn said...

Can't wait to see the review on the dermablend foundation!!

Anonymous said...

Great post! & truthfully what works for one person does not work for everyone. That's what makes trying out beauty products so interesting. Although, I do enjoy using this concealer; and with skin that has very dark acne scarring I do find it quite pigmented for my concerns. I've been meaning to try out Bobbi Brown concealer. I hope I like it when I do test it out. :)

Sherrie said...

Interesting hun, Im on the quest for finding the perfect under eye concealer. Im currently using the new Estee Lauder DW one which so far has come up trumps. I did have a Studio Finish COncealer years and years ago but can't remember what it's like and did lose it. I've heard so much about the Collection 2000 ones I am going to have try it out x

heavenrain said...

I don't like it at all, big regret buying for me, cakey, and cakey. Hope it finishes finally, although a may go back to mac with it whan the time comes :)

Sami said...

I actually quite like this product! I found it blends easily and covers up dark circles and blemishes! Maybe it depends on your skin type? xx

Zahra said...

Hey Shifa,

I agree with you there. I was recommended it by a MUA but after about 20 mins I look back over my skin to see dry patches where I've applied it :(

Zahra xx

Alice at SuperGorgeous said...

I use the select cover up too but find there's not quite enough coverage on some scars I have - was going to try this next, so thanks for saving me the money! Looking forward to the foundation review :)

Ikya said...

wow! I know a lot of people who don't like it much.. But it has been the only thing that covered my dark circles. Yes it does settle into the fine lines and that annoys me.. But of the very few we get in India, I like this the best. :)

Sheefa F said...

ooh we have a majority not liking it and a few of you who actually do like it!

I have seen so many people on YouTube apply this product with so much ease and it works just fine for them. So jealous!

E said...

I'm so undecided if I want to try the MAC concealer. I hear such mixed reviews but I think I will, mainly because drugstores are so poor-quality when it comes to concealers. I have the Collection 2000 concealer, and to be honest I don't really understand the massive hype. Don't get me wrong, I like it, but I just felt due to the hype it would be lots better than it actually is.

I've been wanting to try the Vichy foundation forever, but I'm almost scared to in case it's not as miraculous as it sounds, haha!

mybeadifullife said...

i'm looking for a new concealer for undereyes. i tend to get really dry there, and all the concealers i have been trying lately just crease, and make my eyes look wrinkly.

not good.

HelloKittyx94 said...

Oh dear! Funnily enough I've recently got an All Over Cover stick that covers my under eye circles beautifully! that was only £1.50 from ELF haha!

xxx Kat

Unknown said...

I love the mac studio fix under my brows and on over blemishes. The studio sculpt is horrible and runny!

Alina Rodriguez said...

I once too did give into the hype of the MAC Studio Finish concealer. I have dark circles, and fine lines under my eyes, and this settled into the lines and just looked way off. Now, I am quite enjoying the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. But, I may have to try the Rimmel Lasting Perfection concealer. It look great!

Steph said...

i use this but i have not used an excessive amount of it.... its ok too in my opinion...but doesn't last all day on me either...

tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

m4dswine said...

I quite like Studio Finish concealer, but I have found that it works a lot better if you apply with a synthetic brush and really warm the product before applying to your face. And you actually need quite a lot of it to stop it going cakey. Which is really bizarre.
I've sort of given up on concealer as Illamasqua's Skin Base does the job quite nicely without the cakeyness that concealers seem to do on my skin.

The Beautifier said...

You need to try out the Becca concealer!! I use it every time and it's my favorite concealer for blemishes and uneven pigmentation.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. I got the concealer in NW35 and when the lady at the counter applied it on me, it looked perfect. But, when I got home it was another story! Faaarrr too dark for me and too cakey! I've got the 213 MAC brush and when I use the brush to apply it, it's too cakey. My fingers are a lot better.

I've tried to like this concealer but I really can't. I think I'll move on to Bobbi Brown.




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