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Current storage...

I desperately wanted to revamp my current make-up storage and when I came across with the transparent acrylic storage on Keeping up with the Kardashians, I had to get something similar. 

Now there are not many options out there shockingly and there is a huge gap in the make-up storage market so MUJI was my only option really. Yes I know about KoolCube but its simply outrageous to spend around £300 for storage in my opinion. 

MUJI in that sense is quite economical hence I bought two and then stacked them on top of one another. I like the fact that the first section opens from the top as it makes it pretty accessible when I'm on the go. 

In the first drawer, I have an assortment of everyday use items, mainly consisting of concealers, bronzers, illuminators and everything to achieve a flawless base.  Regardless of what look I am going for, this is the only drawer I always reach for as it has all my basics.

In the second drawer I have all of my most used, favourite blushers. It's kinda annoying that it can only stack two layers of blushers and sometime only one if its chunky. I really wish it would have more depth when it comes to blushers as usually people tend to have them the most quantity wise.

My most used neutral palettes go in the third drawer. Yes it goes without saying that Urban Decay's Naked lives in here permanently, along with some Body Shop and Sleek.

And last but not the least, the lip drawer. Something that I use the least hence at the very bottom. 

Having said that, for some reason I have a tonne of lip products. I really need to get myself using these more often. 

As for brushes, I keep them in two mugs on the side of a dresser with my magnifying mirror without which I am totally blind! Everyone needs one on their dresser. 

Whilst I was reorganising, I also tidied up my skincare, bodycare and haircare for which I found some random storage boxes. I wish they could be colour coordinated. Any ideas?

I got this white stationary stand from TK Maxx recently and finally found a use for it. It easily stores my hair brushes, foundations, mascaras and eye liners. Talk about a multi-tasking product eh? Plus it looks so pretty!

I am still not fully convinced with the MUJI acrylic storage to be honest. It's apparently the only acrylic storage I could find in the market which was reasonably priced. It's reliable and sturdy but the design could be improved and more depth could definitely help in storing more items.

And no this is not all my make-up. It's only things that I felt I could possibly use now and then. I store the rest in a train case which is not so convenient as its a bit too heavy to manoeuvre around.

If I don't find anything else, I'll surely be stacking up more MUJI on top of what I already have. A tower it shall be then.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Great post. I find I am always re-organizing my makeup to make it more efficient (I think it has also become a bit of an obsession). I love the clear cubes you have. They look so pretty. Definitely agree on the mirror. I have one and although it can be frightening to look in, I couldn't get ready without it.

About Makeup Savvy said...

Really interesting post as I'm really thinking about buying 4 sets of the same drawers and stacking them.

Like you say it is a shame they aren't deeper!

Fee x

Sana said...

I am so jelly of your acrylic storage unit!

D.Sadie (D.G.S.Beauty) said...

Wow nice storage. I espeically love the muji drawers. I keep seeing them around. One day I hope to get those.

ninadollmakeup said...

I saw the koolcubes on tv aswell but was put off when i found out the price, i need better storage i was thinking of getting the muji drawers they look like a great alternative x

Dani said...

I want to get some of these see through drawers! It will make it so much easier to find my makeup.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I love how you have evrything so nicely laid out. I'm really liking thos drawers, I wish a cheaper brand would finally come up with something just as nice as the original.

Great post I enjoyed it! Inspires me to revamp my stash of stuff........lol

..raspcherry.. said...

Even if its not colour co-ordinated atleast its organised
great post hun x

BTW Im having a giveaway on my blog this month


Pyari Beauty said...

I love the stand from TK Maxx it's really pretty.

For the storage boxes, maybe you could get some fabric with a nice print on and cover the boxes with it. You could just measure it up and possibly staple the fabric to the box :)


mybeadifullife said...

i've been wanting clear containers like those, but the muji ones lately have been sold out for a month now, and i'm torn because of what you said about the blushes not fitting.

now i don't really use blush, but i use bronzer every day, and so many bronzers for some reason are very bulky packaging.

LaaLaa Monroe said...

Very organised.

I was looking previously at getting the MUJI storage but decided against it when I saw quite a few pictures I just didn't think the drawers were deep enough.

Anonymous said...


The Muji storage looks good, its a shame its not quite right though. I am considering something like this too.

As for your non matching boxes, could you cover them in something to make them all match? With fabric and glue maybe??

Anyway I enjoyed this post :)

TheCosmeticCrave said...

my makeup is everywhere! I need some sort of storage. I may take a look at the muji storage as i dont want something too expensive! Gutted about the depth of the storage though but its better than shoe boxes (eurgh) :')


sahar awan said...

it was lovely post...like your makeup stuff

Anonymous said...

Ooo I love the way you've stored your stuff. I'm so unorganised and I've got my products in the most random places! Most of them are in cardboard boxes so I'm looking to go to Ikea soon and also check out MUJI too.

Amy said...

Love them! I actually really like all the mismatching boxes, so pretty :) xxx

Billi said...

love your storage.Very well organized. first drawer and hair brush holder are too cool totally super collection..

Melissa said...

I wouldn't want to spend £300 on something to store makeup in either, so I think your Muji find is fantastic! I love how it opens at the top. I would do the same - put my most used items in the top. I really love your stationery holder from TKMaxx too - it's such a good solution for hairbrushes. Mine are in a box under the bed which is so annoying.

I love to see other people's makeup collections.

karen said...

Really like the acrylic look, i have one of these muji boxes and, like you, with all the products i have i could do with hundreds!

enjoyed your post..

Karishma said...

That was sucha fun post. Great collection!
You've got a real sweet blog.
btw MAC lippie giveaway at my blog.
Happy blogging gurl!

PinkSweetSz said...

I bought my first set of muji draws and was shocked at how shallow they are! They can't even fit some foundation bottles! They need to be a lot deeper! Your room looks so tidy! Love it! X

Minza. said...

Love your storage <3
Rougeberry Fashion

Gauri said...

I'm totally in ♥ with your storage ideas! It's totally gorgeous!

StyleFrost said...

I love muji storage, been using it myself for about 8 years! Love how you've stored yours, they could do with more depth like you said. x

bahrainbeauty said...

if you look on amazon they have loads of great options and although cheaper than the koolcube i imagine them to be expensive to ship. I've just done a make up storage blogpost myself and would it if you would check it out ! x

Cynthia Z said...

Love the transparent Muji drawers! Everything looks so neat Shifs, esp the skincare products. You've inspired me to clean up my mess tomorrow :D





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