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An undiscovered BB cream?

Or a hidden high street dupe for MAC Face & Body Foundation?

I am on the fence as to which statement to favour more.

You can find this in the beauty aisle at your local Tesco. Not quite glamorous eh? It's quite a shame how such lovely products get ignored just because they are not sold in Selfridges.

Now you surely know after a gazillion posts about it, that I am a sucker for MAC Face & Body Foundation. To the extent that I have given it a HG status in my life and cannot do without a back up of it in my traincase.

Imagine my excitement when I found something pretty much like it! It's Skin Wisdom's Instant Benefits Tinted Moisturiser.

As far as I know, this only comes in two shades namely Fair and Medium. I thought I would be a Medium but Fair is a pretty good match for me surprisingly. 

Now these, just like MAC Face & Body, can suit a variety of skin tones. You know how shade C3 in Face & Body is used by a lot of women out there and they are all not of a similar skin colour?

Similarly, this product adapts to the skin colour as well and that's what I found in my case. 

I call this a 'BB cream' because it not only acts as a tinted moisturizer but I can actually get away without applying ANY moisturiser underneath, it is that hydrating. 

Regarding coverage, it is pretty light but surely buildable. My favourite way to apply this is by using a flat top powder brush like the one from ELF and it goes on beautifully. Don't use fingers, as its pretty light anyways and that way you won't get much coverage.

As you can see below, I am only wearing Skin Wisdom's Tinted Moisturizer and I have a few blemish scars left which can be seen even after wearing this. However that does not bother me, as I use foundation to give me a really dewy, skin-like base, which I can then use as a canvas to do any required concealing. 

The glow this gives in unbeatable! Unlike Face & Body, this does not have a tacky consistency or that overtly sticky feel to it. It's just looks super dewy but does not feel sticky at all. It also does not shift and stays put for quite a few hours without the need for a touch up or powder.

I think I am in love. MAC is going to be so jealous of this! 

You get 50ml of product for £6. Go raid you Tesco for this. NOW. 

p.s. In short, a BB cream is a multi-functional product which originated in the East, that acts as a primer, moisturiser and adds a bit of colour to even the skin and blur out imperfections. 

Georgina said...

I have a feeling I used this a few years ago but was in different packaging! I absolutely loved it though so will definitely be having a look next time I'm in Tesco! xx

Sara said...

Your skin looks beautiful! I like the dewy finish it gives :)

Alisha said...

Oh, i'll have to try this out :) x

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Looks great!!! Nice review Shifa :D

binia said...

This sounds amazing! I feel like I should leg it down to Tesco right now!

Roshni said...

your skin looks flawless!

Penelope said...

It looks great on your skin. You skin looks really flawless and beautiful!




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