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Liz Earle Skin Tint - Yay or Nay?

You must have seen the newest offering by Liz Earle doing the blog rounds recently. I thought I'll do my take on it as well. 

The ramble 

Okay, so to avoid any disappointment amongst you people, lets get it clear - It's a tinted moisturiser, NOT a foundation. Even Liz Earle does not claim it to be one, so why are there are tonne of people out there wanting it to give full coverage and yada yada yada? 

As consumers, the urge will be to compare it to the highest coverage tinted moisturiser we own i.e. the Laura Mercier one but if you've ever tried making a tinted moisturiser at home, you'll know that this is exactly how it turns out.

Also, as this is the first make-up product that Liz Earle has come out with and being a skin care brand primarily, it is obvious that the product will lean towards your-skin-but-better rather than the opposite. 

What I thought of it...

Coming to the actual product, the packaging is quite simple and minimalistic besides the mysterious deep blue colour with specks of shimmer. A pretty bold take on packaging I must say, as I haven't really seen such deep colours in cosmetic aisles. 

What shade am I?

There are three shades available namely,
  • Bare(NC/NW 15 and above) - Neutral beige undertones. Adapts to pink/yellow/beige skin tones.
  • Beige(NC30 and above) - Yellow/beige undertones. Can cover redness. 
  • Beach(NC/NW40 and above) - Olive/golden undertones. For those tanned or WOC. 
Being of an NC30 skin tone, I can quite easily wear both Bare and Beige, one of the two lightest shades. Because the formula adapts to the skin tone so well, the lightest shade does not look ashy or grey on me, instead brightens my complexion up a notch.  Beige on the other hand, is exactly of my skin tone. 

The look and feel of it

As the name suggests, it is a light and airy tinted moisturiser which you can wear on lazy weekends, on a visit to the corner shop, on a good skin day or when you simply do not want to look made-up. 

The formula of this on the other hand is lush and creamy, pretty much like a regular foundation. However when it comes in contact with skin, it simply melts and adapts to the skin colour. 

Because it's thick, the best way to apply it is using the fingers. Regarding blendability, it is foolproof to the extent that you would need a mirror. 

The finish it imparts is dewy and radiant, not over the top though, just like how natural skin would glow after a facial. It has good longevity besides the dewy finish and does not shift around. 

I personally do not like to set it with powder as then it totally defies the purpose of achieving naturally radiant skin. However I did try powdering it for the sake of it and fortunately enough, it did not cake! 

Surprisingly it gave me quite a decent, light-medium coverage as you can see. You likey? It's obviously not going to give you full coverage, especially if you are suffering from a bad skin phase.

Skin tone compatibility

Those with normal/dry/combination skin types are definitely going to love this, as it is pretty hydrating and you really do not need to wear much moisturiser underneath. 

As for you oilies out there, it might slip around your skin a tad bit more and you would then need to powder it and all that fuss, so try it out before making a purchase. 


It's a Yay for me! I am literally obsessed with any sort of base for the skin so this isn't a surprise. 

Available for £21(40ml) from September onwards from Liz Earle outlets as well as uk.lizearle.com

*It ain't September yet you see hence press sample of course!


it looks lovely on you hon!


Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

It looks great!

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Wow you look great in this!!!!!

Amy said...

Hmmmm i'm going through a bad skin phase all the time... I think I want to give Liz Earle a try with the actual skin care products first... but this looks great as I hate wearing foundation as I think it will only make my skin worse... how do you find out your skin colour regarding the whole NC thing? x

Anonymous said...

I am so getting this when it comes out now! Dying to try it :) love love love liz earle xxx

Sheefa F said...

@Amy - You'll love this if you hate wearing foundation! Cleanse & Polish from Liz Earle is a must have and you should try for sure :)

Regarding NC/NW, I am referring to the MAC's way of determining skin tone and shade. Try and get your self colour matched at one of their counters. Hope it helps!

Sheefa F said...

@Amy - Having a look at your pictures on your blog, you seem like a MAC NC20 to me and Liz Earle's Skin Tint in Bare is what you would go for, if you do.

Amy said...

Thank you very much :) and yes I am just looking at the sets that they have on Liz Earle... My birthday is in 7 days so i think ill pester someone to get me one!!

Anonymous said...

God your skin is amazing!! :)
I tried these today and so far so good! xx

Zatheela said...

goin to try this sooooooooon :)

Najia said...

what do you think of liz earle's skin tint and laura mercier tinted moisturiser? which of the two has more coverage and looks/feels best?

Emma D said...

Finally a proper review on this..thank you I've been trying to find out about it everywhere!! And I can relate to your skin tone!! Your skin looks so healthy in the 'after' pic..I have dry skin, defs gonna check this out and the eye bright treatment you also wrote about! Having a bit of a Liz Earle moment lol, I recently bought cleanse and polish and super skin concentrate and 2other things - getting abit obsessed lol!




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