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The Fairy Hobmother... She's real! *Leave your wishes here*

You've seen the Fairy Hobmother from Appliances Online doing the blog rounds lately right?

Well, surprisingly enough she paid me a visit too and got me a little present that I've been lusting over since quite a while now.
The super lush Laptop sleeve is all mine now. I've seen this in stores retailing for around £40 in various patterns and colours but this one, I fell in love with at first sight. *gives it a tight hug*

The concept behind this is that she's rewarding hard working bloggers in the blogging community, who put so much of their time and effort into it.

I think it's okay if you're a reader too. No harm in trying!

So, leave your wishes (No matter how small or big) in the comments below and she's promised me that she'll go through them and try and grant as many as fits her budget (What? you think fairy's don't live in an economy?).

Good luck! *Goes to check Appliances Online out of curiosity*

Anonymous said...

oooh, that laptop case is pretty!!!!! Uhh, there is so much on my wishlist at the moment! Sadly I'm a jobless student, so not much of it will ever be bought... sigh! One little thing on my wishlist is dvd boxsets!! Particularly CSI:Miami! Me and my Boyfriend have become a little obsessed with this (I think he's glad I'm not making him watch Sex and the City for the 100th time to be honest!) So I guess my wish would be amazon vouchers!

Love your blog, it's always so good :)

Kathryn Xx

Email: throughrosetintedlenses@hotmail.com
Blog: throughrosetintedlenses.wordpress.com

girl_upnorth said...

I wish for some Mac makeup, all my fellow bloggers rave about it and I can't afford it!



Unknown said...

Good choice with the laptop sleeve!

*Closes eyes, crosses fingers and toes and whispers*

I wish for a new cookery book because mine are all old and I'm out of inspiration. I'd love some new recipes under my belt to improve my cooking skills!


Unknown said...

I'd like some accessories so that my kindle looks nice and pretty - or maybe some books for my kindle - don't have time for anything but reading at the moment, totally hooked !

Sophie said...

Hey Fairy hob mother!

I am currently lusting the Urban Decay 15 year anniversary palette, or the set of 24/7 liquid liners. They look amazing, but I am poor and cannot afford them!


Alisha said...

Hi Fairy Hob mother, I have had my eye on a decent camera as none of my blog photo's come out right. ESPECIALLY my eye of the day posts! x x x

Alisha of

www.unleeshd.blogspot.com x x

To ELLE and Back said...

What a cute idea. Mine is rather a large want and probably not a wish that can be granted but I've just been made redundant and am trying to set up my own business so a netbook would be absolutely amaze so that I don't have to try and fight the rest of my family for the computer, it wouldn't go a-miss on helping me blog a little more regularly too ;)

Unknown said...

oooh pretty!

I would wish for Next vouchers as I have fallen in love with a suit that would be perfect for my three pageboys (my son & 2 nephews) at my wedding but can't afford.

Fingers & toes crossed xxx

PoppyRedLips said...

Dear Fairy Hob Mother, I would wish for a DAB radio so I could listen to the classical music channels easily because classical music is the only thing I have found that helps calm my chronic headache problem (even medication hasn't worked!) :(

*crosses fingers, toes, hair and eyes!*

Flora & Jane said...

How generous!

I'd love to receive Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation as its not something i can splurge on at the moment while saving for a house.



Amy said...

I wish for something from the semi precious collection of MAC saving up for a holiday means no money to start my MAC adventure!! :( This is such a nice gesture to all those hard working bloggers! It is really hard work and my laptop has broken so I can't blog like normal (but it's a bit of a steep ask that haha) xx

Joy said...

Aww, congrats on the laptop case! I love the print :) The concept of rewarding hard working bloggers is really nice and super generous.
I wish for a new iphone, since I managed to lose mine earlier this week and I am currently using an old school Nokia 3310! xx

JL said...

*jumps up and down*

Hi fairy hobmother! I'm saving to buy my very first bracelet from Tiffany's....


I'd easily settle for some hand-made soaps though lol

The Sunday Girl said...

Oh it really is lovely, very sleek too! I'd wish for a filofax to get me and my life in order, scatterbrain does not come close to describing me! x

Anonymous said...

Hi fairy hobmother :) I love mac but cant afford to buy it often, and there isnt one near me so I only get chance to visit a counter about 3 times a year. I would love some :)
Much love
fran x

Miss Tapia said...

Oh this is such a cute idea!!

I would like to try sleek makeup! I see many girls blogging about it and it looks lovely!


Love that case! I would wish for one of those acrylic makeup storage units with the drawers!! I have been in desperate need for one due to my overflowing collection of cosmetics. They are so expensive:(

LaaLaa said...

The laptop case is so pretty, loveee it.

I'd love to be granted a wish fairy hobmother of maybe an ikea gift card to finish off my bedroom as it's the place where I come to relax to do my blog posts and work on my makeup.

Yay for your wish being granted xoxo

Kate said...

I'm lusting what you are too! The 15th Anniv. Urban Decay eye shadow palette. It's utterly beautiful!

Yana's Dollhouse said...

I am moving from Malta to London to start my masters next month and my room is totally bare! I would love to personalize it and Next have some lovely carpets and bed linen... so would love a voucher from Next to spend on things to make my room feel more at home :)

thank you!


Anonymous said...

I would love to win the URBAN DECAY 15TH ANNIVERSARY PALETTE :)

this is such an interesting idea, and super cute <3


Jenn said...

awwh this is so cute :)

TazD said...

My wish right now would be to have my favourite movies "The Boondock saints 1&2" on blu-ray. Love those movies and dont own them yet.

Zainab said...

Love the laptop sleeve! I brought a laptop rubberized case recently!

And dear Fairy Hobmother, I would greatly appreciate an amazon gift card so I could use it to buy some books for college. College is so expensive :/ I don't really care how much money it's worth because like they say: Every penny counts.

Harpreet said...

i wish for Enrapture Amplify Jumbo Hair Waver Tong.
i love beachy waves and cant really achieve it and this would help


Sherrie said...


I wish I could get a FiloFax so I can keep on top of everything. Being a busy mummy of 2 children is tough work! ha ha.

Enjoy your latop case!

The Beautifier said...

I'm glad you got your wish granted hun! It's really nice to hear that someone is actually doing something nice for others for once! xoxo

JoselinDesilva said...

You totally deserve your wish to be granted by the fairy Hobmother, I have been reading your blog for a while now and can definetley see all of the effort that you put into your posts!
If i could get a wish granted I would love a clarisonic Classic I have been wanting one ever since I can remember. So I would be absolutely over the mood If I got one now :D


Cynthia Z said...

So cool! :D Love that laptop sleeve Shifs!

Here's my wish- I wish wish wish for a pair of leopard print high heel shoes in size 2-3 OR Moroccan Oil.

:D Thanks!


Miss drifted Snow White said...

what a beautiful laptop case! loving the black & white. very 60s! ive seen these at some website :) well cool!!

i would totally wish for a mini-fridge!! at uni, i'll be living with my friends, but i still have a few things i definitely wanna protect from them eating it lol

Unknown said...

Very nice laptop case! That fairy sure is generous :)
I would wish for some amazon vouchers I think. I want to learn some new crafts (like needle felting) and need some books to learn how to do them but can't afford the luxury at the moment.

Beth said...

Very generous fairy xx

I would love ZUmba for the wii. I always have friends and family recommending the classes but I nver have the time to go when they are on. It would be great to do it in my own time xx

Gauri said...

The laptop sleeve looks so good :D

trillium said...

I'd like a gift card to 123stitch.com. OR a year's subscription to Interweave Knits, by Interweave Press, or a year of The Gift of Stitching (online mag).

Fairy Hobmother. . .where are you?




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