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Aussie-versary Giveaway! *7 summer party packs to win* CLOSED

Yet another giveaway!

But this time it's MUCH more fun as it's to do with Aussie. 

To celebrate their Aussie-versary, 110 years of Australia being a country, Aussie are giving away party packs as seen in the picture below to 7 of my readers. Yes, that's 7 of you ladies = 7 winners.

Can you see how pretty those limited edition bottles are?

What do you win?  On winning the giveaway, you will not only get the fun and fab goodies you see in the picture above but also will be nominated in a challenge to win yourself and your friends(or blogger buddies or whoever!) 10 tickets to Aussie's HUGE party in October. 

And trust me, their party's are serious fun and unlike any other! 

How to enter? - Simply comment below with something you have to celebrate. It can be anything really, starting a weight loss journey? on a trip to building confidence? found something you had lost? or discovered a new drink in Starbucks? (leave your email so I can contact you) 

Be as creative as you like! They are no restrictions as to what you can celebrate ;-)

The Giveaway will end on Friday 19th August, so start commenting. 

*To participate, it is mandatory to be 18 years and above and from the UK*

Amy said...

I am about to celebrate my birthday on sat but also I passed my first year of uni!!


Thank you!! Xx

Demonicsmurfette said...

I'm celebrating one year since I got the results of my degree! Yay! I may be in mountains of debt but at least I can say I worked hard and got the degree I wanted.

Perhaps not very interesting compared to what some people will say but I can still remember the thrill of seeing my marks and bursting into tears when I realised I got a first.

Demonicsmurfette said...

And damn it! As usual I forgot my email address- demonicsmurfette@googlemail.com

I am truly an idiot!

Jen said...

Oooh these goodies look lovely!!

Happy Birthday Aussie :-)

Im celebrating getting a new job this week. I've been unemployed for ages and have been attending numerous interviews and have finally got a job!!
I should start next week, fingers crossed :-)
These products would come in very useful indeed!!


Supergirl said...

I have so many things to celebrate:) I mooved in new country, got a new work and will start new studies:) Let's say - new life celebration;DD


Jade. said...

Today I'm celebrating my 3rd smoke free day!! hopefully i'll break the habit for life!



Sweetaholic Rachel said...

What a brilliant competition!
I have recently celebrated my 21st birthday and I have just been told that I have a new job - I am over the moon as I was expecting to be out of work as of the 31st August, this also means that me and my boyfriend can now buy our first home together!!


Thank you & good luck everyone!! xxxx

ABeautyTale said...

I celebrate one year since I accomplished my biggest dream: I bought my own house! thank you!


Aaliyah said...

I'm celebrating that the course I've been doing since January has nearly come to an end, yay!


e manticoff said...

I am celebrating going back to school to be a nurse/esthetician. Some day I will be injecting someones forehead with the fountanin of youth, botox to be exact. As long as I can remember I wanted to become a skincare expert and work in plastic surgery and anti-aging. I am a stay home mom of a two yr old baby boy whom I adore. I have found the courage to step out of my littl safe box of married with kids and homemaker to the next Kate Somerville. So I am celebrating my will to succeed and not feeling guilty about it. Being a mom you give 100% of yourself and sometimes in the process you loose yourself. I am celebrating finding myself and staying true to my dreams.

cotton2 said...

I am going to celebrate my 2nd life birthday tomorrow && im graduating in November. Passed my foundation degree with merit and now i am finally going to university :))


yoli said...

nooo! I'm from Spain! lol

Sarah said...

I have lots of things to celebrate recently!

Newly becoming single again! (Don't worry, it's what I wanted!)Moving into a new house for my next year of Uni, finishing my first year of Uni, losing almost 2 stone on my diet... I have a lot to celebrate, and just writing this down has made me feel very happy!

Sarah xx


roshas said...

I'm celebrating passing my third year of uni and working really hard!! :)

Thank you for the giveaway,


roshnip19@hotmail.co.uk x

TheCosmeticCrave said...

Im going to be celebrating with my boyfriend becasue him and his band have just been signed. Its something that they have all worked hard at for 6 years and their dreams have finally come true, So I am definatly happy and proud of them all!


Tass said...

I'm celebrating that I'm getting married in 6 weeks (eek) and that the stress of organising is nearly over! x

preciouspearl said...

I am celebrating my Dad's birthday in coming week. He has no idea about my surprise party!! and I've arranged a trip for him & mom to Disneyland enjoy :)

email: preciouspearlmakeup at gmail dot com

I Am Fabulicious said...

My reason to celebrate is that it is my 1 year wedding anniversary this saturday 20th august :-) cant believe its been a year already and im still so happy!



Harpreet said...

i'll be celebrating my 4 year anniversary with my lovely bf. we have been through good and bad times together but im so glad to have met him! hes my best friend and someone who i can always rely on!


Anonymous said...

I will be celebrating next week by finally handing in my Masters thesis, its been 6 months of hell as I have spent most of my time in lab trying to get my experiments to work! Thankfully everything has come together at the last minute and I CANNOT WAIT to finish:) I will finally have my life back! xx


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm celebrating my sister passing her A-levels and getting into university and also the arrival of my new baby cousin!
(Also have had a wisdom tooth removed this afternoon, so am quite happy that it won't be giving me any more problems! yay!)
I've never tried Aussie hair stuff before (I usually just get what ever is on offer!) and my hair is in a dire state at the moment!

Kathryn Xx

Sherrie said...

Great giveaway.
I'm celebrating my grandads birthday on Sunday which is nice because he's been poorly so be nice to cheer him up x

Primp and Preen said...

I'm celebrating finding a new career that I absolutely love! After training to be a solicitor (so not for me) I felt really upset and like I'd wasted 6 years of my life but now I volunteer full time at an infant school and I love working with kids so I go in every day with a huge smile on my face! If I didn't have bills to pay, I'd do it for free!

sanfij said...

I am celebrating freedom!

I found academic life very stressful, both mentally and emotioanlly. Just graduated and suprisingly with good grades =) So now no more university, no more stress, just an open mind and newer journeys to embark <3

sal said...

hey shifss nice one :)

well fr me thr r two reason to celebrate dis whole yrr..!! first is dat i completed ma second yr wid all modules above 70% :D (n i was nt expecting dat frm me so damn happy wid dat) :D n second is dat.. i gt one of ma old frnd back (ma lil sis) who left me alone fr her others frnds.. nw she is back (coz she need me :|) bt m still ok wid dat.. i think second one is da real reason i love 2011 nw :D ..!! tczz..!! keep smiling :)




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