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Weekly Favorites...

Due to the humid weather lately, I have been enjoying using Darphin's Hydraskin Serum on an everyday basis and it has slowly but surely become my favorite skin care product. 

It seems like a match made in heaven for people with dry-combination skin type like mine. I use it every morning after cleansing and it restores moisture and gets rid of that 'tight-skin' effect immediately. It also sinks into the skin quite quickly and within a minute you cannot see a trace of the product on the face. 

The consistency of this is just like water and I initially doubted that it would perform at hydrating the skin but it's ingenious in the sense that it vanishes all the dryness from the face, without leaving a tacky layer of product on the skin. 

I guess that's why serums work well as they can penetrate the skin better compared to thick creams. Ideal for the summer! 

I have been suffering from very dry hands recently. I have no idea why but summer always does that too me. Allergies anyone? 

All my body creams are either too thick in consistency for the summer or too light and airy to stop me from scratching my arms away. The only product that came to rescue was Liz Earle's Super Skin Body Cream. It contains Shea butter and Roseship oil which I feel work wonders for the skin. Plus I am a fan of its divine Neroli scent which is a fragrance in its own.

Although the cream itself is quite intense and rich for the summer, I feel it's a must have for a dry-skin spell. The effects last long enough so I don't have to reapply. 

Somehow I managed to lose two of my trusty eye brow pencils and you guys know how I CANNOT live without sketching my eyebrows. I also dislike using a powder for this purpose as it's time consuming and never gives me the effect I want.

I had a lot of Miner's Dream Eye Pencils lying in my train case from a while, which I had totally forgot about and the Brown shade from them is the perfect match for my brows. It's a deep chocolate brown but isn't reddish like the other pencils out there.

Also, because it's termed as an eye pencil and is not meant to be used on the brows, it has a sturdy, hard texture to it which works quite well at feathering it in and delivering natural results. Plus it retails for £2.49 which is why I am going to stock up on it in case I lose any more.

If you have dark brown-black hair and have been wanting to try out a reasonably priced brow pencil, definitely give this a go!

Anyways, that's it for my weekly favorites. I assure you there will be more make-up items next time! Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend :) 

Unknown said...

Considering every Darphin product I've tried, I've loved, I really don't have enough of them. This certainly sounds one to put on the wishlist - I haven't been enjoying that gross layer of moisturiser in the heat feeling!

R.ChamberofBeauty said...

Thanks for sharing!!The products look great <3

Vijaya said...

I really like your favorites posts! <3

Palak said...

umm ... reading about Liz Earle a lot these days .
Wish they introduce thier products in India too :)

Penelope said...

I love Darphin products and this one sounds really great!

Karishma said...

the products look nice.
great blog sweets!!

The Beautifier said...

Nice picks! I wanna try the Darphin's Hydraskin Serum xoxo




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