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To curl or not to curl?

Will you kill me if I told you that I do not EVER curl my lashes?

My lashes have a natural curl and decent length to them and when I try to curl them and apply mascara, I end up with mascara all over the brow bone as they literally tower till there. 

Hence I only use mascara on a daily basis to give my lashes some colour and accelerate the length and lift. I despise using lash curlers and mascara together. 

The only time I curl my lashes is when I am not wearing any mascara or whilst I am wearing glasses. 

But I know some of you are addicted to a curling routine each morning, even before you have your coffee hence a round-up of what you should and should not buy.

The infamous Shu Uemura's are the king (or queen?) of lash curlers. These are more flat than rounded hence suit almost every eye and get the job done without any pinching involved. For £20 a pop, these should be justified if they are going to last you a life time eh?

However if that price does not suit your pocket, MAC does a slightly affordable one for £13. These are almost the same as the Shu Uemura ones to be honest, just slightly more rounded. Hence if you have very flat eye socket these might not work as well. All you round eyed girls, this one's for you! 

MAC also do half lash curlers for £11 and these I believe would be a dream for those of you who struggle with using such tools. 

My favourite however are the MAXFACTOR ones. For £8.50 and easily available in high street, these are not only a pocket friendly option but is the best of both worlds really. The shape of this is neither too rounded nor too flat hence can also suit a variety of eye shapes easily. 

The sleek matte black design is also pretty refreshing compared to the generic silver ones. 

Always buy a lash curler with a scissor like handle like in the pictures above. Don't ever get the ones with the funny spring involved.  These will usually be the ones you'll get for under a fiver and you'll end up with a 'square' curl and a few fallen lashes. Just look away - trust me you'll be doing yourself a favour.

I've had really bad experiences with these cheapy spring ones in the past with a few lashes always falling out after use hence beware.

Enough of my rambling. Tell me, are you an addict when it comes to eye lash curling? Do you have any suggestions that might make me a convert? 

Amy said...

Your lucky you have such big lashes and don't have to curl them! I have pretty long lashes but feel it opens my eyes more if I do curl them. I've tried the spring ones and they are rubbish and don't cover all your lashes. They do hurt as they pull your lashes out :O. I have some from George at asda and they are perfect for me. I start at the bottom of my lashes and work up curling them. I hate ones that curl your eyelashes too much and they start tickling your eyelids!! Xx

E said...

I too never ever used to curl my lashes up until about six months ago, when I was repeatedly told I was missing out. I caved and bought some No7 ones for about £7, and although I've never tried any other curlers they do the job perfectly for me and I find I can happily wear one coat of any mascara and still have nice lashes due to curling beforehand :) xx

m4dswine said...

Like you I have really long naturally curly eyelashes that are not enhanced by curling. Ever. I have some eyelash curlers but they do weird things to my eyelashes that I don't like (and make it difficult to apply mascara).

GREEDS said...

Well then, Miss, I'm quite jealous of you! I wish I didn't have to curl my eyelashes, but I do... They suck! I've been using the Shu Uemura eyelash curler for the past 2 years or so. I've never strayed.


R.ChamberofBeauty said...

I don't use much of a lash curler but your post makes me want one!!

Me said...

I love this post! There used to be a day when I would not go out in public without curling my eyelashes. My eyes are my best feature, and though my lashes are extremely long, they don't have much lift to them, so I used the curler to open the eyes, which gave me a doe-eyed look.

Now that I am older, I dislike that curled-eyelashes-with-mascara look on me. It looks like scary doll eyes and makes me appear almost startled. In fact, I don't really like mascara that much (never have), so I'm more inclined to give a brief (3-second) press with the shu curler after I have applied a very tiny bit of gel eyeler deep into the roots to give my eyes more shape and definition. Most days I skip mascara, since I don't care for crunchy lashes. They're hairs, after all. But since I work at home 2 days a week, I probably use my curler, at most, 3 times a week--without mascara, although Blinc is quite nice used to just darken the tips.

cotton2 said...

I am a eyelash curler fiend! I own the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, and use it every morning before and after i apply mascara. dont know why, but its a habit - i love the curl is gives my lashes
<3 xo

Sarah said...

I've never curled my lashes, I might have to start now!

Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

I was like you never used an eyelash curler.. Hated it to the core.. but just for the fun of trying it I bought a maxfactor n felt it was a disaster... It never curled my lashes.... I'm using a cheap brand called zinger.. It's amazing...

Unknown said...

i almost never curl my lashes.

Sheefa F said...

@Sugar - Oh really :O I really like the MaxFactor one! It's actually my favourite.

Sheefa F said...

@m4dswine - Totally agree! It's just impossible for me to apply mascara after curling.

Sheefa F said...

@Zuzu's Petals - The startled eye look, yes I've there lol. I feel the same with too much curling and mascara going on sometimes. I'd rather just leave the 'hairs' as they are :)

Miss Cupcake said...

I use Shu Uemura's curler, and it works great!!!

There is noooooo way I could ever get away with applying mascara without curling my lashes first!!! I have very sad homely lashes..lol!!! I got jipped in the eyelash department..hehe!!!




PoppyRedLips said...

I have really long but straight lashes and the Shu Uemura ones are a must have for me! Work beautifully and I couldn't live without them :)


My eyelashes fell out when I used to curl:( Therefore I stopped! Now I use bareminerals Curl & Lengthen mascara. Idk how it curls but it really does!

Mai said...

I wasn't a huge eye lash curler fan until I bought my Shiseido one which I wrote a review on and it's amaaazing! It curls and seperates my lashes that I don't feel the need to wear mascara everyday.. It's become a daily thing in my makeup routine!

Cynthia Z said...

You're so lucky! I have to curl mine so they look longer.


Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

Great review thanks... the mini curlers are appealing to me. I haven't used curler for years - & then it was the Body Shop ones. Are the more expensive ones really that different?

Nic x

Makeup Majesty said...

I used to be the SAME way. I'm the ultimate makeup addict, yet never curled my lashes in my LIFE. then one day last year I decided to try it and WOW! my lashes are long anyway, but it made a huge difference. I guess it just depends on your preference =)




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