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Shimmer shimmer

So I had a peek at the preview of products that Superdrug shall be launching for the festive season to come and I have to say I was pretty impressed. They have done an amazing job at creating pretty looking Skincare, Body care and Make-up sets, all for very affordable prices. 

Here's one of the items. It's a new brand to Superdrug from a company called Colourworks and its their Eyeshadow palette containing 18 shadows. 

Now I have been playing around with this quite a bit lately to safely say that it falls under the shimmer category. Some shadows are more shimmery than others, containing vivid sparkles and some with just a sheen but all in all, its a shimmer-heavy palette. 

I particularly like its colour scheme. It's got your safe everyday neutrals, crease colours, smoky eye essentials, as well as a few bright shades popped in here and there to make it more versatile. 

If you have a look at some of the eye shadow swatches below, its pretty obvious that they have an amazing colour pay off. Can you see how 'rich' the shades are. They have a depth to them if you know what I mean and are quite unique for a drug store.

Most of the neutrals are complexed, high-end like shades with a hint of taupe here and there. Regarding texture, these definitely are NOT on the powdery side at all. They in fact have a cream eye shadow or cream colour base finish to them.

Think Benefit's Creaseless Cream shadow pots. 

They do have a slight fall out however, not because they are powdery but because some of the shades contain sparkles which tends to separate from the shadow at times. Not quite an issue for me really as I tend to do my eyes before foundation.

I particularly love this deep chocolate brown only because it has some amount of taupe in it which makes it slightly more unique. 

The pale, icy lavender below is also one of my favourites. Unfortunately it did not photograph quite well, otherwise its stunning in real. 

I added some hot pink in the crease below just to play around a bit with the brighter colours and they are all quite wearable really. None so shocking or unwearable in the daylight. 

Now although they are all shimmery and you really have to like your shimmer on the lids to be able to get good use out of this palette, none of the shades have a tacky frost finish to them which is quite a relief. 

To be honest, I would not have bought such a palette if I hadn't had a chance to swatch and play around with it. This unexpectedly turned out to be a pretty good surprise! 

This will be retailing at £7.99 when it releases. Keep your eyes peeled as its dirt cheap for the price and would make a pretty present for a girly girl. 

Lina Kim ♥ said...

nice swatches, they're so shimmery. thanks for sharing ^^

graphology said...

The colours are pretty :-)

Irishenchantment said...

very nice :) love the palette and at that price its awesome!

shel xx


I love this palette! Can't wait for it to be released, and deep chocolate brown shade looks a lot like UDNP's sin shade in the picture

Fab post as always



Sana said...

Your eye makeup looks great!

Gauri said...

I like the palette. It's pretty pigmented isn't it? For a drugstore palette..

laksh said...

Pretty colors, quite like the eye look you did here :)




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