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Pearls for girls

Isn't that such a cute name? It immediately diverts my mind to jewellery.

We have 6 shades of lip glosses which are supposedly a modern take on Audrey Hepburn. All of them contain some amount of shimmer in them and I am pleased to inform not the chunky kind.

The Stila inspired packaging is definitely going to be loved. Surprisingly the brush applicator is pretty smooth and usable.

What do you think about the range of colours eh? I would say very Spring/Summer inspired. Love how there are three deep colours and three pastels to cater for different skin tones. 

Being an Asian skin gal, my favourites are the three deeper colours without doubt. These are definitely more pigmented and contain more pigment as opposed to shimmer. 

There is a gorgeous cheery red, a magenta and a copper. 

Regarding the lighter pastels, they are definitely too frosty for me to wear without any lip colour beneath. I can see them working well paired with a nude or a baby pink though.

Fair skinned girls and blondes would surely enjoy these shades more in my opinion. I believe these are slightly less pigmented than the deeper shades and contain more shimmer/sheen instead, that does not allow the real colour to show through. 

And a collage of my four favourite shades. I actually do like one of the lighter colours namely 'Pearly Girly'.

The consistency of these is pretty liquidy and thin hence not sticky at all. However due to their slight stain like consistency,  they do tend to seep in through those lines in the lips.

Quite cheap and cheerful for £3.49 I would say. Pearly Kiss and Crushed Pearl are the two I would surely recommend you to try if you're into hot pinks and orange.

Anonymous said...

love the colors...... <3

Shabna said...

Pearly kiss is really pretty! x

roshas said...

your lips are so nice and full! Awesome colours.. and so cheap! x

graphology said...

Crushed pearl looks nice :-)

VampiressDoll said...

Those are so pretty, I love crushed pearl. x

Safiyya said...

I vote for 'Mother of Pearl' as my fave shade of the range, bright and odd, really stands out ;) ..

X, S.

Get Gawjus! said...

@Saffiya - hehe I know it is pretty unwearable but I like how bright it is :)

Uma Preve said...

Lovely colors!

Irishenchantment said...

where are these from? there are all so gorgeous i think i would wear everyone lol!

shel xx

Jennifer said...

love the colors!
great post

Gauri said...

Very pretty!! xx




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