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Night Creams - Yay or Nay?

Don't we just love those bargainlicious Supermarket buys? Plus the comfort of finding your grocery and skin care all under one roof. Some may find it annoying but I particularly enjoy my Tesco visits as I hop around aisles like a happy bunny.

The ability of splurging and leaving without a hole in your wallet is simply amazing. I get my regular L'oreal and Barbary Daly from Tesco's quite a few times. I wish I had more of those larger Tesco's in proximity.

Anyhow, here's another gem from their skincare aisle. Skin Wisdom's Ultimate Lift Night Cream (£7.50). If I am correct, I have only seen this line retailing at Tesco's and no where else. I reckon UK skincare expect Bharti Vyas only makes it for them.

It is targeted towards those between 35 and 50 but prevention is definitely better then cure hence I do not see the problem in using this in my 20's, especially after knowing that skin starts losing it's elasticity after 25. Freaky I know! 

A night cream is not a must-have in my opinion as I myself do seem to get lazy and forget applying one quite often. However I would seriously like to get into a habit of applying one before going to sleep.

I especially have combination-dry skin which needs every bit of moisture available and the feeling of going to sleep with a 'tight face' just makes me cringe. 

Night creams in my opinion should be rich in texture and ingredients as opposed to a day cream. Cleansing and Toning strips off moisture which then should be replenished and I feel this cream works just right. It's rich and leaves skin dewy and supple, however not in a way that it may clog pores. 

The consistency of this is light and fluffy, think L'oreal creams? I think they have the best texture ever!

I have been using this at night for a while now and my skin definitely feels more firmer, hydrated and supple as compared to its confused, dull self. I feel my skin's loving this extra pampering at night and the extra hydration is really showing results.

I feel this is definitely more suitable for those with Dry/combination skin types as compared to those with Oily skin. 

I've heard a lot of raving about a certain Beauty Balm from the Skin Wisdom range which is supposedly meant to be a dupe for a pricey Clarins product. I might just pop that in to mum's gift bag for her Birthday!

Just to remind you that Tesco's Beauty Awards are still running and need your votes especially if you're a frequent shopper there and know about the products nominated. Voters have a chance to win  a set of 55 products each week for 16 weeks and are entered into a prize draw to win a 7 day trip to Antigua for two.

What is your take on Night Creams ladies?  

mybeadifullife said...

In the wintertime, i use 'night' cream all the time for my face because it gets so dry. but in the summertime i do without.

i just use the day cream whenever i feel dry, not even all the time.

pwincesskam said...

I have tried the Beauty Balm from Skin Wisdom and its fab! I'll have to try this product now :)

Gauri said...

This is beyond cool!!! :D ♥ night creams!!

xoxo, Gauri




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