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Help: clear skin

If you suffer from the usual breakout, blemishes and spots and are tired of applying a gazillion products on it with not much results, then help: clear skin by Workswithwater is definitely your cup of tea.

I don't know about you but I am usually up for trying any products that will work in synergy with my internal system as opposed to superficial application on the skins surface. This way, there are less chances of any side effects which you may otherwise see with external application, plus you can expect faster results.

Of course, this does not apply to my everyday skin care regime as I am SO not a '5 a day' kind of a healthy person, hence creams and lotions are the way to go. However when I go through those recurring 'bad skin day' phases, I think I would rather prefer supplements as such.

It is 100% natural, clinically tested and proven to have a positive impact on treating acne. They are basically soluble food supplements namely sachets containing powder and you are meant to consume two sachets per day for at least 4 weeks to see results, depending on how your skin is of course.

They don't dissolve as well in water and have a tendency to make the water go cloudy and taste and smell slightly like medicine. Hence the best way to consume them is via hot drinks such as tea, coffee or soup or any liquidy hot food. That way you can be sure you will not taste or smell any of the supplement and can enjoy your meal/drink as usual.

Now I don't suffer from acne but this stuff really helped me out whilst I was going through a bad skin phase of recurring blemishes and spots, thanks to my sensitive-combination skin. It not only dried out the spots and prevented them from inflaming any further but also improved the overall appearance of the skin and made it look brighter and much even. I only had to deal with the dried blemish scars after, which is much more easier than calming down the actual spots.

It contains a bio active protein named Praventin which works as the star ingredient here, getting rid of skin impurities and preventing any new spots from forming. Yes it is suitable for vegetarian's, diabetics and lactose intolerant people and is also gluten free.

It is a bit expensive hence I would reserve it as a special treatment for when my skin misbehaves. In my case I did not need to take these for a continuous period of time to see an improvement in the skin. These are available to buy at Asda, Tesco and Waitrose and you can get a weeks worth of supplements for £9.99 and a months supply for £38.96.

These are targeted at those suffering from acne and I have another human guinea pig friend who's trying it out for me as well. She suffers from acne and has tried a lot products till date including a dermatologist but has failed to see any substantial results. Keep your eyes peeled for her take on it as she's trying it out for a recommended period of 6 weeks!

Have you tried these? What's your take on such supplements?

SSU by Jiya said...

Sounds good for girls with sensitive skin!!




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