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Being a 'Beauty Blogger'

The word Beauty Blogger is in quotes above as we have still not reached a point where the term is clear to people out there. It's pathetic sometimes how it needs explaining to do. I mean for heaven's sake, it means I blog about beauty and as simple as that. Not rocket science was it?

I know there are so many of you out there who feel a Beauty Blogger's life is all hunky dory with vans delivering a tonne of freebies every day. A heaven full of make-up goodies, where we spend our time swatching away eh?

Not really!

Of course there are occasional perks of samples of beauty products that I am privileged to receive and press events where we get to catch the very first glimpse of products that hit stores in the months to come. And there are a few PR peeps and beauty brands out there who treat us like the press and we feel truly honoured.

It is those handful of PR peeps and agencies, those rowdy Beauty Brands and those self-obsessed Journalists that dampen my spirit sometimes.

So at a recent Press event, I was shown through the place very kindly by a timid and polite PR girl and at the end she got a bit busy and I wanted to thank her and tell her I'm leaving.

Just then a colleague of her's comes to me and asks me if I'm okay. I told her I'm fine and am just waiting for that girl who showed me through to say goodbye as it's just rude of me to leave. So she goes ahead and asks me if I am a Make-up artist. I politely replied that I am a Beauty Blogger to which she gave a very blank look. Then she asks if I got a goody bag and whether or not I NEED one(implying that I just gatecrashed). I was slightly offended by the question and told her I'm fine and that I don't need one.

I was about to leave and the polite PR girl who initially showed me through came to me, handed me over the bag and said goodbye.

I mean they both worked for the same PR company who were putting up the event. They are paid to show us through, allow us to take pictures, make us test products and then hand us a goody bag. Then where are the manners in asking me if I NEED one or not? I am not saying that I wanted the goody bag if you know what I mean. I have previously been to a lot of events where I come home solely with pictures and booklets and I'm completely fine with that. What I am sick of is Bloggers being treated with a little less respect compared to Journalists.

Would she have asked a Journalist the same question? I guess not.

If PR agencies or Beauty brands are not comfortable giving their products/samples for review or consideration to bloggers, then it is best not to invite them to events. If they do, then it should be their responsibility to educate these PR peeps as well as their work team of who beauty bloggers are.

I have come across such behaviour previously at events and I have stopped attending most of them due to that. I only go to ones where I feel there will be bloggers in majority or where I already know the PR peeps.

And when PR professionals and Beauty brands are not enough,  you occasionally get these stuck up, mid-aged journalists with red lipstick on their teeth and emptying glasses of wine, giving you that illiterate 'What magazine are you from?' look.

Oh for god's sake people, there's an army of Beauty Bloggers out there who are much more informed, advanced, credible, creative and pretty looking than you. Shouldn't I be giving you 'that' look instead, as to how you ended up working for a magazine?

Hence I love brands like Sleek and Aussie that host separate events for Bloggers and the Media. I mean I know by this they are indirectly separating us from the real 'press' but I don't really care as they make up for it by catering exclusively for bloggers as well. This shows they feel we are worth the effort.

I am not saying in any way that bloggers should be given special attention at all. My point here is to educate your PR team or brand about these bloggers if you have decided to acknowledge them and invite them to an event.

Don't acknowledge us at all if you feel we're not worth it and if you are going to, then treat us with respect as we're human too if not journalists.

Also those of you who feel we work for free samples, trust me I buy much more stuff with my money regardless of what I get sent for the blog. I blog for beauty and always will and petty samples can come and go. If you feel otherwise, I would just say that you need to educate yourself about the blogosphere a little bit more.

What do you think about this ladies? Any similar incidences that you came across?

p.s. I am not referring to ALL Journalists, PR companies and Beauty brands here in any way. Just the stuck up ones! 

Rakhshanda said...

Great post Shifa!!!

Makeup by Kim Porter Blog said...

I agree with what you're saying in your post. There are those "bloggers" who just want free stuff so they figure they'd start a blog. Blogging, unbeknownst to most, is actually pretty hard work. It takes time to decently & apropriately review products, put up pictures, write a review, swatch products etc. People don't know the time and hard work it takes, and it goes unappreciated. In their we're just regular consumers who buy a ton of products and talk...

Safiyya said...

Hey dear,

I choose the advice, reviews, introduction of new products etc. etc. from bloggers above magazines ANY TIME!

Hahah, and yes you NEED that goody bag, how am I suppose to know about those products :P ..

X, S.

Adorable On Your Vanity said...

Aww Shifa, please hon you dont need to clarify WHY you blog, we all know. Your passion is very evident. As opposed to PR run blogs, now we know what kind those are. But I really feel what you are saying though, we put in hours and tonnes of money in our blog...I just realized I have spend around $6000 on my blog since it started. It is more of a hobby I like to invest in and then to be treated by PR people like that, it is not nice to say the least. Stupid PR girl should actually realize that YOU are helping their company. You are a medium for them to reach their audience. It is hurtful and you are right. But you know you meet such demeaning and mean people everywhere - just brush them off hon!

Julie said...

Absolutely love this post. I've mostly had good relations with PR people but some are just so grabby and rude. I hate that some of them are so condescending - 'you write a blog..?'..Eh yeah, you're the one that contacted me, not the other way around! I just don't get why they want us to tell people about their products, but are really rude about it!xx

Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally. only we know how much of effort we put up on post.. just bcoz we r not trained make up artists from hollywood doesnt mean we r not gud....n the worst part is magazines... this ppl at d press can de grade ppl lik crazy ....

Venus In Virgo said...

Well said! I have been harassed by bloggers for the fact samples are sent to me! I work hard for my posts and contact. XOXO

Hey check out my blog for a chance to win a HOLD ME beauty bag in my challenge, good luck and have a great weekend XOXO

Tanya VS said...

A lot of people in general are not aware of the term "blogger"or "vlogger" .There have been so many instances where I have to tell people who a beauty blogger is. Not everyone takes them seriously .Maybe coz It is a relatively new field.It's in the growing phase.Infact, in India, its still in the nascent stage.

I totally agree with you that if you are invited to a PR event you should be treated with respect !

Tanya VS said...

BTW check out my Giveaway incase you haven't till now :)

Jen W said...

Great post! I've only seen the nice side of PR companies so far, but I've only been blogging for about 8 months.

Blogging as a form of media is very new, so I guess it's natural that it will take some time for both the public and companies to understand what we are about and the reason we blog.

Then again, there will always be bitchy people no matter what circle you move in. Ah well.. take comfort in the fact that you are amazing at what you do and you're gorgeous!

PeachesandBlush said...

I have ome across instances like these, mostly via e-mail correspondences. There r some PR reps who really do value your opinion, and treat you equally if not with more respect than journalists. Last i checked, there wa a study which said beauty bloggers influence purchases more than even celebrities!
But there are some who almost feel like they are doing you a favour by sending you a product. Hello? Doing me a favour, i think i am doing you a favour by giving you space on my blog!

EVE-O-LUTION said...

seriously much needed post.... even Ive come across such dweeeps :(

Cynthia Z said...

How insulting of that woman to say that to u! I don't know why some PR people think we bloggers are just desperate to get free stuff. I had an email fight with one woman, coz she thought she could push me around. Good u wrote this post Shifs.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading this post. It's unbelievable how differently people go about their jobs if working for the same firm! Beauty bloggers should be more valued, we are at the core of companies as we drive so many sales towards their products each year.




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